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  1. This is the only picture I can find of the old 10 inch Philips colour TV I use to lug around with my Atari 800 and 810 disk drive to computer club meetings. I bought it because it was a nice portable colour TV to carry around - though a larger screen would have been more impressive to show off the best games running back then. Harvey
  2. I'm one of those for the use with an unmodified Genesis controller for 2 buttons working with it. It looks like a fine effort and I hope to try it out soon - when I can. Would Homesoft add the Genesis controller hack, if you don't do it? Harvey
  3. Probably - exactly the sort of machine I am after - is anyone willing to purchase it for me? And I'll pay all the expenses etc to have it sent out to me... Knowing everything is working well with it. That's the problem I usually have - no one wants to ship it this far out - other side of the world. I can't afford courier service which usually ends up costing as much as the computer itself - but am OK with a slower delivery service - after all - shipping does make it out this far, whether by ship or air freight. I'm happy with waiting a few months for it. I'm after an 800 too - but that can wait for another year. Harvey
  4. Something to remember about the Atari 400 and typing in Atari BASIC - is that you did not have to type out the whole instruction word - that a shortened form was available to use to save on keystrokes. Not that I had a 400 and did so. I can't remember if this would have significantly cut down the pain of typing it in? The humble 400 is still wanted today - because I am after one (or two?). And I never owned one before. Not for typing any programs in though - that would be kinda torture today. Harvey
  5. The most likely answer would be - ask your brother? To get some idea whether they're self booting disks or not? Hold OPTION down for XLs, with your disk drive already turned on, with a example disk inside, ready to go - that power is plugged into your XL computer, before turning it ON with OPTION held down. For running BASIC games - you don't hold OPTION down, of course. Can't see anyone keen on actually using DOS 3 - so it probably wasn't used at all, and you'd get some other DOS disk, off one of your mates or any other source. You need to know the name of the program to run - before typing in RUN "D:FILENAME.EXT" - you can use something shorter like RUN "D:NAME*.* - but kids are more likely into machine code games, than BASIC ones. If you were wowed by playing games on your Atari back in the day - you'll most likely be able to enjoy them all over again? I think the magic is still there - in the games that stood out? Harvey
  6. The term "SuperGraphics" comes to mind - only a somewhat hazy foggy recollection for any details. Looked via Google and found this. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.atarimania.com%2F8bit%2Fscreens%2F3_d_supergraphics.gif&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.atarimania.com%2Futility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-3-d-supergraphics_12514.html&tbnid=Ecj2_jcyOdno3M&vet=12ahUKEwjSwuvgiNbsAhVaSn0KHa9-C4oQMygEegQIARA2..i&docid=VMIiFUtKK80XUM&w=336&h=224&q=atari 800 super graphics 3D&ved=2ahUKEwjSwuvgiNbsAhVaSn0KHa9-C4oQMygEegQIARA2 Harvey
  7. I'm not a fan of the coin-op graphics (and animation) - and so I think the Atari version was the right way to go - diverting from the arcade version in it's designs - most of what is successfully done. It's resolution really needed to be stepped up - so maybe they went low-res (actually med-res) so as to stick within 16K limitations maybe - nowadays it could be done within 32K? Adding more resolution (and color) and animations to it and go even more away from the arcade version in it's graphics. To make it the best possible and for it to stand out even more. While the C-64 conversion designs stuck closely to the coin-ops - it doesn't look better than the Atari conversion - in my view. Not all coin-ops had the best graphics possible for it - even in certain iconic games - you can see less than stellar explosions and the like present in them. Harvey
  8. Nope - I think you are asking too much. From what I remember of Wizard of Wor is that it uses a low resolution - and you're asking the hacker/programmer to change the graphics mode to something of higher res (with more colors) to make it look far better. This is no simple hack to do - but I'm no programmer but my guess is - this is unrealistic - an impossible task. Of course it can be done better (say with a lot more animation going on) - but there's a whole lot of work involved in doing so. I haven't seen the coin-op to know what that was like? Harvey
