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  1. Fun fact, Double wide sprites are the best invention created by human or computer, It tops anything and everything else created by anyone or anything

  2. Fun fact, Double wide sprites are the best invention created by human or computer, It tops anything and everything else created by anyone or anything

  3. Long live the Wii!


  4. I kinda wonder what's the most stupid mod anyone has done to their Atari. Like, adding rgb lights all over it and giving it a mat black paint job to make it look like a modern pc dumb... Y'know?

  5. "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie.

  6. Sorry, the word of the day was 'assimilation.'

  7. Good friend of mine bought a Porsche 928 S4 yesterday and was kind enough to let me drive it today when he brought it over to show off. Damn, I love older German cars.

  8. my daughter is trying to figure out how to play superman for the 2600,  She likes taking the criminals to jail,  might require explanation of how to win the game and the map screwy, but it is still the best superman game released

  9. How come VIC-20 cassette games suck?

  10. Front By Front is the greatest album ever.

  11. OH FUCK!!  Scherzer is scratched from tonight's game because of severe upper back spasms.  Joe Ross will be starting in his place.

  12. What's your Top 3 Anime (in no particular order)?


    Me:   Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, FLCL (first series only).

    1. adam242


      Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Paranoia Agent for me.. Initial D is a close 4th. NGE and GITS are also awesome. Really enjoyed Kino's Journey too.. Last Exile is another. Planetes, Samurai Champloo.. Too difficult to pick three!

    2. (See 16 other replies to this status update)

  13. I'm stuck in a closet with Vanna White.

  14. Just had a co-worker give me an 800XL, Indus GT, Amdek 300+ color monitor, Panasonic dot matrix, lots of software and a Sylvania Intellivision with games!  Thank you Rick!

  15. White Castle fries only come in one size... really? 

  16. WalMart:  Stop running out of CoffeeMate (The big one)! Rednecks:  Enough with the Skoal!   Taco Bell: For the love of God Bring back Nacho Fries already!  Internet:  "Would Of" doesn't mean anything.  Buick Le Sabre Customs:  You're not Custom!  You're just a car.  (You too Les Paul "Customs",  You're just a guitar, an expensive guitar.)  Yahoo:  Just knock it off.   ataribox:  You'll never be a VCS!  And it feels like the Devil is trying to blow out the pilot light to my soul every time one of your goofy backers misuses the name.

  17. Red squirrels you say? Look more orange or gold to me!

  18. Perfect for Halloween! 


  19. According to the foreign Robocalls:  I'm wanted by the FBI, the CIA, my local Sheriff and Police Departments, The IRS, The Department of Homeland Security, My Windows 10 computer has been hacked, my Wells Fargo account has been hacked, my auto warranty has expired, and I've won the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.   Now, most of this is just untrue.

  20. How bad is drinking Pepsi from a Coca-Cola glass?

  21. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!

  22. Two stray kittens in our neighborhood seem to have adopted us. Trying to figure out the next steps to safely introduce them to our 12-year-old cats.

  23. There are rare moments in life where you see past all the normalcy of life into the divine. It was today at Target: A dozen of what must have been college cheerleaders in their shorts and yoga pants and a blonde one was actual bent over and rubbing her bottom. I will never be the same again.


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