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    All 8-bit Atari machines - 2600,5200,7800,800/XL/XE.

    Other 8-bit machines, especially oddballs like the Commodore Plus 4.

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    European and Japanese cars from the 70s - 90s.

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    I love my five cats and kittens! We miss Annie (RIP 2016) very much. Still trying to re-home the ferals we've been nurturing since spring.
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  1. That's a shame. It looks awfully similar to Man Goes Down for the 2600, which is quite excellent.
  2. Plays fine on my PAL ANTIC-swapped Incognito 800 in XE mode. Great game! Count me in for a boxed (hopefully cartridge) release too.
  3. Bought both of those last year but I haven't gotten around to installing in one of my 400s. Some day...
  4. THIS^ It works nearly all the time, unless the programmer chooses to check the internal PAL register and abort the program, usually with some obnoxious "No game for you!" message. Code your game, demo, whatever.. optimize it for PAL if you wish, but please don't code it to not even TRY to run on an NTSC or ANTIC-swapped Atari. I'm not asking for NTSC palette optimization or anything like that. Just let it do what it's going to do without artificially crashing.
  5. You are correct, I was a bit hasty. The gem graphics sometimes get corrupted under NTSC but not NTSC-50. I did not attempt to modify any game code, only bypass the PAL flag check so the game could at least TRY to run on non-PAL machines. The $D014 check "No game for you!" approach irks me greatly. The 'hack' was very simple. I merely replaced all (three) instances of LDA $D014 with LDA #$00. Same technique I used in this thread.
  6. Here's a modified version which bypasses the PAL flag check. Not tested on real hardware yet, but works fine in Altirra (both NTSC-50 and straight NTSC). Fantastic game! No disrespect to original programmers. Albert (no PAL check).xex
  7. Here we go again... another game that would probably run just fine on a NSTC-50 (PAL ANTIC swapped) machine, but the software checks $D014 and aborts. Very frustrating.
  8. My significant other not only supports my Atari hobby but she also actively takes part. We have an XEGS on our coffee table and are currently working our way through ADAM Is Me and Laura together. I'm a lucky man.
  9. I'd like to see this with UAV built in, 1meg RAM, and a socket for second POKEY stereo. I'd buy at least one.
  10. AtariBlast! is a pretty good argument for extended memory. Video. As a fellow gamer, this is very convincing. This might be your 'killer app', pixelmischief.
  11. Nah, they actually boxed it. Just cheaped out on the shipping. Took forever to arrive.
  12. The flap was sealed and it was clearly cut open. Surprised that they made no attempt to tape it shut. I figured it was something to do with shipping price. Here is the US we have a less-expensive service called Media Mail with similar restrictions. People abuse it all the time. An eBay seller once sent me a car stereo at Media Mail rate. Thank you again! It is truly exciting to peruse a printed magazine and new software on legacy media in 2021!
  13. I also received #143 today, same date stamp as Stephen's. Oddly my envelope was fully open (customs?) but the magazine and disk were both present. Thanks! Now all I just need to learn to read German. And Polish while I'm at it.
  14. Recently joined member here... Just received #141 along with my membership card today in the US. I've had #142 along with Special Mag #52 for quite a while.. before the software competition ended. No #143 yet.
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