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    Other 8-bit machines, especially oddballs like the Commodore Plus 4.
    Nintendo NES, Gamecube, Wii
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    I love my two cats! Miss the third like hell.. RIP Annie.
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  1. 1. There are several highly-rated classics I've never bothered with, such as MULE, Seven Cities, and Koronis Rift. Modern front - I hate to admit it, but I only checked out the excellent Stunt Car Racer very briefly. 2. It's a little embarrassing to say at age 45, I still enjoy Ducks Ahoy. 3. I don't get the near-universal love of Alternate Reality - the City beyond the intro/ opening credits/ theme song. The graphics are very nice for those who enjoy color gradients, and there are some nice sound effects. But overall I find the game clunky and waaayyy too slow. A bit of an overreach for an 8-bit machine.
  2. Ho Lee Fu*! This looks AMAZING.
  3. Nicely done! I will enjoy browsing through these...
  4. These two points really resonate with me... Point 1 is how I ended up with six 800s, three 400s etc.. And I'm very guilty of #2, as well. I'll upgrade to a boxed version of some cartridge or other, then not get around to selling the loose copy. Oh well, at least now I'm lucky enough to have two Powerstars.
  5. There was a thread here a while back that details the process. Also, I have a junk 800 keyboard, but it's a Hi-Tek. Not sure if the contacts would be usable in a Stackpole.
  6. I have a beige-case 99/4a you can have for the cost of shipping if you like. Or just the motherboard. Or just the chips. It's been collecting dust for years and I'd like to see it be useful to someone.
  7. When O'Reilly Auto sells you a "three year" battery, they mean it! I just replaced one that died today. It was purchased on 6/19/16.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. save2600


      Add distilled water...

    3. GoldLeader


      Crazy!   I'm thinking my last battery lasted on and on and I finally replaced it...Guess I don't remember specifics.

    4. Albert


      In the past two decades I've definitely replaced OEM batteries that pretty much died exactly after three years.

  8. That's not a bad deal.. if I didn't already have three 400s (one in the box), I'd probably be all over it.
  9. I really need to buy an old Triumph Spitfire.

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    2. jd_1138


      Those old British cars are pretty cool. My dad would buy them a lot -- mostly MG Midgets and Austin Sprites.

    3. SlidellMan


      My dad used to own a bunch of MGBs. I wouldn't mind owning an '80-'04 Lotus Esprit or a TVR.

    4. adam242


      @S1500: if the price and condition were right, and you lived close enough I'd feel confident driving it home, we might make this work.

  10. To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to all of life's problems!

    1. CPUWIZ


      Spelled wrong, "lies problems". :P


    2. GoldLeader


      Hear hear! (D'Oh!)

    3. Flojomojo


      Mmmm beer. There's a temporary solution.

  11. I've owned two non-working SX-64s with the same blank screen. Both had bad PLA chips. Attached is a document I've found helpful troubleshooting and repair. sx64.txt
  12. 80s movie babes: Julia Montgomery, Kimberly Foster or Deborah Foreman?

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    2. Wally1


      Kelly Lebrock

    3. doctorclu


      Hmmm... tried to choose one of the three. Julia Montgomery was the best one to me.

    4. doctorclu


      My all time favorite... Monique Gabrielle.

  13. Fun colorful game, uncommon if not truly rare. i paid $75 for a copy a few years back.
  14. We're all living in Amerika.. it's wunderbar!

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    2. CPUWIZ


      Off topic: A friend of mine, owned a bar in Chicago, called Wunderbar. Which is a German word.


    3. Nuclear Pacman
    4. GoldLeader


      Great song!

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