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  1. I'm hoping either @reifsnyderb offers boards with the SMD components installed (like santosp did with the XE remake) or authorizes someone else to do so. @MacRorie perhaps? I can't do SMD either, but I am almost literally drooling at the prospect of a re-imagined 600XL joining my remade XE that I built.
  2. Nicely done. I really enjoy Yahtzee and this is a fine version. Two suggestions.. I'm used to selecting the dice I want to keep, and I've mistakenly discarded dice several times with this version. A toggle for keep/ re-roll would be welcome. And it would be cool if the figure could be a little animated ala APX's Yahtman.
  3. Exactly, I was not suggesting some kind of video discrimination.. I understand that a stock NTSC system is simply incapable of running some PAL games. But that chip swap renders many games playable (including the file version of Albert). There are games that do check the hardware and abort, I was simply hoping the cart release isn't one of them.
  4. Will this be 'enforced' with a check of the PAL hardware flag at $D014 and abort the game? Or will it be allowed to run on hybrid (NTSC GTIA/ PAL ANTIC) machines?
  5. I cannot believe the speed with which this project is progressing! All the revisions made and suggestions/ requests incorporated.. Very well done, @reifsnyderb! I will definitely be a supporter! though I will probably wait for the 600XL version..
  6. Ah, the BREAK key. How appropriate!
  7. I'm enjoying this one a lot.. should have placed higher than 4th!
  8. Another vote for the standard 7-pin DIN power connector. Most of us already have one (several?) and modern USB adapter cables are readily available for those who don't. Plus, the hole in the case is already the correct size for this plug. The aforementioned XE remake board offered solder holes for both the 7-pin and barrel power jacks. Perhaps you could implement something similar?
  9. Yes, exactly. It's native homepage: https://www.atarimax.com/warpos/documentation/
  10. A breakout header pin for PB7 would be appreciated... As well as pins for the console keys (start, select, option, reset). Utilized by the Atarimax Warp OS upgrade, one of my favorites.
  11. I would be happy to donate (or at least lend) a 600XL to help facilitate development of that replacement board.
  12. This looks and plays fantastic! One of the best classic Activision games that didn't get the proper 7800 treatment. Very well done!
  13. It would be pretty sweet to make all this fit into the smaller footprint of a 600XL... looks like there's plenty of open space on the board to allow for further size reduction. Just saying..
  14. Width of the 'vents' is 4-3/16". Rear edge to front edge of cart/ RAM cover is 6" even.
  15. Well, it is coming from Egypt...
  16. Outstanding timing on the release.. I just happen to have next week off of work! 😀 THANK YOU to @rensoup and the entire team for their hard work, dedication to the project, and for seeing it thru to fruition! An absolute high-water mark for the Atari 8-bit.
  17. Sweet framed Getaway! map, @Allan!
  18. Always liked this one.. XMASTRE2.ATR
  19. I was shocked to see the 600XL and 800XL having different lengths, so I went and checked mine. Both are 15 inches (38.1 cm) on the nose.
  20. The 400 is an interesting beast.. 13.125" wide at the rear, 13.5" wide at front. 11.375" length. 600XL is 15" x 6.625". XEGS console is 12.75" x 8.125" XEGS keyboard is 13.75" x 6" Sorry, my tape measure is inches.
  21. Van Hagar does not count as Van Halen. I do not recognize Van Hagar the same way Palestinians do not recognise Israel.
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