  9. OK - here are all the source files I have regarding Hawkquest. Problem is - I don't know which one is the 'final' version of it. But also the original graphic source files are here too - which makes it easy for someone to try experimenting with them, so as to create their own personal landscapes and targets within them. MGPB1A.ATRMGPB1B.ATRMGPB2A.ATRMGPB2B.ATRMGPB3A.ATRMGPB3B.ATR SGPB1A.ATRSGPB1B.ATRSGPB2A.ATRSGPB2B.ATRSGPB3A.ATRSGPB3B.ATR GAM1GRA1.ATRGAM1GRA2.ATRSECGAME.SRC.atr HK_GAM1.ATRHK_GAM2.ATR And as a bonus - I've included as a bonus - Andrew's previous work before Hot Copter / Laser Hawk - which I think are Assembler/Editor cart files - these last 2 files are probably the just same one, repeated? It's been a while since I last run them - they are Space Patrol Missions 1 to 3? These are not that playable as such - but it'll give hope to those who are learning 6502 assembler - that you do start with a simple game that makes use of the hardware - and you eventually get bigger and bigger and more adventuresome in what you are working on. Videos of these I have put on youtube. Harvey
  10. The two versions can be found here - this is with the new music and not the temporary music. The first version should be here also - but on an earlier page. I think it was posted on the Atarimax website - but that may be the earlier version - and cart version only. Harvey
  11. To clear up details about AtariBlast! This was released in 2 versions - one as in a banked cart - tested on a 8mbit Atarimax cart which so happens to have run OK with a Atari 400 with 16K, and a 1088K version for those with that amount of memory - this would of course first load into memory before running. I'd doubt if Paul would want to make up a special 576K version in which only 1/2 the levels would be present. But you can always ask him... You could say this was a demo that morphed into a game. Harvey
  12. OK for anyone who's interested in the source files for Hawkquest. Here's something to get you going. Please check out these two diskettes. They appear to be the same? What is exactly on these disks? I think there's a lot more source files diskettes - which I should eventually find. I would have expected all the graphic files to be included on the disks somewhere? Or did Andrew keep all those on separate disks?HK_SRC2.ATR HK_SRC1.ATR Many thanks to HolmesA8 - who did transfer these files some 20 odd years ago. Or was it less than 20? Harvey
  13. The Secondary Game is not a run and jump game, nor like Boulderdash - but more along the likes of Shamus/Gauntlet with a Scavenger Hunt thrown in. It was possible to boot straight into a Secondary Game save from Side 1 Disk 2? And there was I think saves there right away for the 5 different planets in Level 1? The difficulty level was perhaps about the same as Flak? Andrew could play right through Shamus - and showed me how. I did get him started off by mapping Level 1 and part of Level 2 in Shamus and drew the maps for the rest of Shamus. Andrew did the playtesting and setting of difficulty for HQ. I took advantage of knowing where I placed the various hidden targets in the main game - so it was easier for me to play it rhrough, though it was still a very hard game. Here is a map for Mycea showing these targets. Tidied this up a bit from it's original posting at http://hawkquest.tripod.com/ Hawkquest was a PAL only game until Paul fixed it for NTSC in it's 8mbit Flashcart version. Harvey
  14. Andrew did leave behind that document with me. It would be nice to see something done with HQ. It's around 30 years now since it was finished - and in a year's time it will be some 20 years since his passing - which he did when only 35. One major upgrade - that I could think of - if it's at all possible? Is maybe to add animation to the enemy ships? And/or add some new air attacks into the game. If someone does show interest in designing some new landscapes - the advantage of doing so - is that they can be used in any other similar game - and an easy one they can get started on doing - is one based on Espial's graphics. I probably had the intention of doing this (because I did it for a mock-up that preceded work started on HQ) - and have now forgotten why it got left out altogether. Seems like I can't find the source files CD right away - it may take me some time to find them. I still have the original disks with the source files on them - so if I can't find the CD - I can then send the floppies again - off to anyone who want/can to do the transfers. Harvey
  15. I don't really understand (in your comments) what you don't like about the Secondary Game of Hawkquest? It's nothing like Boulderdash - are you saying you think a boulderdash like game would be better in it? I'll take a guess that most people did not like it - because they don't understand how it is played? Not having instructions because of this? I hoped that it would satisfy those who wanted more from Shamus and Gauntlet? You go on a kind of scavenger hunt - where you need to find 3 essential items - usually blaster upgrade first, then Trapfinder (activate this when you have it, by pressing T) then explosive (Press E at the crystal door to bomb it) - for when you find where the missing crystal piece is located. To bomb the door to gain access to it. Then find the Teleporter exit. (akin to Boulderdash's exit point). If it's too easy, you would complete it on your first try. You probably need about 50? lives to start off with - in order to be able to do a reasonable mapping on your first try? The game saves are