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  1. This has quickly become a favorite at my house! Got my XEGS back out on the coffee table so we could enjoy it in the living room. The game is fantastic and the Lego model has joined my display. We are playing thru in order and have become stuck on level 3-6.. can anyone off me a hint?
  2. Christmas time indeed... these arrived just in time for the two long weekends!
  3. I have begun to make a semi-serious attempt at downsizing.. in the past year or so I have sold an XEGS, a 1200XL and one of my 800s, as well as a sizable portion of my cart collection. Still have way too many A8 machines (twenty).. see my signature for the current roster.
  4. Things were better, in the past.

    1. eddhell


      if you're talking about the old days when we brought cigarettes, fireworks and pocket knives to elementary school, then I have to agree.

    2. BigO


      Agreed. A few seconds ago when I was finishing that last Starburst, life was good.

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  5. I played the crap out of AtarTris back in the day, my favorite. There are others, updates, etc.. but this was the first Tetris clone I saw on my 130xe.
  6. I want to live in a world where Duran Duran is still relevant... and no, I'm not counting that lame 'Wedding Album' crap.

    1. eddhell


      maybe you should switch to Cheech & Chong's "Wedding Album"

    2. x=usr(1536)


      @GoldLeader: and 'Drive By' is a pretty good followup to it, too :D

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  7. Congrats on making a dream come true! Any plans on making this available for sale to the rest of us? I would love to buy a copy!
  8. Hell, I have an 'untested' ATR8000 that I'd let go for half what that one went for. Mine still has the owner's manual and at least worked a few years ago.. used it to run 3.5" drives a while back but has been sitting on a shelf for years.
  9. Had a dream in which I picked up a small haul of vintage computer items curbside last night. Highlights included a rare (nonexistent) Commodore PET variant that my subconscious concocted, and a prototype cart of Pikmin II for C64.

    1. bluejay


      Welp, then I guess it's just a random thing your mind has generated.

    2. adam242


      Yeah, the PET has always been near-and-dear to me. First computer I ever used in school..  Actually owned a 4032 from my elementary school for a few years before regrettably selling it. Current prices are prohibiting me from reacquiring one.

    3. GoldLeader


      Hmmm..Maybe throw it here:



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  10. Any idea when this will be available? This is my new best hope for that functionality, after being teased with the ANTIX project.
  11. I want to live in a world where A Flock Of Seagulls is still relevant.

    1. GoldLeader




      Nailed it!  I once wrote a whole BLOG about it...On my Myspace page around 2006!

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  12. Bump. Looking to finish this off before I put the rest on eBay.
  13. I would be interested in an ACE80 (right cartridge) version.
  14. Bottom label reads 111MO2SC
  15. Bump. Anyone interested in this?
  16. How can I tell which version Pokeymax I have? Ordered (and received) one months ago. Haven't installed it yet. I thought I had, at minimum, stereo POKEY replacement.
  17. I used 720K 3.5" floppies with mine for a while years ago. Don't know about 1.44M.
  18. Any of the effects from Centipede (especially the dancing spider tune) just scream 'Atari' to me. They are identical to the arcade machine. The sound effects from Star Raiders (photons firing, the little warning tune when a starbase is surrounded or destroyed) are very identifiable at the Atari 800.
  19. Sitting on my bed, playing Star Raiders on a 400. It's 1982 all over again!

    1. adam242


      The 400/800 version was decent, unlike the 2600 bomb. Never got super into it though.


  20. It wasn't Detroit proper... I want to say either Sterling Heights or Troy... one of the northern suburbs. Surprised that the first hand report didn't specify exactly which hotel/ community space.
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