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  1. Had a dream last night where there were $5.99 Atari 2600 games that I've never seen before at a department store. Totally realistic and detailed. Of course, all details about the games left my mind as soon as I woke up.

  2. Hot dog and a Coke at Costco for $1.50. Is there any better lunch anywhere? No, there isn't.

  3. You're killin' me Smalls! Spent $900 this week on my cat. :-(

  4. Which decade had the ugliest cars?

  5. R.I.P. Paul Bearer

  6. 5200 Centipede arrived in mail today. Surprise -- it is different than the 8-bit version. Much better! Fast and really difficult.

  7. Thinking about getting a disk drive for my XEGS as my next Atari purchase. Any must have disk games that folks can recommend?

  8. Finally I get a sweet deal. Commodore Plus/4 $15 CIB :)

  9. The beta version of my latest Facebook game Candy Mahjong is online. Please check it out here: http://apps.facebook.com/candymahjong

  10. Had lunch with my girlfriend at National Coney yesterday and the bill came to $17.02, which made me smile. I'm officially a geek.

  11. about to heat up some White Castle burgers and watch some AVGN episodes LOL....

  12. It's official! My family now has a cat. We picked her up from a local shelter yesterday. I haven't had any pets since I was a kid and was not looking to get one anytime soon either. So much for that idea.

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