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  1. Here's my collection. I would say 50% of it came from local stores closing out 3DO games in the 90's, 30% came from estarland, and the last 20% from eBay. The FZ-10 I bought new from Walmart in 96 and the FZ-1 I imported off of yahoo.jp at few years ago. Got it with the six button Hori controller which was the last hardware item I was looking for.
  2. The FZ-FV1A VCD Adapter adds a Save Manager to the FZ-1. It's not the cheapest way but the most convenient way that's if you don't mind plugging in the extra power brick it comes with.
  3. My dream would be another Atari arcade game redone by Jeff Minter like Battlezone, Centipede, Gauntlet, Major Havoc or whatever. Also on the same note I would also like some of the late 80's 3D arcade games, like S.T.U.N. Runner and Hard Drivin', on the system.
  4. It's not negativity but sarcasm and realism.
  5. You miss 100% of the open mouths you don't take
  6. Pin 2 of the 13 pin connector should be composite video and pin 1 is audio. Any Atari ST composite video cable should work with the French 7800.
  7. Pause the game and hit A, B , or C to bring up the volume controls for each of the sound levels.
  8. i think Atari SA is a pretty cool guy. eh kills consoles and doesn't afraid of anything.
  9. I always refer to X3 as Tempest 2000 - Lens Flare Edition
  10. Which s-video mod board do you have installed in your system?
  11. Lookin' good, can't wait to buy it, catalog it, encase it in carbonite and put it on my shelf to be forgotten about.
  12. Looking for one cheaper then $75 from Best Electronics. Also be willing to buy one that needs a re cap.
  13. I just wanted to save the rules for season 10 and saw that I have not update the date in a few years. So I updated it. I've handed off the Jag HSC to travistouchdown so look to him for any future updates.
  14. Season 10 Schedule: BASIC STRUCTURE OF THE JAGUAR HSC Rounds will last two weeks, starting and ending on Sundays. New players are welcome to join at any point! Only games with trackable scores will be played in the competition; Certain games that were a nuisance (like the scores appearing for only a split-second in Dino Dudes) have been left out completely. Season 10 begins on 6/26/17 and will last 12 rounds Players might be able to expect a bonus round. Much like our Ruiner Pinball Halloween Bonus Round from 2010 as well as the Reboot (Superfly DX/Downfall/Beebris) bonus round from 2011, this will be unannounced! Some incentive to play? Provided I am not a complete broke-ass at the end of the Season, I will be providing at least the first-place player with a gift of some kind. If I'm doing well at the moment, possibly the top three players. In Season 1, Austin handed out a few online gift certificates to the top three players; In Season 2, he provided the top winner with a CIB Jaguar game to add to his collection; In Season 3, he handed out a few common titles from my personal gaming collection to two of the top winners. I plain on keep it alive for future Season. RULES FOR PLAYERS Deadlines are firm (the Sunday night a round ends). However, that's not to say you shouldn't still submit a score if you miss the deadline. If you submit an entry after the round is over, you will still receive ONE participation point (the same amount of points as the lowest scoring players in any given round). For special bonus rounds, no participation points will be handed out if scores are not submitted by the deadline--these rounds are intended only for those who are constantly active in the Jaguar HSC. Any control method is fine. Custom Jag controllers (rotaries), Pro Controllers, and whatever else you can find are all fine. Anything goes as long as you're actually playing the game. Emulators ARE allowed, however, compatibility is rough at best at this point in time so it may be more trouble than it's worth (trust me!). Also, be sure to follow these basic rules if you decide to use emulation as a means of participation: A.) No save states; B.) No system-enhancing features (framerate or graphic enhancements that can boost or smooth the framerate); C.) If you find a game that runs much smoother an an emulator than original hardware, either figure out how to turn the boosting off, or use real hardware. Don't abuse bugs or farm points in any game. Abusing loopholes to get huge amounts of points without much work is unfair and against the rules Since we try to go on good faith here, screenshots are not necessary. However, it is still recommended you take a snapshot to ease any sort of doubt anyone may have. This is especially true if you manage a ridiculous, unbelievable score that the average person isn't likely to attain. I personally prefer that the highest scoring players include screenshots, and I reserve the right to disqualify a high score if things seem sketchy to me. THE SCORING SYSTEM For this Season , the method of scoring will be as following Player 1 scores 56,930; Player 2 scores 48,900; Player 3 scores 12,029; Player 5 scores 8,002; Player 6 scores 534; Player 1 receives 10 points; Player 2 receives 8 points; Player 3 receives 6 points; Player 4 receives 4 point; Player 5 receives 2 point; Player 6 receives 1 point; etc. TOP scoring players this season will not receive any extra points, as opposed to other season. With how the system is setup now, everything should even itself out throughout the course of the season. THE SET SCHEDULE FOR SEASON 10 Defender 2000 Pinball Fantasies Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Alien vs Predator Super Burnout Breakout 2000 downfall Wolfenstein 3D Raiden Rebooteroids Gauntlet (Atari ST Port) Tempest 2000 GAME MODES FOR SEASON 10 Defender 2000 (06/26) - Start from the very first level in 2000 mode (not Plus, and not Classic). Play until you Game Over Pinball Fantasies (7/10) - Set your game to use five balls, and on the easy setting (ball movement is slower/more floaty). Choose the Stones 'n Bones table, and submit your score when you game over. Extra balls ARE allowed. Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (7/24) - Start a new game from the beginning and play until you receive a Game Over. Alien vs Predator (8/7) - Start a game from the beginning, Choose the Predator and play until you Game Over. Super Burnout (8/21) - Go to the options menu. Select "Record Mode" and race on the "GERMANY" track and use the Reflex Z bike. Select any amount of laps you wish, and play as many times as you wish. Submit your best lap time when you feel you've obtained it. Breakout 2000 (9/4) - Start from the very first level in 2000 mode (not Classic). Play until you Game Over downfall (9/18) - Start a new game from the beginning and play until you receive a Game Over. Wolfenstein 3D (10/2) - Start on the first mission, first floor and play until third floor. Submit times for each of the 3 floors to be added together. Set to Normal setting with no codes. Submit time only if at least 75% of the enemy were killed and at least 50% of the Secret were found. Raiden (10/16) - Pick 8 credits mode and play until you receive a Game Over. Rebooteroids (10/30) - Start a new game from the beginning, pick Arcade (Single Player) and play until you receive a Game Over. Gauntlet (Atari ST Port) (11/13) - Start a new game from the beginning, pick Warrior(Single Player) and play until you receive a Game Over. Tempest 2000 (11/27) - Start from the very first web on Tempest 2000 mode (not Plus, and not Classic). Play until you Game Over.
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