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  1. I purchased an Atari 130XE Remake motherboard from santosp and couldn't be happier. The board is very high quality, was packaged well and was shipped promptly. In addition, the surface-mount soldering (I requested that those components be pre-installed) appears very professional. Please do not hesitate to purchase anything from him. Great deal all around.
  2. My board arrived today! Time to get to work. This is the largest project of it's kind that I've taken on. Can anyone recommend an order of assembly? I was thinking I'd start with all the low-profile passives, then the IC sockets and taller caps, then the larger connectors and switches. Also, are there any components that can/ should be omitted if using an oscillator instead of the crystal?
  3. AtariMax CAR image works perfectly on my Ultimate Cart in my 800.
  4. Continuing to pare down the collection, and I'd like to offer these to my fellow AtariAgers before hitting eBay. All books are in 'good' to 'very good' condition. Please post or PM with offers or picture requests. From Compute! Books: First Book of Atari Second Book of Atari Third Book of Atari First Book of Atari Graphics Second Book of Atari Graphics Mapping the Atari (first edition, does not include XL XE appendices) First Book of Atari Games The Atari BASIC Source Book First Book of Apple Beginner's Guide to Assembly Language on the TI-99/4A Beginner's Guide to Assembly Language on the IBM PC & PCjr Commodore 64 User's Guide VIC-20 Programmer's Reference Guide PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide 2nd Edition Your Commodore 128 Programmer's Problem Solver for the IBM PC, XT & AT Technical Introduction to the Apple IIGS 6502 Assembly Language Subroutines (Leventhal/ Saville) 6502 Software Design (Leo Scanlon)
  5. Just Like Heaven by The Cure.
  6. Excellent choice of song! But how is that 800 "fully restored" when it is obviously missing the cartridge slots' aluminum RF shield???
  7. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Just downloaded to check it out, and I will almost certainly be purchasing a physical copy when available. Love me some old Infocom sci-fi adventures.
  8. Most excellent news! Really psyched for this.
  9. Another Florida douchebag. Been proving it to us for months.
  10. interesting stuff, I guess.. but I still fail to see how this thread demonstrates how "eBay is your servant"
  11. Not sure.. I don't live in Lansing and I've never actually attended a CHAOS meeting. I just like the name, and they did put on a three-day event at a hotel more in my neck of the woods that was a great time.
  12. #144 arrived in suburban Detroit today. Envelope split on one side (appears to be wear-thru, not cutting) but magazine looks great! I've gotta learn to read German. Disk has no apparent physical damage but will not load... starts giving BOOT ERROR after a few sectors. Tried two different drives, same result. No need to send a replacement, though. I will format and rewrite it when I can download the .ATR file.
  13. Recently made a sale to @x=usr(1536). We struck a fair deal, he paid immediately, and had a very pleasant non-atari-related conversation. Super nice guy to deal with!
  14. CHAOS - Capitol Hill Atari Owner's Society (Lansing, Michigan)
  15. One of the very few game titles that took advantage of the extra 64K in a 130XE... But an absolutely atrocious game. I still want my money back, 35 years later.
  16. It's the AC vs DC that's the problem..
  17. Imagine if this was the pack-in game for the 5200 when it launched. It's fun to re-imagine history! Sorry for the late reply, I just found this thread. I need to spend more time in the 5200 forum. I'd love to see (and purchase) an 8-bit port of this...
  18. Looks fantastic! If someone does a proper 8-bit port, any chance of it seeing a cart release in the AA store?
  19. Thank you. Don't know how I missed that.
  20. Any estimate on when the production boards will ship? I have gathered everything I need - Mouser order, Atari connectors and VLSI chips, RAM, GAL and a few other goodies 😉 and all I need now is the PCB itself.
  21. My late-to-the-party answer: Do whatever will make you happy with it. It is your personal property for you to enjoy in any way you see fit, not some priceless relic to be preserved for all future humanity. If you wish to keep it stock for yourself, great! But don't let anyone convince you of that. I have a pristine 130XE that will become a case and keyboard donor to house one of santosp's reimagined motherboards that I will be building myself. Doesn't get more modded than that. Should be a very satisfying project.
  22. Damn, I wonder how many people jumped on this. I ordered my cart (also minus SMD components) Sunday night and everything was in stock.
  23. Only two I completed BITD were Hitchhiker's Guide and Planetfall. I remember needing quite a bit of helpful hints from magazines and friends to complete Hitchiker's, I had a lot of fun figuring out Planetfall on my own. Wish I still had my hand-drawn maps!
  24. Good advice. Done and done. Super excited for my enhanced 130XE kit!
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