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  1. I think you need the actual words from a programmer (who knows how the 7800 hardware works) whether R-Type can be done? So far there's been no game showing it (7800) can handle the amount of unique sprite data with collision detection working - plus having the full R-Type your ship weaponry working too! With the scrolling landscape working, plus that background. What game does show anything remotely looking like R-Type? working on 7800? Sirius and Plutos are rather basic in comparison. But are a good starting point. Harvey
  2. I did think that Andrew Bradfield and myself - did try to push the Atari 800 as far as possible back in the day - with Hawkquest. You have only to compare it to Xevious styled games - as well as Gauntlet/Shamus types - and end of game sequence influenced by the Lucasfilms loading animations. But it's a very tough game so maybe players didn't get to see that many levels present in the game and what variances were present. It certainly had one of the longest development times to pull it off. Atari 800 Page (tripod.com) HawkQuest maps/graphics (tripod.com) For the above - the screens will line up when you rearrange your browser window so that they do line up. Harvey
  3. Something I didn't like in the original cart - was the green screen when you have shields enabled. That it would look far better if you had the text window at the bottom of the screen change from blue to green - to show that shields are enabled via that method. Allowing you to have a grand view. The darkness of deep space is suppose to be black and not green. I like to have the feeling that you are in deep space doing your space battles - and with the room lights turned off - this would look even more immersive. Though to see your keyboard so as to hit the right keys during gameplay - you'll need a small light near your keyboard. I'm all for making small changes so that it looks far better that it's original version. Harvey
  4. It's always the software (games) that sell the hardware - and the NES delivered what the punters wanted - decent quality games. There were first rate companies producing quality games for the NES - and Nintendo delivered amazing in-depth games. The home market was branching out with games especially developed for the home in mind. Harvey
  5. I did briefly own a 600XL back in the day, and had a friend upgrade it to 64k. It's video output wasn't all that great but the keyboard had an excellent feel to it. I wouldn't mind getting a 600XL again - if it's a reasonable price? Need to have it all upgraded because I don't do mods myself. So if you do come across a cheap 600XL and can do the mods for me - I'll pay you for your time, etc. This is nothing urgent at all - because I like to get a 400 and 800 too, adding to the 800XL that I currently have. If I can get those at a reasonable price. Maybe when I got all of those machines - then, I may think about getting a C-64? I never worked on any C-64 projects, probably because I couldn't find any C-64 programmer to work with. Harvey
  6. I did own a C-64 back in the day when I got disappointed with the lack of new software for the Atari's - and had it for around 10 months? Going from cassette to a disk drive with Action Replay II cart. I didn't do much art on it - but managed to do these 3 pics with a BASIC art program? (I think). I certainly think it was a good experience seeing what a different system was like because each system had it's own advantages over the other. I was in the UK when the C-64 was released over there and there was a lack of software at it's very start. I came across a proud owner of one - but he had little to run on it. It was something like 6? years later on, back in NZ - that I got around to owning one. Somehow I got into contact with Atari users more easily than C-64 users - and the response was overall much better with Atari users but this is probably due to more time spent looking for Atari users...
  7. You can try looking at it from the perspective of someone who purchased an Atari 400 versus someone who purchased a Vic-20. Both of which I considered - although I ended up going for an Atari 800. A Vic-20 owner would have to sell the Vic-20 to move up to the C-64 - and could only keep the joysticks. Or simply waited - till the C-64 arrived? Whereas the Atari 400 owner would sell the 400 while keeping what software/carts that person already purchased. As for what C-64 games that stood out? For me it would be the Thalamus games - particularly Sanxion, Delta and Armalyte. The sticking point for me - for the Atari's - was the limited sprites- versus more sprites on the C-64. Programmers had to work around this on the Atari. The Atari design dates back to 1978? Whereas the C-64 design is 2-3 years later on. Harvey
  8. If you thought Blowsub was too easy - how about Scramble? I'm still waiting for someone to do a long play video of this conversion to show off what happens later on? Or a Let's compare video of this 8-bit Atari conversion included with other late Scramble conversions - C64, 7800 and so on...? Harvey
  9. I think you missed out ---- Runner Bear. Harvey
  10. It is likely that it is a very long wait until real progress on a real conversion - is what the situation is. There is a programmer interested in working on this conversion - who has a real love for the coin-op game - but he is already tied up with various projects. So you're in for a long wait. I can't say anything more, than this obscure comment. Harvey
  11. If you don't end up with the right equipment, etc to do transfers - you can always ask someone to do that for you.. There are useful and helpful people here for sure. Harvey
  12. There was always various fixes or hacks that could be considered if they were feasible or easy to do. However they may end up in the too hard department. I think a major complaint about the game would be the unfair firing of a gun, when you are so close to it. Seeing this is just a game and not real life - but then there's the programming required to correct this for gamers. If you can work on the source files and able to incorporate this fix - it should be a more enjoyable and fairer game to play? The other matter - that should have been done as part of it's original design - I don't know why it didn't come up? Is for the targeting cursor to confirm the presence of a 'hidden target'. That this should light up one of the panel lights - with a sound cue to confirm this. (Maybe the cursor should light up too - if it's possible to do?) Currently, I think a panel light does light up, when a hidden target at the top row of the screen - but no clue as to it's horizontal position. If my memory is correct on this? I never thought about having faster bombing - but then that issue about overlapping two explosions comes up. A simple hack would be to increase more extra helicopters and longer invincibility for hitting hidden targets. The Secondary Game could do with a few improvements. Such as a reminder when you're down to your last 5? men - Maybe have the bottom part of the screen change colour - like a dark Green, Blue, Orange Yellow, Red. You can't lose a life after being shot - to avoid multiple kills within 2? seconds. Don't know the easiest way to set this up - and for it to not look so odd? Thanks for all your work Bobo. Harvey
  13. It so happened there was this vintage computing public display put on locally - and the only Atari 8-bit computer running there was a 16K Atari 400 - so I popped in a 8mbit flashcart of AtariBlast! - and it ran fine. Rather a coincidence that the game was finished and this display was on, about a month afterwards... Of course I knew it'll run fine - since there was a 5200 version of AtariBlast! developed at the same time. Harvey
  14. post-19107-0-53140700-1547000567.gif.1484e498a7aac52c1aad395701df0172.gif One of the levels in AtariBlast!

  15. What Can the Atari 7800 really do? Pushing the 7800 hardware... - YouTube
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