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  1. Just watched Uncle Buck for the first time in years. John Candy was truly a gem.

    1. Shawn


      Yep, that movie is a classic. 

    2. JacobZu7zu7


      "Are you crazy?!" ... I can be. 🤣



    This isn't even politics anymore.. this is survival.

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    2. adam242


      Thank you, Joe and Rogue.. I'm amazed this wasn't taken down by the admins. Please share and spread the unpopular truth.

    3. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Agreed, hopefully everyone is coming around, or at the very least opening to listening....

    4. ProperRogue


      Check out The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon by Rudyard Kipling. It reminds me of what's happening currently, and just how many of our good people are getting rightfully tired of the same old bullshit! One can only poke a bear for so long before all holy hell breaks loose!

  3. @atarixle My sincere condolences... I know how much a little furball can mean! Last January we lost a friend to a speeding car. A neighborhood cat who was friends with everyone on the block, human or feline. She would come running every time I came home and follow me into the house after work to meet my indoor cats. Also looked after stray and feral kittens. They are precious friends!
  4. She was so pretty, she made Charlize Theron look like a big, fat slobbering pig.

    1. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      Don't Download This Song's good too!

    2. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      They'll sue you if you burn, that, CD-R
      It doesn't matter if you're a grandma
      Or a seven-year old girl
      They'll treat you like the evil hard-bitten criminal scum you are

  5. "tightened that bad sucka 'side the runway like a motha" RIP all the old, un-PC movies of our childhoods. Things were better, in the past.


    Not woke!

    1. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Airplane II, in the court room!

    2. adam242


      Bro was ON!

    3. SlidellMan


      I would rather take fifty of The Underground Comedy Movie, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, Poultrygeist, or the Ungovernable Films' filmography over PC-friendly crap any day. In fact, I'm working on an un-PC comedy film that can be best summarized as Love at Stake + Date With an Angel + Newgrounds' brand of raw and crude. (Pre-Legendary-Frog-and-Eddsworld Newgrounds, I might add.)

  6. I have a KD-34XS955 in my living room. Those last-gasp-of-the-CRTs are amazing.. HD, every input you can think of. My brother-in-law paid $3500 for this beast new in 2006, literally couldn't give it away five years later (except to me).
  7. Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang!

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    2. Kiwi



    3. adam242


      Was hoping to find a few Who fans.




    4. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      Nah not in the main. Loved the soundtrack to McVicar though...

  8. I *loved* K-Power as a kid.. had all 8 issues and regrettably set them at the curb in a move years ago, along with several years of Family Computing.
  9. It wasn't Elvis, sorry... Chuck Berry single-handedly invented Rock-N-Roll!

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    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      are you even slightly cognizant of reality here, indentured English, Scottish, Irish, German folk were all essentially slaves and in fact some were owned by black men... You might want to look up who the first person to win in court the right to own a man indefinitely...The first legal slave owner in America was black and he owned white slaves as well as some black slaves. Anthony Johnson was an Angolan who achieved freedom in the early 17th century Colony of Virginia. Johnson was captured in his native Angola by an enemy tribe and enslaved, then was sold as a slave. Black slavery of other black people was thousands of years old at that time. He gained his freedom in America and became a wealthy slave owner himself. Gospel singing as we know it was not exactly a slave musical form either. You have some of your information correct but it's riddled with inaccuracy. While some of the oral traditions and music of the English and Scottish were indeed appropriated by some of slaves of color... they actually interacted just as if you or I or anybody would in those situations. You appear ignorant of the fact that many of these people couldn't speak the same language just like today... I can't speak German, Spanish or Afrikaans(which many don't realize is West German).  You can't conflate field songs and plantation songs in with gospel this way either. In the black culture of the first half of the 20th century, gospel music was considered antithetical to blues and jazz. It wasn't until much later that the Protestant hymns influenced the groups that hung out after normal service to do call and answer sessions and started putting that into song. There are massive books and volumes on all of this stuff, sadly none of it is taught in most school today. I was fortunate enough to learn some of it from 3 sources who had the material to back it up. Two of these people hold Doctorates in Ecclesiastical history (one is white the other is black) and the third one is my sister who was doing a deep dive into her roots, as she is bi-racial. You did ok, but that ending was terrible. Please stop reading musical conjecture written by people with strong feeling and opinions... and start reading actual historical records, books, and even check out some photographs/drawings across these periods of time. What really should wake you up is the influence Native American Indians had on their slaves (of all colors), as well as the music, traditions, beats and sounds that came from being with the natives. You might find it interesting that there were collaborations of drums and rhythms using sounds and noises to make song possible that all were able to do and enjoy together at certain times.

