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  1. tl, ngr: Immediate issue: how/where do I tell the emulated SIDE2 to use a particular file/vxd? Larger issue that may fix the immediate issue: is the Help facility not working for anyone else under WINE on OS X? The rest of it: So, I've generally been happy with the native Atari800MacX emulator to play old games, but a few recent threads where folks have gotten Altirra 3.9 running under WINE on current versions of Mac OS have piqued my interest with tales of emulation I had ne'er dared dream. Having a decent collection of actual hardware myself, I am currently weighing various upgrades and additions as funding and my skills allow... but realizing that Altirra could actually emulate many of these newfangled doodads, and I could know that much more about them before I go soldering things to stuff, was a game-changer. It wasn't difficult to set up WINE with homebrew, and pretty soon I was running an emulated XE with the Ultimate1M, SIDE2, and an MIO hanging off of it. Next step is to get something running from the emulated CF card in the SIDE2, and I think I need to point it to a .vxd file somewhere, but I don't know where/how to do this. The online manual (Hardware Reference) talks way above my head about no doubt vital information that I cannot parse into instructions for this task. I do know that Altirra has Help files (I was able to find an image online of the page where it shows the keymap for Atari keys on the Mac keyboard when I couldn't figure out how to hit "HELP" to activate the U1M) and this question may be answered there, but my installation of Altirra/WINE fails trying to open the Help files. Is anyone else running under WINE seeing that issue? Are the Help files downloadable in any other format? Thanks for any advice or direction you can offer.
  2. Oops, wrong thread, sorry.
  3. I appreciate all the help. I've got my shopping list mostly ready. DrVenkman, is a specialized logic probe a separate purchase, or can I do those tests with a regular multi-meter? If I'm reading at those charts correctly (great tip on the SAMS, by the way, I hadn't run across them yet) it looks like I'm just checking for low/high on certain pins when the machine has power. The specialized logic probes I was finding on initial search seemed to be automotive oriented.
  4. Thanks to everyone who responded! Great to get quick feedback on retro hardware projects like this. I understand the question about my having other machines, now, and yes, I have a working and very similar internally 800XL for comparison. I have attached a file of my workbench... the flaky 800XL is toward the back, and the working one I'm currently dismantling is up front. Next step is to remove the shielding on the good mobo. Having two dismantled 8-bits at once is more than I was planning for on my current workspace, and I'm a little wary of yanking stuff out of my working machine to try and Frankenstein the other one, so I'm going slow on that part. Dr Venkman, yes, it appears that everything on the "bad" mobo is socketed... I'll be getting into the working one's shielding soon. For what it's worth, trying to start the offending machine while holding down the Start key usually goes straight to the self test. Once or twice it went to a BASIC READY prompt with two parentheses at odd places on the screen. But almost always the self test, never a cassette sound. I've been trying to document what I'm finding out about taking these things apart and the differences in what you might find there, this particular machine is documented in this post. In the post, the SIO handicapped machine is 800XL-b, and the good machine is the reference 800XL. I've been following all kind of rabbit holes concerning keyboards, motherboards, serial numbers.... I think my next spelunk will involve Atari's IC iterations. I guess my next step on this particular 800XL is... well, I wanted to say Radio Shack, but I think I'm a couple decades too late on that. Can y'all suggest the best products for my cleaning up stage? Not thinking about RetroBright or case aesthetics, just wondering about cleaning rust and whatever else off of old circuit boards. Initial Googling suggests that I can clean the rust off this weathered shielding, but I will then need to seal it somehow to keep it from rusting again. I'm also going to look around for another source of test 800XL chips aside from my "reference copy" machine. Thanks again for the tips and the encouragement!
  5. The machine still seems to run fine with an AtariWriter cartridge... two different AtariWriter cartridges, now that I'm focussed on it. Atari Logo cartridge boots to (c) 1983 LCSI ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WELCOME TO ATARI LOGO. BASIC cartridges are now powering up to blank screens. And now it took me a minute to get the AtariWriter cart booting again. So, something with the cartridge port not being consistent?
  6. I have several other machines to test against. There's a 320XE with an XF551, XF351, and an MIO in the bedroom. Okay, so now I'm wondering abut the cartridge port. Using an old BASIC cartridge, I've gotten the thing to boot to Basic once or twice. It is mostly going back to the Memory Test screen. I just got 4895 as a response to the ? FRE(0) command. GR. 8 gives me: ERROR- 9 AT LINE 29441 Again, that is with the BASIC cartridge inserted in the 800 XL. And after doing that, the ? FRE(0) gives me 63311. Repeatedly. The stability of the machine trying to read this cartridge is suspect. It just flaked back out to the memory test screen from Basic. There is a BASIC cart in this XL at the moment. So... cartridge port, I'm looking at you?
  7. Cool... so what does the 32 good, 8 bad actually tell me... the RAM is those eight chips on the right side of the mb, right? Haven't found a table to equate the apparently 40 memory check blocks to the allegedly 64K memory of the 800XL. Should I look at replacing all of them? They are all socketed on this mobo. I've got a Harbor Freight multimeter, is there a way I can check the bad boys individually? Thanks so much for the reply, by the way. I've got that newby-getting-back-into-it energy, and any new rabbit hole is a good one for me. Like I mentioned, dead links seem to be my nemesis right now, if there's some place I should be looking before I post here, please direct me there. A sincere thank you to anyone who is still checking these boards with the hope of annotating and spreading the Atari platform.
