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  1. A big thank you to everyone who posted in this thread. I know sh3-rg was against this, and others might be too, but I decided to sell to a local Play-N-Trade. The shop I was going to sell to before has literally run out of space, so I brought my bin of Jaguar stuff to a local Play-N-Trade, showed the employee that everything was in working order, and we shook hands at $150. I initially said $130 would be my rock bottom price, but after seeing how interested he was in the set, I asked for $160, when I was thinking $150 would be OK. He countered with $150, and after some thinking, I accepted. I know I could have gotten perhaps twice that amount if I had pieced it out a bit online, but with the time and effort it would have taken, the shipping costs, and no guarantee that I would of sold it all, I decided it would be better to sell it locally. I'm glad someone else will have it and get some more good use out of it. Sorry for not letting you guys have a crack at it first, but I do appreciate the responses that helped me get a figure in my head of what I wanted for the lot price-wise. If anyone in the north east Ohio area wants to take a look at it, the Play-N-Trade I sold it to is located at the Robinhood plaza across from the Target plaza in Willoughby.
  2. Long time no see. Sorry to raise this topic from the dead, but I never got around to selling my Jaguar before, but now I'm thinking about it again, plus I have some stuff I didn't mention before. I still have everything in my first post, plus this: 3 total controllers (all work, 2 regular, 1 with 6 buttons and shoulder buttons) S-Video Cord Space Ace Hover Strike Vid Grid Myst Myst Demo Brain Dead 13 Blue Lightning Tempest 2000 Soundtrack (I might keep this if the price isn't right) Jaguar Official Gamer's Guide (covers and the first few pages are bent and worn, but still 100% readable) Everything works with a little patience. The most it has taken me to get something to work is 4-5 tries of taking the cartridge out, blowing on it, then firmly putting it back in. Cartridges work either in the Jaguar or the Jaguar CD, and the CD drive works good (sometimes if I don't close it right, it makes a clicking sound as it spins, but the CD will still play). The only thing that has trouble working consistently is the Memory Track cartridge. It worked after trying about 3-4 CD games, but it's a little touchy. I'm wanted to get some updated prices on the previous lot (if necessary IYO) and prices for the new items. A nearby store that sells old toys and electronics was interested around the time of my original post, but I'll call tomorrow and see if the interest is still there. Otherwise, I'd be willing to sell here or on eBay.
  3. Thanks for the help, guys. I am not going to sell right away, as I still need to think over some things, but feel free to PM me if your interested
  4. So what would be the best way to sell this? I'm new to selling online. Ebay is an obvious choice, but would using the auction board here be better? Or should I try and find a local store that would buy this?
  5. I'm considering selling my Atari Jaguar and everything related to it. Everything is Used and without a box. The list is as follows: Atari Jaguar (Used, but still works very good) Jag CD add-on (With Memory Track Cartridge) 1 working controller (not sure if other one works) Power and AV chords for both Jaguar and Jaguar CD TV/Game Switch Original Print Game Manuals for some games. Games: Missile Command 3D Doom Wolfenstein 3D Tempest 2000 Alien Vs Predator Super Burnout Atari Karts Cybermorth Checkered Flag Club Drive Kasumi Ninja How much do you think I could get for this on Ebay?
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