there - so that you can have several retries to eventually map out the level. Though I worked on this game - I still can't remember how it all happened as to it's game design. How much did Andrew put in - and what parts did I suggest? Or was it all Andrew's game design right from the start? There were at least 2 other programmers I tried working with - but nothing happened from those contacts - maybe because they were in other parts of NZ, whereas with Andrew being in the same city makes a big difference? For a simple trained hack of the main game - I could suggest that it be that you'll have unlimited lives - but a counter is kept of the lives you used up - for when you reach and bomb the entrance to the Secondary Game. That a lower number of lives - rewards you with many surplus men (100?) at the start of the Secondary Game. And a high count will give you only around 20? men. That this is some kind of incentive to play seriously to get through it. Harvey
  16. A side note - It should be possible for someone keen enough to? To design their own graphics and levels for Hawkquest? I used very simple tools. To edit/assemble a character set, I used the Antic Character Editor from Byte magazine - a BASIC program. The maps were done using Fontbyter from Compute! magazine - a BASIC program. I would draw designs with Fun With Art because I like the copy mode/brush in that. It has a zoom function. I would copy the designs onto a special graph paper - ruled to those Antic 4 fat pixels. Using coloured felt pens. So that I can copy them into the Antic Character Editor. See the technical document at http://hawkquest.tripod.com/hagraph.txt http://hawkquest.tripod.com/hatech.txt No doubt it is a lot of work to do - but it's almost like a Shoot 'em Up Construction Set but better? Harvey
  17. I do appreciate someone wanting to implement some changes (hacks) to Hawkquest - to make it more enjoyable for the average gamer. Andrew Bradfield did the all of the playtesting for the main game - whereas I'm responsible for the Secondary Game which is more reliant upon how the playfield is set up - that is where important items are hidden and how you must navigate the maze in order to complete the tasks required. I'll mention that the source code files are available - but I don't know what versions of it, I do have. So it is available somewhere on a CD I need to locate. A technical document is on that Hawkquest help website I referred to elsewhere that might be helpful? I did have a think about what possible (easy?) changes that could be made? If you can make the game avoid the nasty death from a nearby gun source - that would make the game less frustrating, I'd guess. Which I can guess is not an easy change to make. Anyway some easy changes - I have in mind - might be: You could make the missiles fire speed slow or slower. There are either 2 or 4 missiles on screen - when there are ships present or not present on screen. So you typically move around not going back on your path to avoid the missiles. I think the hidden targets being a single character is hard to bomb amidst playing the game - so what you could do is to group hidden characters (the same) say in a group of 4 or 6 characters - therefore being an easy target. Once you know where they are (they can be in obvious places) you can then easily up your lives or get the invincibility. You could maybe award say 5 extra lives instead of the one? And make the invincibility say 5 times longer? or less? The source files should have the landscape files - from which you can make the changes to the landscapes. It would be helpful to have an idea of where exactly the hidden targets are. At the moment only the vertical position is noted - and a light lights up on the panel when a target is at the top of the screen. It's horizontal position is not revealed. So a nice change may be - to have the crosshair being target sensitive - and a light light up when the crosshair is over a hidden target? With the Secondary Game - I think it would be very helpful to indicate your last few lives - say the 5 remaining. A warming you are LOW on lives. So a suggestion is - that at 5 lives remaining - colour change be to the top or bottom of the screen. This colour changes to indicate 5, 4, 3, 2 then 1 life left. 5 could be blue, 4 be purple, 3 be yellow, 2 be orange and 1 be red. The hidden extra life in the game (is there one? I'm not sure - as been a long time since I last worked proper on this game) could be a 5 lives pickup? Or else put one in for this purpose. There should be a way so that you can boot/load straight into a Secondary Game - via the game saves. This was an option with the boot disks as such - so to have this present in the cart version - would be nice to have? You boot from one of the other disk sides - I forget which side? Maybe Side 2 disk 1? Or perhaps it was Side 1 Disk 2? I'll repeat that in Level 2 - the Secondary Game does use completely new graphics and layouts - and the game play does vary. I do presume that Hawkquest does stand out - as being a rather unique game - and it would be nice to see it become more playable and more fun to play - instead of it being the rock hard game it currently is. I would take a guess that few people have sampled the various secondary games - surely it's not as hard as Shamus? Harvey
