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  1. That's not a bad idea.. The motherboard in question already accepts standard EPROMs and EEPROMS, so this should be even easier to implement.
  2. Is there anyone approved in the US that would be willing and able to perform this operation for me? @Stephen perhaps?
  3. So, just to be clear: Is it just something I can not do at home, or is it impossible to update a 111M02SC?
  4. So an M02 can't be updated?? I don't see any 02 files.
  5. Is it possible to set Altirra BASIC to run at regular Atari BASIC rev C speed? I would LOVE to burn an EPROM with Altirra BASIC in my XE remake but not if my favorite BASIC games will become unplayably fast..
  6. Thank you. Just one more question - my PokeyMax has a 10M02.. can I use the M04 stereo covox core file?
  7. Where can I find instructions/ schematics for making this adapter? What is your web address, please?
  8. Hmmm... it is awfully tempting to order a v3 (with quad POKEY, stereo SID, etc) for this 'perfect Atari' and just install my v2 in a different machine.
  9. Cool. So flashing with v1.21 should make my TransKey happy? Also, my PokeyMax is model 111MO2SC, so I cannot use the .xex flash tool. Would this USB Blaster be up to the task? This project is really forcing me to update my electronics tools. And skills.
  10. Just taking a moment to show off my completed build.. I chose to outfit my board with the Atarimax 32-in-1 Warp OS module for speed and 800 compatibility, as well as a POKEYmax for stereo sound. Both upgrades were greatly simplified by santosp including so many thoughtfully labelled breakout points. Audio out is available on both the enhanced 8-pin monitor port and a 3.5mm phone jack. Yes, that is a light-grey Lego 2x4 tile used to block off the RF and channel-select switch holes, and to provide a mounting surface for the stereo phone jack. All wrapped up in a very clean case and keyboard I set aside for this project. Finishing touch is an 'XE-touch' keyboard upgrade from Best Electronics. Anyone who hasn't experienced this yet, it is an absolute revelation. Unfortunately, I did not know that POKEYmax and TransKey II don't get along with each other, so for now the PS2 keyboard jack is useless. I have searched the forums for a solution to this but have not found one. Thank you, @santosp for creating this board! I have now been able to build the 'perfect-for-me' 130XE I've always wanted. Shout-out to @Stephen for programming the TK2 PIC for me. Works great with a genuine POKEY. Hopefully I can get POKEYmax to cooperate.
  11. Somebody's been playing Quarrion.. 🤨
  12. After purchasing a TL866ii just for this project and successfully flashing the memory GAL and BASIC ROM, I was very disappointed to find this device won't program the PIC for the TransKey II expansion. If anyone here is able and willing to program this chip for me (I'll gladly pay for your time and return postage), please PM me.
  13. I don't see where to log in on the new website.. and I think I may have accidentally let my membership lapse. How do I correct this?
  14. I remember seeing the pictures of the cart and box, but I never saw a preorder/ order thread. Are copies still available?
  15. When is this masterpiece of a game going to see a cartridge release?
  16. Progress! I suspected a bad FREDDIE since this was the only donor chip I could not test. A replacement from Best Electronics was ordered and my board now boots up as it should! My stock video is quite blurry, similar to what @Santyago is experiencing, but UAV is nice and crisp, so I'm not going to worry about it. After testing with jumpers in U34 socket at first, I have now flashed my GAL and installed the memory expansion. All is still happy.
  17. I've left the memory upgrade out for now because I do not have a programmer for the GAL (or the PIC, or the BASIC ROM) yet. I have the chips. Hoping to get this up and running in its most basic form first. I have not tried UAV, and there is no sound at this point. Thank you for your help!
  18. The blue box in the second picture is probably a homemade SIO2PC device. Used to connect an Atari to a serial port on a PC running APE or similar software. Allows for file transfer, use of the PC's printers, and more.
  19. I have also tried this, no change to my board. I have re-verified all the salvaged chips (except FREDDIE, might order one). My RAM chips are KM41464AP-12, not -10 as suggested. Could this be my issue? @Dropcheck Did you ever get your board functional? Did you end up using a crystal, or make the oscillator work?
  20. If I were in your shoes, I would keep an 800 and an 800XL. Depending on your nostalgic memories, of course.. Strictly practically, an 800 with Incognito upgrade, if that's within your wheelhouse.
  21. Games highlited in blue will only work on the 400/800... Games in orange will work on any machine with at least 48K.. Games in red require an XL or XE with at least 64K. The rest should be good on any A8 with at least 16K. It's late and I've had a few drinks... Take this with a grain of salt and please, other members correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. Thank you for the quick response.. Same results with those two jumpers added.
  23. Okay, reaching out for a little troubleshooting help. My first power-on was less than successful. My board is currently missing the four passives in the lower left corner (I'm using an oscillator instead of crystal) and the 14 components omitted for NTSC. I have not yet installed the TK-II chip, the three chips for the memory expansion, or the BASIC ROM. Video config is for standard. When I first powered on, I was greeted with this screen: I reseated all the chips, and realized I had accidentally placed the unneeded LS74 where the LS08 belongs. I corrected this and gave the board a once-over for solder bridges, etc.. It now powers on to a blank white screen. Could I have done damage having the incorrect chip in U18 initially? Any suggestions would be most welcome, my troubleshooting skills are not particularly strong. All the Atari VLSI chips were verified working, except for FREDDIE, which I was unable to test. Crossing my fingers for him! EDIT: added picture of my board's current state:
  24. My copy had the exceptionally good timing of arriving today, my birthday! Will be making time to enjoy it this evening. I too have just barely tried the game in emulation to wait for the real deal. Postmark was the 9th... nine days is perfectly reasonable international shipping time, especially for only US$7.
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