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  1. I'm taking a break from Ebay for this reason. The last 6 or 7 has come in bubble mailers. Sad.
  2. Hi all. I am getting into collecting the Atari Age magazines. I am wondering if any one has put them in the comic book sleeves with back boards? I need to know which ones will fit these. I never knew there were different sizes. Thanks for any help.
  3. I missed out on getting any of the games that was dug up in atari Alamogordo dig. I am trying to find one or 2 for my collection. If I find any, how do you display it? If you have any please show how you have it displayed. Thanks for any pictures.
  4. Shipping to the US yet? I would still love to get everything except the box.
  5. Thanks for checking on just the inserts, but £50 is way too much just for shipping. Good luck
  6. How much will it cost for just the inside inserts be shipped to the USA? I have a box, just need the rest of it. Thanks for your time.
  7. I finally found a Facebook group that mods these machines and got what I needed.
  8. Sorry Shawn, I haven't opened it up yet. I want to get everything bought up and the here to turn it into a Raspberry PI machine. I still haven't found anyone that will make the control panel overlay.
  9. Thsnks for the ideas. I'll check into them. If I can find someone I'll send the extra control panel so they can get the size and stuff right. I have someone on Ebay that I have been chatting with, but I dont think they are getting what I want to do. Thanks again. Tony
  10. Hi all. I am trying to do a Raspberry PI mod on the Arcade 1up Pac Man mini cabinet. What I want to do is use the control panel from the Street Fighter cabinet (it has all the buttons and 2 joysticks to make it easier to convert) and have artwork made for this control panel. Who can i get to make it in the style of the 1up Pac Man artwork? Thanks for any help, Tony
  11. I was bidding on this one as well. Wish I had bid more on it.
  12. I guess I will have to find it on Ebay. Thanks anyway.
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