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  1. FM Towns: Raiden Densetsu - 30 min. Spent most of the week completing the story in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for the Xbox. I'm also redoing my computer room so I may not have any times for next week.
  2. Saturn: Grandia - 53 min. FM Towns: Raiden Densetsu - 60 min. Bubble Bobble - 20 min. I was playing the Saturn with a retro-bit wireless controller but one desk level drop to the ground broke it. Never got around to digging out the OEM controller. Did get the disc drive reliably working in my FM Town HR for the first time since owing it. Playing it on the floor of my office did suck a little. Oh the neck and back pain.
  3. Sega Saturn: Grandia - 330 min. Been plating mostly newer games over the last few years. I moved and never got the old stuff set back up to 100% until recently.
  4. Sega Saturn: Grandia - 687 min. Playing the English translation of Grandia Version 0.9.1. Beat the PlayStation version back in 2008 so I don't really remember that much of the game. I've enjoyed it so far.
  5. Two 3 row and one 2 row shelving unit. Designed for CD and DVD media also fit most box games. Also have one large all wood shelf and a lamp too. Pick up in Rocklin CA
  6. I would like a purple one with a yamaha.
  7. So, does that put you at 5 Xbox Ones you have owned? I remember seeing two unboxing videos from you. Both of them OG Xbox One. I'm at three systems. Bought the $400 kinectless version when it came out, funny enough on my birthday, replaced it with the blue Forza edition and then bought the X when it came out. I kept the Forza edition for collecting reasons.
  8. Final got around to installing the RGB board in my O2. Think I bought back in early 2017. Also found a nice silver 13 inch RGB monitor to go with it. The monitor is a Panasonic Ct-1300D. Did want to drill a hole in the case. Reused the RF hole.
  9. Best still has it listed on the website for $25. If it's sold out I didn't know. I own a oem Jag SCART cable (from Best) and the Retro Access cable is a better cable at $38. Paying $85 for one is not worth it but what you are asking makes more scene with that price for the cable.
  10. The SCART2X is $95 new and the the SCART cable is $25 new. So $80 for shipping, HDMI cable, and PSU? I would be interested in the SCART2X if you want to split it up.
  11. All consoles back then boasted their polygons/sec not polygon at a frame rate. If this was converted to polygons/sec it would equal 2.23 billion polygons/sec. Way more then the 360,000 polygons/sec of the PS1 and more than the PS2 and PS3.
  12. I'm ready to take on the task. Just send me your copy of Battlesphere Gold (For proof of completion) and I will send out this limited edition certificate of authenticity.
  13. How much height does the XM add to the 7800 with the cart in? I only have about 2.5 inches of room above the cart in my current setup.
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