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  1. Cosmic Ark?! Are you kidding??, That game will turn off him forever...it sucks. You can have my cart for free, I'll gladly give it away. Thank you for your thoughtful, expert and insightful criticism 4 months after the original topic was posted (ROFL).
  2. Some of the best games IMHO for the 2600 were the Imagic titles. Cosmic Ark (my personal favorite), Demon Attack and Atlantis are all fantastic.
  3. Thanks A2A you're awesome. Now if some could just convert "Realm of Impossibility" to a 5200 that would be fantastic. That was one of the coolest games I remember playing on my friends 800XL back in the day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru-CSSaej98
  4. Seriously you can play Jumpman JR on a 5200? Can you post the link to the XL conversions? Thanks, NP
  5. Well hardee har har!! Nyuk nyuk!
  6. Sorry if this got asked before, I searched and didn't find. But what are the ranks in Adventure 2? I managed to get Chalice Master tonight on difficulty lvl 3 and wondered how high up that is. Still enjoying this game even years after it's release. I would totally love to see and purchase an Adventure 3. Thanks, Dave
  7. That's funny. Looks like the guy used his foodsaver or something.
  8. Don't forget the tinfoil trick dot trick. It's more work but it lasts longer and is nearly free. The ultimate way to go is replacing all the buttons with gold dot replacements from Best but that's a bit pricey. Good luck!
  9. If only I had the time. Perhaps someday when I retire. Thanks for the link though.
  10. Hi Bomber, Yes I did see that and plan on picking it up. I'm just an adventure nut and want to play all varieties. I have the excellent 5200 version of Adventure 2 as well. Thanks, NP
  11. Hi Folks, I'd like to play the Adventure 2 from the Flashback console on my Atari 2600 but is the only way to get it by purchasing a Flashback? I can't seem to find it any other way. I'd really like to get a copy of the cart as I assume getting a ROM is out of the question since it's still being sold. Thanks, NP
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