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  1. Atari 400: Pacman - 30 min. My wife had an Atari 400 as her family computer as a kid and 5-6 years ago it went from her dad's house to ours. This week I finally got around to installing the 48k ram upgrade and Super Color CPU Card (UAV) in it. Found a Zenith ZVM-130 s-video monitor that kinda matches the system. The colors not 100% but it's good enough for me. Her father was a amateur carpenter so the 400 is mounted to a piece of wood.
  2. Sold Comes with Voultar and FirebrandX video/audio bypass boards. Never got around to installing them.
  3. Sega Saturn: Grandia - 104 min. Nintendo Virtual Boy: Wario Land - 262 min. Did end up going back and beating Final Fantasy X. Was at the last save point of the game but just could not beat the second form of "sin". Ended up grinding for around 4 hours and beat him with no problem. Only FF games I have to left beat are 2, 12 and 15. Not including mmorpg and direct sequel. Got a controller extension cord for the consolized Virtual Boy I built last year. Never got around to playing anything on it due to the short controller cable. Now I can be a whole 5 feet away for the system and it's great.
  4. Sony PlayStation: Final Fantasy IX - 345 min. Beat FF9 this week. By far the best Final Fantasy I've played recently. May move on to FFX as it another game I need to go back and finish. Also have Grandia that I started earlier this year to beat too.
  5. Sony PlayStation: Final Fantasy IX - 458 min. Was playing FF9 last year but got a little distracted with the new consoles. I'm on disk 4 now so I should finish it next week.
  6. MS-DOS: Screamer 2 - 12 min Windows 98: Destruction Derby 2 - 10 min Mechwarrior 2 - 430 min Need For Speed - 10 min SODA Off-Road Racing - 10 min Beat all of the Falcon/Wolf clan missions in the PowerVR version of MechWarrior 2. Got my hands on a Socket 4 133mhz Pentium Overdrive chip so I upgrade the Gateway P5-60 and installed a Matrox Mystique video card to go with it. Then tried out the Mystique version of Destruction Derby 2, Mechwarrior 2, and Screamer 2. Spent some time looking for the 1.0 version of Croc that supports the Mystique card but could only find the later DirectX/Voodoo version.
  7. SNES: Super Mario World - 15 mins. Windows 98: Mechwarrior 2 - 20 min. Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries - 70 min. Spent most of the week work on one of my old PCs. Windows 95 wouldn't boot with the video card drivers installed. Ended up just install a new hard and a fresh install of Windows 98.
  8. MS-DOS: Lemmings - 60 min. Windows 95: Mechwarrior 2 - 60 min. If you reallly like tracking games separately this is the Power VR version of Mechwarrior 2. It requires a video card with the PCX1/PCX2 video chip to play. It's also one of the better looking version of the game.
  9. Atari STe: Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge STe - 20 min PC Windows 95: The Need for Speed - 20 min. Sega Saturn: Virtua Racing - 30 min. Played the new port of Lotus Esprit to the STe. Also replaced the L/R switches for the Saturn retro-bit wireless controller that broke a few months ago. May go back to playing Grandia next week.
  10. Atari Jaguar: NBA Jam TE - 30 mins DOS PC: Mechwarrior 2 - 15 mins She blamed it on the layout of the buttons. To her the spin jump was in the same place as the NES controller jump.
  11. Has anyone try the cart on a Jaguar with a BJL Mod? It works on my stock console but not the BJL console. It freezes on the BJL menu after selecting boot cart.
  12. Arcade: Raiden - 80 mins. Jaguar: Iron Soldier - 20 mins. Raiden - 30 mins. SNES: Super Mario World - 60 mins. Watched my wife play Mario 3 last week better then I've ever played it. This week we played Super Mario World together and it was like she never played a video game before. You would think the skills would transfer.
  13. I wouldn't mind having it if Star raider decides to not take it.

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