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  1. Stone Age Gamer has opened up pre-orders, expected to ship in March. https://stoneagegamer.com/jaguar-gamedrive.html?afmc=retrorgb Does that mean we should expect more stock coming to AtariAge in the near future as well?
  2. I agree. I enjoyed Zelda 2 as much, if not more than the original Legend of Zelda. Simon's Quest is definitely the oddball of the Castlevania series, but I liked it a lot as a kid (and now you can even play one of the modded versions that makes it a bit less cryptic.)
  3. There are simply too many good games to name them all, but my absolute favorite would have to be Tecmo Super Bowl. If you are into RPG's, Dragon Warrior IV is outstanding (as are all of the Dragon Warrior games), and that is my runner-up.
  4. Yes! I already have covers for most of my consoles, but I need one for the Phoenix. Let us know here if that ends up happening.
  5. I don't sell a lot, but typically what I would do is determine a reasonable eBay price, then mark the item down a bit from there to sell directly to the community - AtariAge, Nintendo Age (RIP), etc. While I guess you could consider those prices "inflated", in many cases it is still allowing community members to obtain games for less than they would otherwise have to pay on eBay.
  6. The strange thing is, I also subscribe to Classic Rock Magazine, which in theory is coming from the same publisher. But I have continued to receive all my Classic Rock Magazine issues as expected. Sure, there have been some occasional delays during Covid, but they eventually catch up. I just received Issue 284 of Classic Rock Magazine, which I believe was released a few weeks ago, so that was right on time. But meanwhile I am 5+ issues behind on Retro Gamer? It just doesn't make sense.
  7. I have not received anything since Issue 211. I finally gave up and sent an email today requesting for them to cancel my subscription and issue a refund. They can blame global shipping conditions all they want, but I don't have this same issue with any of the other magazines I receive from the UK.
  8. Thanks for all you have done Gaz. You have provided a great service to the Jaguar community over the past few years and I am happy to be able to see all the ST ports sitting on the shelf amongst my collection. Whether or not you resume cartridge releases again at some point in the future, I will always be appreciative of your work.
  9. Oh man, Pete Rose pennant fever. I played that a ton as a kid. It was my first experience with a pseudo-franchise mode, with the possibility for players to improve (or regress) between seasons. I copied it from a friend and I had a handwritten version of the copy protection sheet (because who had access to a copy machine). Good times!
  10. I'm curious about a few items in your stack. 1. I noticed you have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles there, but the version Gaztee produced was named Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. Do you actually have a different version of the game, or is it just Gaztee's version with a TMNT insert instead? 2. Do you have a good source for your inserts? I normally scan boxes and create my own, but the quality isn't always the greatest. As for what I'm playing... Most recently, it has been Star Wars Arcade with my son. And my all-time Jag favorite NBA Jam TE myself. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  11. I am looking for a CIB Miner 2049er for ColecoVision, in good or better condition.
  12. Has the ColecoVision version of this game shipped? Should I have received mine already if I pre-ordered?
  13. This is great news, as there are a few games on your list that I have been unsuccessfully trying to locate. I'm ready to give Collectorvision (and others) my money, and am also waiting patiently for Asteroids and the controller!
  14. Got it thanks. I'm fairly new to the ColecoVision scene and don't always know who is who. But I have definitely ordered from Collector vision!
  15. I should probably know this, but what website would that be? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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