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    Other 8-bit machines, especially oddballs like the Commodore Plus 4.
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    I love my two cats! Miss the third like hell.. RIP Annie.
    Baseball. Tigers are making it painful this year...
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  1. This is that cartridge case intended for Commodore 64s, that doesn't fit the 1200XL or 800, isn't it?
  2. There are a few.. Parsec is a great Defender-style shooter (that has since been ported to the A8).. Ambulance, Blasto, Microsurgeon are good ones too.. Nothing I would call "killer" but good. Still pick the Atari 8-bit any day.
  3. I have some for sale.. see this post.
  4. Waka waka doo doo yeah!

    1. digdugnate


      did you go to Albuquerque?

    2. Wally1


      poppin' her fingers and shufflin' her feet!


  5. Agreed. This is exactly what I meant. The population of these hybrid machines is large enough (and growing, especially if the Antix board is released) that they should be taken into account. Simply aborting the program based on the $D014 register denies a lot of us the ability to enjoy software on a machine that is perfectly capable of running it. Oh well, not trying to hijack this thread. Back to enjoying this very nice piece of work! In emulation, for the time being...
  6. I really wish programmers would PLEASE stop doing this. PAL software would run just fine on ANTIC-swapped machines that still appear to be NSTC at $D014.
  7. Those days go by, and we all start again...

  8. A 600XL and 1010 tape drive.. my system 'back in the day'.. love it!
  9. Changed my avatar for my annual tribute to my cat Annie. It's been three years today since she left.

  10. You've done so much for this community.. sent a little help. Consider it a 'thank you' for the last few years of ABBUC games.
  11. Who doesn't love sloppy Joes every now and then? Girlfriend is an amazing chef, but sometimes you just have to go basic, simple..

  12. I have duplicate copies of Compute!'s 1st, 2nd and 3rd books of Atari, 1st and 2nd books of Atari Graphics, and Mapping The Atari. Been meaning to list them on eBay but I'd rather sell direct to a fellow AA member.. PM me if interested and I'm sure we can make a deal.
  13. Could be an aftermarket or custom ROM. Check your OS cart.
  14. ANOTHER 600XL. This is four for me.. one boxed.. My first Atari back in the day. Remember going to Toys R Us with my dad to pick it out... So it's near and dear to me.
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