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  1. "Shhhhh....I'M TRYING TO USE THE PHONE"

  2. Ghostbusters, Waddaya want?!

  3. Having tacos tonight... but didn't have any sour cream.  I mean, is it even worth it?

  4. 2020 so far been worst January ever in my life.

  5. Gimme a top 10 list, make it Atari related but don't tell me what it's about ;)

  6. RIP Neil Peart of Rush. 

  7. Currently changing my notification sound to something loud and annoying. I can't see how this will end poorly.

  8. They should do a Chevy Chase Vacation movie, but have it be a spy comedy.  Call it Clark & Dagger!

  9. RF sucks so much.

  10. RF sucks so much.

  11. I miss the McDonald's McPizza. I was there on the last day in the Spencer, WV location and it was worth the trip. 

    1. adam242


      Never had a McPizza. Must be better than Domino's though... @Goldleader- yeah, those Subway minis were decent. My girlfriend still enjoys the Taco Bell Mexican Pizzas.

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  12. I want to live in a world where Dabney Coleman is still relevant.

  13. Gameboy is the best because ...































    Gameboy is the best.

  14. Just discovered Dot's Homestyle Pretzels... any other fans here?

  15. Have YOU played Atari today?

  16. What is the smell of the 80's? Or the smell you most associate with the 80s? 

  17. 1st time using a phone on AtariAge!  My car is in the shop. I'm in an arcade eating nachos and a big pretzel  AKA Best breakfast Ever!

  18. Should I buy an A//e with the duo disk drive and green phosphor monitor for $275?

  19. Difference between Apple DuoDisk and Disk II?

  20. Your favorite 2600 cover art? Mine is Night Driver.

  21. Got lucky today. My boiler went out, and the only repair was changing the thermocouple for the pilot. My boiler is around 70 years old, so I was freaking out earlier, not prepared to spend that kind of money for a new one! 

  22. "Embiggens" is a perfectly cromulent word.

  23. If this was 1978, then the Star Wars Holiday Special would have began 5 minutes ago.

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