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  1. Some of my choices: -I know Metroid II was redone for the 3DS, but they should port it without the weird gameplay mechanics to the Switch. Keep it simple! I'm talking Zero Mission-style. Hell, just port that game over while you're at it! -Two of the three Castlevania games at least made it as part of the Castlevania Collection, but getting full-fledged remakes (maybe combine all three into a Rebirth-style game) would be cool. -The TMNT games one the Game Boy were great as well, and one of them even had mild Metroidvania-style gameplay that would be ripe for a modern remake. -The Mario Land games are begging for this, especially Six Golden Coins. That game is amazing. Make it an "All Stars" collection. -I also agree on Gargoyle's Quest. I mean, they tossed Demon's Crest on the SNES app on the Switch, so who knows! -It's a GBC game, but the first Shantae should get a port. It's a fun little game, and the sequels are popular enough these days, so go for it!
  2. Gamestop had this gem for $25 all weekend, so I had to snag a copy. I always liked the Mana games, but the only one I own is the spinoff Secret of Evermore on the SNES. I've played Secret of Mana a little and dabbled in Sieken Densetsu 3 in the past, but I never played the first one. I'm starting there and planning on playing through all of them in order.
  3. This is a tough one for me. Do I NEED another console? Nope. Do I WANT them all? Yup! But here's the thing: Not having free time as an adult with a long commute to work and other obligations has really cut down on my gaming time. This console generation, I bought a Xbox One two years into its existence and picked up a Switch in late 2017 after Xmas. I also recently picked up a gaming laptop. I still don't have a PS4, although I do want one. Out of those consoles, I have far more playing time with the Switch than the others, although I've been gaming on the laptop a lot lately (mainly playing Wreckfest, which is awesome BTW). Most of the games on the Switch I've been playing are smaller, old-school style indie titles that can be played in bite-sized amounts anywhere, making it perfect for someone who doesn't have a lot of time. I can count on one hand the amount of times in the past year I played stuff on the XB1. Plus, with the PC and Switch, I can game in the same room as the wife as she watches whatever she watches on TV. The Amico is cool, but the Switch will likely scratch that itch, and it's portable to boot. The Atari Vaporware Computer System is never coming out, and the other two heavy hitters from Sony and Microsoft aren't grabbing my attention just yet. If anything, I'll finally get a PS4 and not have time to play that either. 😄
  4. Local nerd store that I hit up sometimes sells vinyl, comics, and games. Snagged Tutankham and Darius Twin, which were both on my must-have list. Especially pumped to have Darius Twin to go with my copy of Super Nova on the SNES; I love the Darius games! And as a bonus, they had two 80's Metal classics on the $1.99 cassette rack! Really excited to have that copy of Dokken's Back for the Attack, which was the first cassette I ever bought back when I was 5 in 1987!
  5. Finally had a few minutes to spend with this game last night. I LOVE IT. The gameplay is fun, it looks great, and the music is pretty damn good as well. It takes elements from a lot of early arcade shooters and mashes them all together in a fun package. Highly recommended!
  6. Ha, neither have I! Someone mentioned them recently in a FB group and they were on my mind. And then these showed up, so for $2 I had to snag them. I still have my old ones somewhere in my basement, along with my much-coveted Beavis and Butthead prismatic slammer. 😂
  7. Hit up a Savers this morning and picked up a couple Wii games I didn't have (both complete and mint) and someones POG Slammer collection. Yup, it's 2019, and I bought POGS. The POG case is a lot like those old NES rental cases from back in the day. Same size externally, but with a hang tag and some special holder slots inside. Paid less than $10 for the lot.
  8. This game looks cool, and for a buck, I'll give it a shot!
  9. Picked this up last night. I've wanted to try this one for a while. Should be interesting to see how it runs on the Switch.
  10. As far as games go? Stuff from the 16-Bit Era. Genesis is big on that list, but if I see an interesting SNES game I don't have for cheap, I snag it. I've been picking up a lot of OG Xbox stuff recently as well. Prices are still in the basement for those games. Other than that, it's vinyl. I have been buying more records than video games in the past year to be honest. My collection seems to get bigger every week!
  11. Straight out of the clearance bin at Walmart: $5 mini Pac Man? Don't mind if I do!
  12. Went to Savers on lunch today to buy a Halloween costume wig, and strolled by the media section to find these: $5.99 is a lot to pay for Halo 2, but it's CIB with all the inserts and I don't have any OG Xbox games with the Microsoft Company Store sticker slapped on there yet, so that's kinda cool! Picross DS is sort of scarce, and I haven't seen a complete copy in years, so I snagged that too.
  13. Watched this one last night. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing the upcoming episodes in this series. Japan definitely got A LOT more shooters on the SNES/SFC than we did here in the states, that's for sure!
  14. Whelp... Gonna have to add Defender to the collection this year. Thanks for spending my money! 😄
  15. It's been a long time since I've had a pickup of any kind on here. The wife was off doing her own thing today, so I went to my favorite booth the local flea market and snagged some 2600 titles I didn't have: I have been looking for Mega Force for a while, but they also had these uncommon games that I didn't have. The guy at the booth knows I like the old stuff, so he scooped out the Kid's Controller to go with Alpha Beam. Figured my little nephew might have fun with that one the next time he comes to visit! Paid $20 for all of it.
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