    3. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      'Doctor' this is the problem with the internet, you read what I put, substituted what you wanted it to say so you could rant about Slaves and your misguided belief in White slaves. White slaves DID exist.

      In Rome and Greece and indeed Egypt.


      How on earth you have a doctorate I have no idea. I feel for your 'customers', I won't say 'patients'. More Doc Brown's Snake Oil than Dr Quinn Medicine Woman!


      • I've been researching the history of music and the various genres for 30 years so I do know a lot about this subject, unlike you Wikipedia is not my 'go-to' source of information.
      • I was not talking about these so called non existent 'White' slaves.
      • The English and Scots that came to America that I am talking about were free people who settled in the Appalachian Mountains and continued along these lines to the present day. The Ritchie family being a prime example.
      • The songs they took with them were about inequality, hard times and suffering. (sound familiar).
      • Elsewhere Slaves (Black) were brought to America on British ships where Working Songs and Sea Shanties were heard by the Slaves and sung. They didn't appropriate anything.
      • Slaves sang Work Songs and Spirituals about God and Faith, in part as way of coping and hoping that things would change.
      • The freed slaves continued the cycle of teaching songs orally. Don't forget the poor English, Scots and Slaves had no access to education and were Illiterate. These people overlapped in where they lives, what their tough circumstances were, forms merged, One branched off and became Greengrass, Country and Western, Hillbilly music and the Other became what we know to be 'The Blues'.
      • Blues evolved into R & B, with lyrical subjects becoming far more diverse and positive in nature. White people appropriated the Blues and as a form and it became palatable to the mainly racist white audiences used to the draconian and down right disgusting segregation, not only in life but in entertainment which still lingers on today.
      • So much like most of the best and important things in the world today, the Brits part invented 'The Blues', no wonder so many of us, both White and Black are amazing Blues musicians.
      • Afrikaans descends like Old English from historical Germanic languages, yes, but it is mostly Dutch.
      • You should read more books and less Wikipedia.

      Great apologies for this Adam. I had to say my bit. Sorry for derailing your very valid assertion that Elvis was just the face of Rock and Roll, he wasn't the 'Soul' of Rock and Roll.

    4. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      funny how you now say almost what I was saying in small degrees and then qualify everything referring only to what you wish to assert. Ah that explains it, only what you believe is valid. Nothing I said is from a wiki... but if they have any information that coincides on or from a wiki of any kind perhaps someone did a little research and included it there. I provided personal information that maybe I shouldn't have, but perhaps you didn't read it any way. It's clear that people picking up stuff in their day to day lives and appropriating each others culture in the process is some kind of hot button issue for you. If you are so versed in everything you'd know better than to take such issue with it. You made this about what you want to believe and only consider the tiniest sliver of what you want to know and believe. You don't want to know about the majority of it. I find what you say offensive on so many levels. The majority of slaves were not permitted to drum out any kind of rhythm for fear they were secretly communicating through the practice. You would know that if you did your research. The American Indians did not follow that strict policy and allowed their slaves to drum. The southern plantations held the no drum policy as if it were law.  The songs of the underground rail road where more of an influence as lives were at stake and songs were sung to with directions and information encoded and the words contained were often sung to hymns or known field songs, not only due to illiteracy (for all involved of color or not, lot's of whites couldn't read or write either), but also because there would be no paper trail to allow anything to be found jeopardizing their routes, who, where they were going.

