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  1. Tempest talks a lot of smack. Let's see him answer my puzzle. Of course, he can't. This dumb clown can't complete anything. Think of it. He can't complete a video game he started, claims to unearth some lost prototypes and posts fake pics of them on his board. I don't see YOU solving anything. C'mon, if you are so smart, try to solve my puzzle. Or, you can keep your French snoot in the air and merely put others down. Later, crumpet boy!
  2. But, you are on the right track. Think of where the final resting place of those games might be. Then, take it from there.
  3. Again, we are waiting for the answer to the latest Robsterpuzzle. Someone must know. Right?
  4. Actually, Mattie, that is not wehat happened. You spouted your mouth off, saying that you were this great designer because you coded for a whole THREE YEARS and you derved some respect. And anyone who could not give it to you was wrong. Then, because the Robsterman made you cry, you threw a hissy fit, and asked the mods to ban the Robsterman. About you throwing a hissy fit? Yep, history is repeating itself. What? You mean nobody has answered the latest Robsterpuzzle? Are you kidding me?
  5. A brief history. The OLD Robside (as you can see by clicking the first link on my page) generated THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of posts. As a result, moderators were needed on a full-time basis. After a while, the responses were too overwhelming and the old Robside had to shut down. Then, the requests came. At first, the NEW Robside was restrictive, hence, the low turnout. As you can see, lately, the post number has increased. I would like to thank the free post of my board on here. As you now can see, the Robside is awesome. Take a look at all of them links. And the Robsterman's three books. He is awesome. As far as Tempest goes, dude, grow up. I razzed you a bit when you were younger, and you know what happened. No need to rewrite old history. But, you know what happened. As for the rest of you, what's the answer to the Robsterpuzzle?
  6. Congrats to Mojo for his solving the Robsterman's word puzzle. He has earned his special Robsterman message, and he is currently enjoying the Maze of Madness game. However, my mailbox is being flooded by people who are upset that they, too, cannot play the Maze of Madness. And so, the Robsterman has another puzzle for you. Solve it, if you can. FINAL RESTING PLACE OF ALIEN BOXES REMOVE ALL RIGHT ANGLES REMOVE ALL VOWELS SAVE FOR OCULAR ONES First correct answer gets a copy of the Maze of Madness with a BRAND-NEW customizable Robstermessage. Keep the faith, The Robsterman
  7. Mojofltr wins! Mojofltr wins! Now, this message is JUST FOR Mojofltr. The latest Maze of Madness game is available by clicking the link below. Enjoy!!! This comes with the as-promised special Robstermessage. http://robsterman.hyperboards.com/index.cg...&num=1059521740
  8. Another hint for the Robsterman word puzzle. Each game begins with a different letter.
  9. remember, the remaining letters spell a message
  10. All letters in the word puzzle represent other letters. A few hints: 1. There are 26 letters in the alphabet 2. There are 26 games in the puzzle. 3. The number "27" has a special significance. Think of the numbers in this puzzle. Think of any games that have numbers in them, especially the numbers zero and five. Then, use that as your basis for solving the puzzle. Hope this helps, Robsterman
  11. Unflushable Turd The Robsterman finds this game strangely addictive. However, the impossibility of flushing the turd does lower the rating a bit. And yet, the cameo of Mario in his plumber's garb is a nice touch. Rating=870/100
  12. So far, all of you geniuses have found ZERO games. C'mon, there must be someone who can find at least ONE game.
  13. The NEW Robside has its latest review... Dogshit and Diamonds. Personally, the Robterman liked the original. Howver, the concept of scratching through the poop to obtain those nuggets was an interesting concept. Also, in the mode of the Mr. Do arcade game, if you do find a diamond, you get a "free game". Rating=80/100
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