  8. I still have my Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer, my constant companion since Christmas morning, 1977. My original 1979 Atari 800 still runs... as does my original 1050 drive (because I couldn't scrape up the $ for an 810, while it existed as a commercial product). I am now spelunking through a collection partly of my own making at the time, and partly of my rebuilding on the second hand market after the time. I am currently spending some time with an Atari 800XL, and I hope that folks can point me in a couple directions. First up, the 800 XL I'm working with isn't working correctly. It runs from some cartridges, but not all of them (AtariWriter has allowed me to check the keyboard, which seems to be completely working. Two different Pac-Man carts failed, Miner 2049er worked). It does not seem to check the SIO chain at all (known good drive on known good cable with known good floppy doesn't even result in a hey-look-I'm-here drive light flash at boot up). Machine goes straight to memory test unless one of the successfully booting cartridges is in place. The memory test gives green for both ROMs, then green for 32 RAMs then red for 8 RAMs. Wanted to see if anyone had any red flags go up at that set of symptoms. First Googlings suggest I might need to replace the BASIC ROM or the Atari OS ROM, based on the SIO funkiness. I have found it to be a Chelco Rev A2 motherboard with the Alps keyboard. I've also wanted to necro-post on a couple of things along the way... as I am digging through my Atari history and comparing it with the internet's version of things, I'm finding a lot of desirable information taunting me from behind dead links. What resources do y'all still find active and relevant with regard to Atari hardware versions and revisions? I'm back, Atari-verse.
  9. NTSC/PAL/Sears/Special: NTSC Serial # (Ex: #54035V or #007649): #40396J MFG Location (Sunnyvale, Taiwan): Sunnyvale (Owner/AA Member), (Location= City, State, Country): JeffJewell, Greenville, SC, US A/B Channel Slot (Yes/No): No A/B Channel Switch (Yes/No): No Functional (Yes/No): Yes Notes (Previous owner, display only, white sticker, parts fixed, green connector, Switchboard/Motherboard Revision #): Original owner
  10. The Mega STe does, the 1040 STe does not. I've edited the thread title to cover up my less-than-clear question-asking...
  11. I was very disappointed with the "free sex" page... not at all what I'd envisioned...
  12. I think I remember reading that the TT/Falcon/STe network port is AppleTalk-based, in some way? Are cables available/compatible? Was there much netwok-aware software written? Thanks for any information, experiences, or links.
  13. Yeah, I had one of those... we just called it "two-by-fours and duct tape." I still have two Wico sticks specifically for that purpose... the ones whose rubber feet were eaten away and whose surface, to this day, remains tacky with the remains of whatever-the-hell-it-is-duct-tape-adhesive-turns-to-after-awhile, from back when I first tried this ingenious device. Works pretty good, though. 7800 controllers for Robotron... right. If you want freakin' plastic shards, everywhere. Could be I'm just showing my age, though... the PlayStation Generation may be able to use a 7800 controller for more than fifteen minutes, but I certainly can't... not on Robotron, at any rate.
  14. That's the answer I got, too. I'll bide my time... for now...
  15. It works for me again, as well. Yep... I did it several times and watched the address bar, that's why I specifically mentioned the "suspended user" part: that string was in the redirect that led to the error message, not in any text on the 404 page itself. It seemed to be a host's default 404 page for a suspended user... which made sense to me, assuming Ben was purging the 'net of that monicker. But whatever happened, it's certainly not happening, at the moment.
  16. His "Pitfall Harry" website now gives a suspended user account error message 404. I'd wager this has everything to do with the coming game, and that he'll be back at some point under a different screen name. This whole thing could be a puzzle, and he's already given us all the clues to determine what screen name he'll be using, ya know...
  17. I definitely think Brian's right about Enduro's replay value... plus, there doesn't seem to be another racing game on the list, so far. Anyone ever seen the anime "The Running Man?" There's a scene in that short that just had to crawl out of the tortured dreams of a hopeless Enduro addict...
  18. "These WICO joysticks really suck compared to the original Atari 'sticks." "Let's name the baby 'Tramiel.'" "I think the STs sold poorly in the US because of over-exposure... those advertisements were just _everywhere_, back then."
  19. The buttons are just big and triangular on the black-balled trak-ball... they might not be as obvious, but they're there. Both versions also have the TB/JS switch. They are functionally identical. I haven't used any of my Atari trak-balls enough to know if one wears or plays better than the other... once you go Wico, you'll never go back.
  20. I still have our family's Heavy Sixer... even still have the box that opens like a book for my combat 01 cart. It works great, although I typically use the 7800 to play those games, these days. I also still have my original Atari 800 and 810 tape drive (Lyco Computer, I think, nearly $1000, new in 1980) and my original 520STfm and SC1224, from right after they put the TOS in ROM (that stuff was well over $600, at the time).
  21. Well, I was hesitant to speak up about the hours I spent playing star ship, years ago (Space War, right there in the living room!)... but this thread did make me go back and take take a look at my copy. Sure enough, it's the red-ringed label. I suppose I might have liked it so much because there wasn't much to choose from, at the time. Jeff
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