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  1. Any estimate on when the production boards will ship? I have gathered everything I need - Mouser order, Atari connectors and VLSI chips, RAM, GAL and a few other goodies 😉 and all I need now is the PCB itself.
  2. My late-to-the-party answer: Do whatever will make you happy with it. It is your personal property for you to enjoy in any way you see fit, not some priceless relic to be preserved for all future humanity. If you wish to keep it stock for yourself, great! But don't let anyone convince you of that. I have a pristine 130XE that will become a case and keyboard donor to house one of santosp's reimagined motherboards that I will be building myself. Doesn't get more modded than that. Should be a very satisfying project.
  3. Damn, I wonder how many people jumped on this. I ordered my cart (also minus SMD components) Sunday night and everything was in stock.
  4. Only two I completed BITD were Hitchhiker's Guide and Planetfall. I remember needing quite a bit of helpful hints from magazines and friends to complete Hitchiker's, I had a lot of fun figuring out Planetfall on my own. Wish I still had my hand-drawn maps!
  5. Good advice. Done and done. Super excited for my enhanced 130XE kit!
  6. It's that added toggle switch on the back. Must activate some super-rare upgrade.
  7. I'd still be interested in getting together with some local Atari 8-bit fans. NE suburbs here. Tempest has been to my house twice.
  8. Interested in one. Depending on price of course.
  9. These look fantastic! Glad to see the UAV made it onto the board.
  10. Love these old newsletters... takes me back even more than the old national magazines. More personal, more local.. Wish I had saved some of my old MACE lit.
  11. Really can't argue with Star Raiders, but if we're limiting it to old-school brown Atari carts, I'd suggest Defender, Dig Dug, Qix and Robotron.
  12. I've noticed the game behaves differently on my XEGS depending on whether or not the keyboard is attached. Without the keyboard, there is some corruption to the graphics on the title screen. I never noticed a problem with rewind or restart functions. I'll experiment later.. Perhaps due to the unique Missile Command ROM present in the XEGS?
  13. Been playing through some excellent new releases.. Laura (wonderful action/ puzzler), ADAM is me (completely next-level puzzler!), and Albert (fun, colorful platformer).
  14. That's a shame. It looks awfully similar to Man Goes Down for the 2600, which is quite excellent.
  15. Plays fine on my PAL ANTIC-swapped Incognito 800 in XE mode. Great game! Count me in for a boxed (hopefully cartridge) release too.
  16. Bought both of those last year but I haven't gotten around to installing in one of my 400s. Some day...
  17. THIS^ It works nearly all the time, unless the programmer chooses to check the internal PAL register and abort the program, usually with some obnoxious "No game for you!" message. Code your game, demo, whatever.. optimize it for PAL if you wish, but please don't code it to not even TRY to run on an NTSC or ANTIC-swapped Atari. I'm not asking for NTSC palette optimization or anything like that. Just let it do what it's going to do without artificially crashing.
  18. You are correct, I was a bit hasty. The gem graphics sometimes get corrupted under NTSC but not NTSC-50. I did not attempt to modify any game code, only bypass the PAL flag check so the game could at least TRY to run on non-PAL machines. The $D014 check "No game for you!" approach irks me greatly. The 'hack' was very simple. I merely replaced all (three) instances of LDA $D014 with LDA #$00. Same technique I used in this thread.
  19. Here's a modified version which bypasses the PAL flag check. Not tested on real hardware yet, but works fine in Altirra (both NTSC-50 and straight NTSC). Fantastic game! No disrespect to original programmers. Albert (no PAL check).xex
  20. Here we go again... another game that would probably run just fine on a NSTC-50 (PAL ANTIC swapped) machine, but the software checks $D014 and aborts. Very frustrating.
  21. My significant other not only supports my Atari hobby but she also actively takes part. We have an XEGS on our coffee table and are currently working our way through ADAM Is Me and Laura together. I'm a lucky man.
  22. I'd like to see this with UAV built in, 1meg RAM, and a socket for second POKEY stereo. I'd buy at least one.
  23. AtariBlast! is a pretty good argument for extended memory. Video. As a fellow gamer, this is very convincing. This might be your 'killer app', pixelmischief.
  24. Nah, they actually boxed it. Just cheaped out on the shipping. Took forever to arrive.
  25. The flap was sealed and it was clearly cut open. Surprised that they made no attempt to tape it shut. I figured it was something to do with shipping price. Here is the US we have a less-expensive service called Media Mail with similar restrictions. People abuse it all the time. An eBay seller once sent me a car stereo at Media Mail rate. Thank you again! It is truly exciting to peruse a printed magazine and new software on legacy media in 2021!
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