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  1. When should we expect to receive an invoice? I replied to the email on 9/15 and have not received a response yet.
  2. I'd rather not buy the spare if I may never need it... or if it might not even work by the time I do. So it's just one for me. If a console stops working, I'll try to get it fixed. If it can't be fixed, then I'll deal with paying the high cost of replacement.
  3. But when do you get the time and energy back? (asking for a friend)
  4. I placed my order on 7/23, but I'm yet to receive a shipping notification. Hopefully it will be on its way soon!
  5. Take my money now! 😁
  6. I was able to get my hands on an Xbox Series X console from Walmart, but I had a change of heart and decided that I don't really need it right now. Rather than return it to the store, I figured I would offer it up to people here if there is anyone still trying to find one. It is brand new and the box hasn't even been opened. I'm not trying to make money, but basically just cover my costs. The price will be $550 + shipping, Friends & Family only please to keep the costs down. If you aren't comfortable using Friends & Family, you are welcome to send a normal payment for goods, but would need to add $17 to cover Paypal fees. Send me a PM if you want it. Thanks! This has been sold.
  7. Price reduced to $250 shipped, which honestly is an amazing deal considering this is Complete in Box and barely used (with the controller never having been used at all).
  8. I just read the latest newsletter with the details for the upcoming SGM2 and I can't wait to buy one. My biggest question right now is, will the Phoenix be capable of supporting the new SGM2 features via a firmware upgrade?
  9. I received my package Saturday in Illinois. I love both of the ColecoVision games that were in this year's package. What an amazing value!
  10. I'm interested in one of these, but they are showing sold out on eBay. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  11. I already had a CIB repro, but I prefer to own to "official" licensed version so I sold my repro and pre-ordered from Castlemania. I have no use for the collector's items and wish there was just a plain clamshell release, but I'll take what I can get!
  12. I finished Phantasy Star III many years ago and I enjoyed it, but I don't recall if I played any of the others on Genesis. I think Phantasy Star IV was too expensive for me at the time and I don't remember if I ever owned Phantasy Star II. Like you though, I hope to play through the series at some point. I started the original Phantasy Star on Switch last year and played through quite a bit, but then I took a long break and now I can't remember where to go next. I'll either need to start over or try to read through walkthroughs to figure out where I left off. What are you playing the games on? Original hardware? Emulation? Switch? I personally think the Switch is a great way to play the games, especially with the enhancements to the original Master System game.
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