  18. I did a quick test on this and it seems to be working with saves. Overall the game is probably too tough and needs some hacking to make it more playable/fun for the general player. I do have some ideas but may not be so easy to implement? You can always press START on the main game to restart on that planet, without any reloading. You need to use the saves you've done - to get through the secondary game levels towards completion. I appreciate the work you've done with this. The important thing to remember about the game is that the Level 2 secondary games are all new. They are not rehashes from Level 1. Harvey
  19. A somewhat simple kind of adventure was 'Lords of Karma' that was on cassette - required 48k to run, from Avalon Hill. It takes a few minutes to initialize - so it showed .... working... while it does so. Once you got use to the mapping you can make progress in it. When you died, you started a new life. Harvey
  20. It may seem to be a bit of a hassle to get to know how to load and run various programs, etc - which is really not that complicated to do - but a whole world of other stuff is there to see or hear besides more games. Below is just a sample of still graphic images able to view and enjoy. Harvey
  21. Here's the last page of the series.... This other previous page did have a repeat image in it, so I replaced that with a different one. I'd guess I have enough left over to fill yet another page - 35 from the last pages of this forum, with about 30 miscellaneous images left over - and I'd guess there's about another page of images I have left out completely. But the pages done are a fair representation of images posted. A few of these are not pixel accurate because of having to resize the image - but are very close in detail to the original image. Many thanks for those who posted their images in the first place to show what Rasterconverter can do and for their time in producing the images. Harvey
  22. When I left click on a page of pics - this should appear - I'm using Microsoft Edge browser. If you don't get this screen, then the browser you're using, works differently. Saving this 'pic' (save Image as...) does save it as per the original image that was uploaded. The thumbnail picture is very much smaller in file size and of such low res - it's not worthwhile printing out in A3 size. Harvey
  23. Here's the last 3 of this series - currently done. There are a few more pages left to do... Note - that in the last one - the last 3 lines of pictures are comparison pictures done by other programs. 3rd Last line has pictures generated by Graph2fnt, 2nd last line has Fun With Art pictures. The last line has interlaced mode pictures - the first 2 in this line are Technicolor Dream pictures from the UK. The rest of this line are by some other program? You can get these to run on your Atari computer here https://atariage.com/forums/topic/292906-atari-8-bit-graphics-capabilities/page/5/#comments Note - that this bottom line of interlaced images look fine here on screen - but when printed out - do then look dark and dull. Harvey
  24. If you do not have a A3 capable printer at home - then you simply take a proper save of these files along to a Commercial Printing service - who'll do a A3 Printout for you. I presume these are the same places you'll take your digital photos to, for a professional print out. To do a proper save - you must first click on the picture you want - which should then take you to an enlarged view - and from here, you can right mouse click for a Save as... Do not perform a right click in normal view - this will only save a thumbnail version of the picture which is a low-res version of the picture. Put the saves on a USB flash drive or any kind of SD memory card - those used in cameras or tablets. There is an adaptor card to make these accessible via normal USB. They (the printer service center) 'll give you options - whether you want it on plain or glossy paper, or whether you'll want it on a thick card? Harvey
  25. I do agree that most of the pictures contain too much detail and are in too high a resolution to render successfully within Rasterconverter - and that you have to crop images to what Rasterconverter can handle better. But there are many images you have previously done - are not what I expect Rasterconverter to render successfully. Some particular stonework ought to be able to be done - like the stonework of Puma Punku, Yonaguni. The interlocking stonework of the Mayans, contrasting that with what the Aztecs built on top of. This interlocking is used elsewhere in the world - including Egypt. And there are the gigantic megaliths in the Ural mountains. And there's always the best of Greek and Roman sculpture vs the Terracotta warriors. There is thought to be a link between these - that the latter was inspired by the former and even that Greek artisans were imported to help develop/manufacture them. Harvey
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