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  1. Just watched both videos - they're great! Especially pleased to see Downhill Domination and Splashdown featured, both games are a lot of fun. Some suggestions for parts 3 & 4.... Atari VCS Night Driver Atari VCS Indy 500 Atari VCS Enduro Atari 800 Rally Speedway SNES/Megadrive Power Drive Megadrive Super Skidmarks GBA Racing Gears Advance Playstation 1 Ray Tracers Playstation 2 Auto Modellista Playstation 2 Motor Storm Arctic Edge Dreamcast Rush Rush Rally Racing
  2. Pics please! Any games in particular you're after? OK, I posted some pictures here (not the best quality I'm afraid, but I only have a camera-phone): http://www.atariage....ecovision-pics/ In terms of what I'm after, my priority is boxes and manuals I don't have for official releases, especially these: Aquattack Artillery Duel Artillery Duel / Chuck Norris Superkicks BC II: Grog's Revenge Choplifter! Chuck Norris Superkicks Dance Fantasy Evolution Fathom Jungle Hunt Motocross Racer (Xonox) Motocross Racer / Tomarc the Barbarian One-on-One Robin Hood Sector Alpha Sir Lancelot Slurpy Tomarc the Barbarian Tournament Tennis (Imagic) Up'n'Down I also need quite a few homebrews - especially these: Bank Panic Bomb 'n' Blast Chack 'n Pop Gulkave Magical Tree Mario Bros Mr Chin Penguin Land Ping Pong Pitfall II Arcade Star Force Zippy Race This is not an exhaustive list btw, there will be other Colecovision stuff I'm after (just LMK what you have spare...) Cheers Jon
  3. flicky

    Colecovision pics

    Photos of some Colecovision items I have
  4. Hi there I have 2 boxed copies of the Colecovision game Super Action Football (aka Soccer) available - one has the manual, CBS catalog and 'proof of purchase' card, the other is box + cart only. This is a European release (the boxes / manual feature 4 languages). The games should play fine on any Colecovision. Ideally looking to trade for boxed Colecovision games and/or homebrews I don't have. I don't have any photos at the moment, but will take some if there's any interest. Thanks Jon
  5. Hey, less than 2 weeks to go! If anyone wants me to bring something to the trade fair, please let me know. My sale/trade list is here: http://sites.google.com/site/flickygames Thanks Jon
  6. Hi, I will have a stall at the Retroboerse next weekend - I fly to Germany on Thursday. If anyone would like me to bring item(s) from my "for sale/trade" list, please let me know - I can't fit everything in my suitcase Please see the first download here: http://sites.google.com/site/flickygames/ Thanks Jon (Flicky)
  7. Hi there This looks great - I would like to pre-order the full set please! Thanks Jon
  8. ZERO! I'm going to the venue to set up now Have a safe trip everyone, look forward to seeing you all later on!
  9. Just announced details of the trade fair - places are limited so if you would like to have a stall please send me a PM asap.
  10. We've just announced details of the gaming competitions ... for one of them, the prize is a gallon of beer Can you guess what game we're using for that one? Answer on the the website
  11. That reminds me, all tickets are sold out but we have had a couple returned recently (which have then been snapped up straight away). If you would like to come but don't have a ticket, please drop me an email and I'll put you on the reserve list in case anyone else drops out. Thanks Jon
  12. Four weeks to go! Do check the Eurocon website www.eurocon.info - especially the news page and forum See you there I hope Jon
  13. Ich werde auch da sein - will jemand etwas von meiner For Sale / Trade List haben? Es gibt ein bisschen mehr Platz in meinem Koffer
  14. All 80 tickets have now been sold or reserved! A full list of attendees is on the Eurocon website - we have 55 coming from England/Scotland and 25 from Germany/Austria/Netherlands.
  15. 67 tickets sold / reserved ... ... 13 tickets left!
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