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  1. ok, honestly there is like 1k pages talking about tacos... I tried to casually pick up on it but wtf are you guys on about?
  2. 420? is this version code named Illinois? lol
  3. couldn't you just print them on the side, that way if you have banding it would be vertical. there are a lot of tricks to smooth out 3d prints too.
  4. I want it more for the dust cover aspect. Usually I leave it open when i'm using the drive. I have a 3d printer its just the 3d model I cant make
  5. Sorry, I didn't realize I was being unclear. The warpage on MY faceplate was from the center. I got it hot enough to bend it back using a flat surface. I did not touch the ends. I finally got a area to set my stuff up and when I opened the door via the button it just kinda sagged.. The right side that broke off has the spring attached to lift it up. I'll try gorilla glue but was just curious if someone made a 3d model of it at some point
  6. The smoked acrylic swing-up cover. Mine was warped from the center/front.. the arms were fine and that wasn't the alignment issue. There are translucent filaments that can be used for 3d printing.
  7. oh, no... this warped front was resolved years ago... one of the two "arms" that holds the face plate in place cracked. not the front of it... guess I would have thought someone tossed it to in that case..
  8. When mine was out of alignment I carefully (read that Gunstar, I was careful with my stuff!) heated it up with really hot water and a blow dryer. trued it up on a flat surface. I only manipulated the face, not the fragile ends. Guess I'll have to glue it together now since I cant make a 3d model to save my life.
  9. I'm pretty sure the answer is no but did anyone ever make a 3d print of the Indus GT cover that always seems to crack?
  10. 6 switch 2600... I've got another UAV in an 800... and two Super Color CPU Card's in both a 400 and another 800. The Revision C and D UAV that I've put in two 2600's both look like the image I supplied earlier using Adventure as an example.
  11. I will when I get a chance. I've clipped the 5 pins of the RF box and that helped out a pretty good deal. I'm leaning on using the S-Video to the Retrotink2x. Maybe I'm expecting too much but the composite looks really bad still.
  12. I got a Retrotink2x and it still does the ghosting/bleeding. Grrrrr
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