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  1. I have a coleco alien attack handheld (please dont beat me for posting a coleco item and not atari), and I need help fixing it. I'm not sure what is wrong with it. I took batteries from my crazy climber (which use the same type and worked for crazy climber) and put them in alien attack. I tried turning it on and nothing. So I took it apart to see if I could find the culprit. I took some pics to see if anybody sees anything that I am missing. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Yeah??? I looked and didn't see anything bad. So the guy makes repro's out of hard to find games? Is that what everybody is so worked up about? At least he proves (by putting his brand on the games) that the game is a repro. And it still doesn't answer my earlier question about finding games with the different processor's (or whatever they're called) on them. Are they sample carts that were used before the game was released? And if not then WHY are there chips that have different things on them?
  3. Oh really? But you don't give any reasons not to listen to him.
  4. Hey guys. I found out about the website Hozer video a couple days ago. And I have a few questions regarding that site. Do the people here have any problems with Hozer video? And I was reading the proto page the guy there had that mentioned that alot of games that were used as test carts or samples that were sent to various game magazines and stuff like that. He mentioned all the different ones that can be found. Well my question is, Is he speaking the truth about all that or am I becoming the most gullible atari guy in the world?
  5. Is it true? A girl gamer that has gamecube games? And GC games that aren't crap? What a dream come true. Will you play cube games with me? I'd love that! BTW very nice collection. You got a bunch of atari games I haven't come across yet.
  6. I just bought my first two Atari homebrew games. I got Datatech Prototype and Fall Down. I haven't had a chance to play them yet. Gotta see if I can hook my atari up. I really hate the tv/game switches because they complcate everything.
  7. I hope this is the right spot. Anyways I've always wondered how your suppoesed to open them up correctly. I once decided to destroy a copy of pac man so I could see the insides!
  8. I'm only playing one nes game right now, Faria. And to be honest I don't care much about playing atari 2600. Now the others 5200 and 7800, I would love to try those out.
  9. I'm 23 and don't expect to die soon either. But if I did I would just let my family have everything and decide what to do with it all. My parents aren't gamers so I think they would probably sell it. Besides they need the money more than they need a video game. But if I die along time from now, hopefully i'll have kids and just give it to them.
  10. No I know about gamereproductions. I am talking about atari games in specific. And I clearly remember it was here.
  11. I think this is the right place, anyways, I remember there was a spot on this site where you could buy actual repros and homebrew games. Where was it? Is it still around? I wanna buy some.
  12. Wow what an old topic. I completely frogot about all this. To answer some questions, my name is Daniel. I was not sure about how much those games were worth so I think the $1,000 was what I wanted. And lastly, I mostly bought my games in large lots. What I would do is buy 100 games from somebody for $20 or $30 and keep the ones I didn't already have. And I only bought these deals about once a month or so. Usually at flea markets. And what I would do with all the extra games is put em on ebay. I once sold 30 games (mostly dupes) for $100. so I really turned things around quite often. One other thing I'd like to know is, does anybody know where that freakin Gauntlet came from? I bought it off ebay a few years ago for $5 because I saw on the rarity list that it was a 10 (the rarest), then I found out that I was mistaken and yet the copy I had wasn't even listed! I shoud have asked a thousand for that cart only.
  13. I didn't know there were THAT many board games based off video games! 1 question, how come the shipping price is so high?
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