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  1. If you dont mind me asking, what kind of time-frame do you think that would be?
  2. I dont see this as being one issue alone but at least two. one seems to be the separator sheet and the other seems to be the mylar doesn't contact the fingers on the board with even pressure. is there a conductive glue? these might have to be carefully adhered with those having the second issue.
  3. Hole-y crap you ain't messing around! that looks amazing! Could you somehow use an old IDE cable?
  4. Just to add... I bought two and am having the same issues everyone else is having. I've been trying to solder the fingers on the board side to give a bit more height but that doesnt seem to be working all that well. if this "separator sheet" works that would be great news! Better yet, I hope that Krenath fellow is successful in making a full cherry replacement. I'm starting to hate this mylar stuff.
  5. I think its the pressure on those fingers... I've been experimenting with trying to flow some additional solder to get a tighter connection but its been intermittent. The mylars do look damn spiffy, however.
  6. Hows this coming along? I've finally gotten a new 800 mylar but its not working... Hate trying to fix these keyboards!
  7. I personally think it would be worth it. I have two 800's, one with a dead keyboard and one I'm sure will die. I'd have no problem spending the money for a solution that would resolve the issue
  8. So, at the risk of incurring wrath - you ever start tinkering with this again FJC?
  9. I just signed up for 4 of em... why not, right? Anyone know how long this will take after the "go ahead" to get actually produced?
  10. Yes, It boots the disk after I reset the machine. If you re-read my post I un-soldered the switch and it was removed. it was acting this way before I touched the switch and after it was removed. so im sure the switch isnt the issue.. I'm guessing the GTIA might be going flakey?!?!? No chips seem to get especially hot.
  11. So I've started testing some of my other Atari's and never got around to the XEGS before. I'm not too familiar with it. Upon power up it looks like its stuck on the cassette boot as if the START was held down. sometimes it works normal, most of the time not. if I hit the reset it will boot into Basic or to the missile command like normal. the keyboard test works too for the START, OPTION, etc.?!?!?!? Anyhow, my first suspect was the START switch being crap... I tried jamming on the button several times to release any oxidization (like a 1200xl keyboard) but no good. Then I tried un-soldering the switch, this [email protected]#C#%s melts!!!... ok, I got the switch out and fixed the switch... set that aside and expected the XEGS to boot into either basic with the keyboard or missile command. That did not happen. Still having the same issue. Any ideas what to look for next?
  12. ok, honestly there is like 1k pages talking about tacos... I tried to casually pick up on it but wtf are you guys on about?
  13. 420? is this version code named Illinois? lol
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