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  1. 6 switch 2600... I've got another UAV in an 800... and two Super Color CPU Card's in both a 400 and another 800. The Revision C and D UAV that I've put in two 2600's both look like the image I supplied earlier using Adventure as an example.
  2. I will when I get a chance. I've clipped the 5 pins of the RF box and that helped out a pretty good deal. I'm leaning on using the S-Video to the Retrotink2x. Maybe I'm expecting too much but the composite looks really bad still.
  3. I got a Retrotink2x and it still does the ghosting/bleeding. Grrrrr
  4. Ive checked my soldering and connections several times and that doesn't seem to be the culprit. if this is just the quality than I understand - at least someone else piped up with the same results. Wish someone who knows the video out intimately knows if this can be addressed or not? yes, the SVIDEO is nice but what the heck devices have that nowadays? I want to bring my 2600 into the livingroom, not stuck on a 14" monitor with svideo.
  5. Not sure I understand " If it's not the cable, then the problem could be that you forgot to remove an inductor somewhere.". Can you elaborate? I did use multiple cables, TV's and a couple of different UAV installs in a 400 and 800 to compare. I used the instructions from:
  6. Please put me down for 2. Duddie, Weren't you working on mylars for the 800?
  7. Not sure I agree. I have two other installs, an 800 and 400 that look sharp. I have another 800 with the same effect.
  8. If you look on every edge of every object you will see another slightly offset image. There are no "alignment controls" as this is composite in to TV's. I've got other UAV's in various forms for my 400s and 800s. I will admit one of my 800's does the same thing but the others dont, however.
  9. I was having issues earlier with a heavy 6 and the UAV r.C and I posted a pic of Adventure earlier but got ignored (its ok, happens to me in life). So I ended up getting a UAV r.D and im getting the same issues. You can see at the edges of everything its all... shifted, offset, unaligned ?!?!? I don't know what to call it but heres a pic. I have tried 3 different TV's using the composite with the same effect. I've put a socket over the 4050 and followed all the directions I could find here. Any ideas or should I post this in another thread? OH, I also need at least one or two of those audio boards!
  10. Woohoo!!!! finally was able to order a handful. Cant wait to check them out. Anyone use them with the replacement 3d stick? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1112778
  11. yeah, its been too long since ive seen the movie... but any time someone says 2 weeks - well, ya know! So to my chagrin how do I get on the list for these things I thought you mentioned something on your site to alert when in stock but I didn't see it. I'd like at least 4 of em. Thanks!
  12. I agree about the SD card support. I'd actually prefer to keep it CF. I do have a CF to SD adapter in one of my incognito's so I can run my wifi SD. (I can copy files to/from the SD card wireless from my PC!) all this works easily with a CF adapter I bought for $5. I bought two incognito's when they came out... I'd buy another two if they are ever made again! Please do another run! We need one for every 800 (and 400, dammit!)
  13. Atari 830 Some unknown Hayes compatible * questions on this. Hayes 2400 US Robotics 14.4 - 56k external various ISA/PCI modems in the PC world * So... this awesome, white external modem. I think it was 1200. It had a detachable face that would store your phone numbers in it... it had a display that you could select a number to dial/save, etc. Anyone ever see something like this before? I think the idea was that you stored all your numbers and you can pop the display into another modem like it and have access to all your numbers.
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