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  1. I received my package Saturday in Illinois. I love both of the ColecoVision games that were in this year's package. What an amazing value!
  2. I'm interested in one of these, but they are showing sold out on eBay. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  3. I already had a CIB repro, but I prefer to own to "official" licensed version so I sold my repro and pre-ordered from Castlemania. I have no use for the collector's items and wish there was just a plain clamshell release, but I'll take what I can get!
  4. I finished Phantasy Star III many years ago and I enjoyed it, but I don't recall if I played any of the others on Genesis. I think Phantasy Star IV was too expensive for me at the time and I don't remember if I ever owned Phantasy Star II. Like you though, I hope to play through the series at some point. I started the original Phantasy Star on Switch last year and played through quite a bit, but then I took a long break and now I can't remember where to go next. I'll either need to start over or try to read through walkthroughs to figure out where I left off. What are you playing the games on? Original hardware? Emulation? Switch? I personally think the Switch is a great way to play the games, especially with the enhancements to the original Master System game.
  5. This is incredibly difficult, and I will almost certainly leave games off that should be on the list, but here's my initial attempt: 1. Tecmo Super Bowl 2. Dragon Warrior IV 3. Punch-Out 4. RBI Baseball 5. Super Mario Bros 6. Legend of Zelda 7. Bubble Bobble 8. Super Mario Bros 3 9. Mega Man 2 10. Baseball Simulator 1.000 11. Zelda II 12. Final Fantasy 13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II - The Arcade Game 14. Metal Gear 15. Castlevania II - Simon's Quest 16. Willow 17. Base Wars 18. Star Tropics 19. Dragon Warrior II 20. RC Pro-Am
  6. It is essentially new, so $300 shipped.
  7. Is anyone interested in a barely-used Xbox One X console, Complete in Box with brand new controller? Note this is NOT the new Xbox Series X, but the last-gen Xbox One X.
  8. Didn't Coleco Holdings purchase a bunch of these? Any word on what they are going to be doing with them?
  9. Is it possible to go straight from disc to JCD, or do I have to create the ISO first?
  10. Sargon

    Jim Power

    I backed the Kickstarter for the NES version. I received it last week, but haven't tried it yet. I had no idea they were working on it for Jaguar.
  11. Will they ship later if we had other items in our order?
  12. This is exactly it. The club is a very poor value if you remove the "free" game from the equation. If you took the game out of the listing, who would pay 75€ just for a magazine, sticker, and miniature? So basically, it's not really a free game. It's part of the club package, which requires people to meet certain prerequisites in order to receive it. The questions and confusion here in this thread are enough to indicate that this is an ill-conceived offering. As I stated before, it is unnecessarily complicated and it will ultimately result in less people joining the club, but I guess maybe that is what they want.
  13. OneGuide had potential before Microsoft completely abandoned it. At one time, they were planning to add DVR capabilities and it could have become a full-featured option for watching/recording OTA and streaming between devices. I finally gave up on it ever being a functional-enough option and moved onto other things.
  14. I can't get on board with the 3 game minimum. This whole thing just seems unnecessarily convoluted. How many speculators do you really think are trolling the AtariAge forums looking to spend 75€ for a future mystery game that may or may not have any value on the secondhand market? To each their own I guess, but I'm not going to support this model.
  15. Stone Age Gamer has opened up pre-orders, expected to ship in March. https://stoneagegamer.com/jaguar-gamedrive.html?afmc=retrorgb Does that mean we should expect more stock coming to AtariAge in the near future as well?
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