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  1. Yeah, I don't know. If I remember correctly, they were seemingly ready to release and then the guy just disappeared from the site and never came back. Hopefully everything is ok with him.
  2. When can we expect to find out what it means to be able to buy older, out of stock, games?
  3. This may be a longshot, but does anyone have a CIB Pac-Man Collection for ColecoVision that you would sell? Please send me a PM if you have one that you would consider letting go. Thanks!
  4. Sorry, wrong forum.
  5. I bought one of the white shells above and it has been sitting untouched in my closet ever since. Rather than having it go unused forever, does anyone want it at cost? Send me a PM if you would like it. Thanks!
  6. Am I understanding this correctly that pre-orders are available for ALL previous releases?
  7. I have a couple straight controller cords that I bought and would like to replace the spiral cords on 2 of my ColecoVision controllers. Is there anyone who would be willing to take that on as a small mod job? If so, please send me a PM with what you would charge. Thank you!
  8. I am selling a digital key for Phoenix Point, which is a brand new PC strategy game by the creator of X-COM. https://phoenixpoint.info/ I backed this project on Fig a couple years ago at the $50 Luxury Digital tier, which includes the game as a digital download and some additional in-game items. It was the equivalent of the Deluxe Edition, which is now selling for $59.99. Backer keys also receive the first year of DLC for free, so you will get that as well. I received my game key this morning, but the game is now an Epic Store exclusive. Since I don't use the Epic store, I am selling my key for $30. Send me a PM if you want it. Thanks!
  9. I keep forgetting I ordered this. It looks great though!
  10. Looks great! How easy is it to get ahold of the cover to remove it from the slot?
  11. Excellent choice on that #2 favorite game!
  12. I'm in the same boat, and I have decided the answer is an eventual yes, but I'm not in any rush to put my order in. I'll definitely pick one up later whenever I have some extra spending money.
  13. Eh, I would still like to see it. I have been on the fence about becoming an AA subscriber, and probably will at some point regardless, but I'd gladly kick in for a subscription if it will help get Tapatalk back. If not, I certainly understand though. I prefer browsing with Tapatalk, but I'm not sure it is important to enough people to pay that monthly fee.
  14. We were using a Pro Controller. I'll have to try to reproduce it myself, or pay more attention to what he is doing when/if it happens again, but both times was definitely after a game had ended and before a new game started. He pressed something that went to a black screen and we had to power the console off and back on.
  15. Has anyone else had crash issues with Star Wars? I played my cart for the first time last night and it crashed/froze to a black screen a couple times between games. My son was playing both times that it froze, and he is only 6 so it is hard telling what buttons he pressed, but are there any known issues?
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