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  1. It also required you to buy a separate console after a short period of time.
  2. iswitt

    DOOM Eternal

    Not only was the 2016 version an awesome game, but it had an awesome soundtrack, too. If the upcoming game's music is anything like 2016's, it's going to be intense as hell.
  3. BUMP - Really don't want to see this stuff get recycled.
  4. Hello, gamers. I was digging through some old stuff recently and unearthed the containment box for the expansion of the PC game Diablo II. I have the outer box, the inner containment box, the manual for the expansion, the manual for the original game and some other paperwork. I have no idea what happened to the discs. Not wanting to throw out some cool looking stuff, I thought maybe someone on here would be interested. All I ask is that you pay the shipping, which should be media mail rate since I can count the manuals as books. Here are some photo links: Cover Interior cover Back cover Manuals Other Stuff Here's my feedback thread.
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