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  1. Looking at the Mattel games, I wonder if there are any conclusions to be drawn by separating the games developed by APh Technological Consulting, which also developed the Exec operating system, and the games developed internally by the Blue Sky Rangers.
  2. This is great. I think your Roklan findings are seem pretty consistent with ours.
  3. CRV

    7800 Developers

    Ace of Aces Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering? Crossbow Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Double Dragon Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering F-18 Hornet Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Fight Night Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Ikari Warriors Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Kung-Fu Master Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Pete Rose Baseball Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Sentinel Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Super Skateboardin' Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Title Match Pro Wrestling Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Tomcat Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Touchdown Football Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Basketbrawl BlueSky Software Klax (unreleased) BlueSky Software Mat Mania Challenge BlueSky Software Mean 18 Ultimate Golf BlueSky Software MotorPsycho BlueSky Software Ninja Golf BlueSky Software Scrapyard Dog BlueSky Software Xenophobe BlueSky Software California Games (unreleased) Computer Magic (under subcontract with Man Development Corp.?) Impossible Mission Computer Magic (under subcontract with Man Development Corp.?) One-on-One Basketball Computer Magic (under subcontract with Man Development Corp.?) Summer Games Computer Magic (under subcontract with Man Development Corp.?) Winter Games Computer Magic (under subcontract with Man Development Corp.?) Barnyard Blaster Datafast Computer Services? Planet Smashers Datafast Computer Services The Time Lords of Xantac (UR) Datafast Computer Services? Asteroids GCC Ballblazer GCC Centipede GCC Desert Falcon GCC Diagnostic Cartridge GCC Dig Dug GCC Food Fight GCC Galaga GCC High Score Cartridge (UR) GCC Joust GCC Ms. Pac-Man GCC Pole Position II GCC Rescue on Fractalus! (UR) GCC Robotron: 2084 GCC Xevious GCC Toki (unreleased) Images, Maximum Effect Pit-Fighter (unreleased) Imagitec Design Rampart (unreleased) Imagitec Design Choplifter! ibidinc GATO (prototype) ibidinc Hat Trick ibidinc Karateka ibidinc Electrocop (unreleased) ICC Donkey Kong ITDC Donkey Kong Junior ITDC Mario Bros. ITDC Super Stunt Cycle (unreleased) John Boeschen & Co. MeltDown Radioactive Software, Sculptured Software? Midnight Mutants Radioactive Software, Sculptured Software Alien Brigade Sculptured Software Commando Sculptured Software Dark Chambers Sculptured Software Fatal Run Sculptured Software Missing in Action (unreleased) Sculptured Software Rampage Spectral Dimensions Paperboy (unreleased) Tiertex Road Riot 4WD (unreleased) Tiertex Steel Talons (unreleased) Tiertex Plutos (unreleased) Tynesoft Sirius (unreleased) Tynesoft Deflektor (unreleased) US Gold Gauntlet (unreleased) US Gold? Jinks US Gold Tower Toppler US Gold? Crack'ed ? RealSports Baseball ? Skyfox (unreleased) ? Super Huey UH-IX ? Tank Command ? Water Ski ? Credit where due: List formatting was probably inspired by this post Zero magazine claimed Tony Porter and Bob Armour were working on 7800 Gauntlet at US Gold. However, Armour has said he only worked on the Atari 8-bit version and was not aware that a 7800 version existed.
  4. Do you mean Xanth F/X?
  5. There was a homebrew attempt by someone else at Digital Eclipse, Mike Mika. (Warning: Flickering)
  6. Bally was also working on games for the Atari 8-bit computers, Intellivision, and ColecoVision. I found this shot of Kickman in a CBS catalog. It looks like an Intellivision version, but it could just be a mockup like most of the shots in there.
  7. Someone posted the PCBs here in 2016 (I just found this): Most of them were manufactured by K-Byte, except the ones made in Hong Kong. Those were by a company called Elcap.
  8. Roklan was working on Firefox for the 2600 and 8-bit, so that might be it.
  9. Midnight Mutants was originally a Sunsoft game. http://www.vgarc.org/vgarc-originals/interview-with-richard-robbins-sunsoft/
  10. Did Hellesen program the Atari 8-bit version of Gyruss? Various sites credit him with the C64 version.
  11. CRV

    Parker Brothers

    They did according to this article. http://www.digitpress.com/library/interviews/interview_laura_nikolich_family82article.pdf
  12. CRV

    "Exus" Strategy

    Page 39 of the PDF, not page 39 of the book.
  13. CRV

    "Exus" Strategy

    The PDF is in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. http://web.archive.org/web/20030921122628/http://classweb.gmu.edu/erodger1/prls533/Welcome/brooks_stevens.PDF
  14. Saw an Atari VCS lot at a rummage sale. $250 for everything, but this stuff was in immaculate condition. I've never seen VCS/2600 stuff in this shape. There was a box of games and controllers (including keyboard and paddles), many still in their boxes. The loose ones had no Actiplaquing. The system was in a carrying case I'd never seen before. Turns out it's an Atari Club exclusive and goes for decent money on eBay.
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