      You will continue asserting whatever you want. You appear to have an agenda. Too bad. I sure hope this changes before you publish anything. You come off as racist to me, as does much of your posting. I asserted neither were (neither elvis nor berry). I included information from some court records about certain things, you might actually look at some court records, and other sources of information. Swami knew rock and roll was a term long before Berry had anything to do with it, as do many others. White slaves existed in the United States and you seem to not want to know that. Cultures were mixing long before what happened here. You seem to slightly acknowledge what I say then go as hard as you can against it. This is common with ideologues such as yourself. So accept that people were highly influential in music, might be considered fathers of this or that and played with people of all colors and backgrounds, stop making it all black vs white and political. There are plenty of black people playing Rock & Roll music, and you claiming Rock & Roll is only R&B played by white guys is racial and offensive. What you say offends my sensibilities. Repeated posting the same cut and paste thing doesn't make it any more a completely true item either. It's pretty clear by how forcefully you came at all of this in your writing that you have a big chip on your shoulder. God forbid we acknowledge the suffering and song of all people who lived and worked as well as slaved together. Had children together. Made music together. Music is one of the areas where very little segregation existed and you seam bent on making even that divisive.

  10. He was the 'Lizard King'.. He could do anything.. except have a 28th birthday!😀
  11. Do you sing like Olive Oyl on purpose?

    You guys must be into The Eurythmics!


    I don't want to live in this world anymore...

    1. CPUWIZ


      Oyl?  Never had that.

    2. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      ? what's this all about... ?

  12. Wow. Comes pre-damaged, no need to worry about what will happen in transit!


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DoctorSpuds


      Ew... Just... It might be alive

    3. Swami


      "item is not guaranteed to work" :lolblue:

    4. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      people are literally selling anything retro. Looks like it's been at the bottom of a pond for 30 years.

  13. Anyone else excited about the Intellivision Amico? Looks perfect to me... 2600 gameplay with updated graphics! Pre-ordered mine...

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      Got an email today from Intellivision Amico saying they've hired J Allard to be part of the team.  It was a super long email talking about his history (co founder of Xbox Live Arcade among other things I love).  And while the guy seems great and this is good news...it still doesn't answer the main criticism.  A Cellphone looking controller and system that's family friendly, with possible shovelware type games from like the later years of the Wii, for the price of a "real" console? I really, really hope there's more to it because I do want this to work and be great.  They just seem to be avoiding the question "what are the killer games?", and are just selling a brand right now.

    3. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      I think every one of us has paid for a game system off the back of a game we really wanted to play on it. Systems live and die on the strength of the games and the amount of quality titles available. With these Mini systems I mostly buy them as a payback on having the whole selection in my Mame+ upright arcade machines but I'd hesitate to buy a new 'retro' system if there wasn't a major game I wanted to play on it first.

    4. adam242


      @∞ Vince ∞


      Bought my GameCube just to play Super Mario Sunshine!

  14. Still have Open Pit and A1 Steak Sauce here... living life with my amazing girlfriend.

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    2. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      Strictly speaking though, you don't even need a BBQ, you can cook most of it in the oven if like me you're in lockdown. 


      Sometimes much easier to do that, because you can assure it is all fully cooked.


      My uncle used to love having them but you would have part of a sausage raw and the rest burnt to death.


      Youngsters wonder why our generation, kids who came through the 80s, are more robust and a bit tougher, we've had food poisoning a fair few times.

      We've cut our legs open running too close to a sharp wall. We've fallen from trees. We've actually been punched in the face and got up afterwards.

    3. adam242


      80s were the best time to be alive. I personally prefer '84-'87. Would give anything to go to sleep on 31 December '89 and wake up on New Year's Day '80... just live it on a loop..

    4. ∞ Vince ∞

      ∞ Vince ∞

      Yeah. I would just have turned 11, on jumpback day, but for various reasons I agree with you 100%.

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