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  1. Excellent choice on that #2 favorite game!
  2. I'm in the same boat, and I have decided the answer is an eventual yes, but I'm not in any rush to put my order in. I'll definitely pick one up later whenever I have some extra spending money.
  3. Eh, I would still like to see it. I have been on the fence about becoming an AA subscriber, and probably will at some point regardless, but I'd gladly kick in for a subscription if it will help get Tapatalk back. If not, I certainly understand though. I prefer browsing with Tapatalk, but I'm not sure it is important to enough people to pay that monthly fee.
  4. We were using a Pro Controller. I'll have to try to reproduce it myself, or pay more attention to what he is doing when/if it happens again, but both times was definitely after a game had ended and before a new game started. He pressed something that went to a black screen and we had to power the console off and back on.
  5. Has anyone else had crash issues with Star Wars? I played my cart for the first time last night and it crashed/froze to a black screen a couple times between games. My son was playing both times that it froze, and he is only 6 so it is hard telling what buttons he pressed, but are there any known issues?
  6. See this post. I had previously ordered some box protectors that were too tight. I followed the advice of this response and ordered the once from eBay seller https://www.ebay.com/usr/retroprotection?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 and they fit perfectly.
  7. Count me as another Tapatalk user. It would be disappointing for Tapatalk to no longer be supported here, but it would save me the 99 cents a month that I currently pay to Tapatalk for ad free browsing.
  8. I don't know if it could work on Jaguar, but I second 4D Boxing. I loved that playing that game on my old PC.
  9. Dumb question, but where is the subscribe option?
  10. You guys are killing me! These look awesome. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  11. Please PM me if you have one you would sell. Thanks!
  12. Has anyone had any luck with box protectors on the more recent Gaztee and AtariAge releases? The box dimensions are apparently off just enough that they won't fit in the standard SNES/Jaguar clear box protectors. If I really wanted to force the box in, I could probably do it, but I would never get it back out. Has anyone used anything that fits these boxes?
  13. Email sent! Does anyone know if there are any differences in the TMNT port from the one on NES?
  14. These look great and I ordered both! As a sidenote - It is getting really close to the point where I won't be able to keep up with buying all the Jaguar releases anymore. That isn't entirely a bad thing, but I like knowing that I have everything, so I'm doing my best to keep up. I'm definitely not complaining, since having more games available is good for everyone, but I never would have expected so many Jaguar carts still being released in 2019. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. Is that really New Old Stock though? Don't they basically manufacture the Telegames releases on demand?
  16. I am looking for a working ColecoVision console, with the power adapter and video cables. I already have 2 controllers, so with or without controllers is fine. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thank you!
  17. With Yurkie no longer offering modding services, is there anyone else doing the controller ball knob / cord straightening installs? Please reply here or PM me if you know someone who would be willing to mod a few controllers for me. Thanks!
  18. I found Thexder. Still looking for Quest for the Golden Chalice.
  19. I have sent a few questions by email using the link on the Collectorvision site, but have not received any response. Basically, I pre-ordered and paid for the system with the Sydney Hunter cart, but I meant to order the boxed version and would like to upgrade. How can I get in contact with someone to change my order? Thanks!
  20. I have been waiting for Star Wars. Really looking forward to these!
  21. I have noticed the same thing on both of my controllers. The keypad appears to have been a bit of an oversight and the buttons are very sticky. With that said, everything else feels top notch. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  22. I am looking for the following ColecoVision games by Pixelboy: Thexder Quest for the Golden Chalice Please PM me if you have one or both that you would be willing to sell. Thanks!
  23. I am new to the ColecoVision scene (after first experiencing it 30+ years ago at my grandparents' house) and I am interested in buying a few of the Pixelboy releases. Does anyone know if the games on the Pixelboy site are still being produced and are available to order somewhere? Or were they one-time releases that are no longer available for purchase? I am primarily interested in the following right now: Battle of Hoth Buck Rogers Super Game Quest for the Golden Chalice Thexder Wonder Boy Thanks!
  24. My order is in! Thanks for the heads up on Iron Soldier 2 as well. I have had the cart version for awhile, so never felt the need to buy the CD version, but the new lower pricing convinced me otherwise.
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