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  1. Ok, neither of these were actually on eBay, but I think they're bargains worth mentioning: Yesterday I picked up several dozen magazines (4 years worth of ANTIC, and a nearly complete set of STart, along with a few others) that someone was giving away free on craigslist. I'm not really into the ST material, so I'd like to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it more.. If there's anyone in the Detroit area that wants them, send me a PM and they're yours for the picking up. And today, I found a 7800 with nine common games and a controller (but no power supply! ) for $12 at a thrift store - time to do a composite video mod and pack away my 2600!
  2. My parents bought me a 600xl back in '84 (I was eleven) and I think the first game we got for it was River Raid. Might have been Miner 2049er. The whole family played the hell out of both of 'em! The first game I actually purchased with my own money... that would be a few years later, after I got a paper route. For the life of me, I can't remember what it was. I do remember buying my 130XE and 1050 with my own money.
  3. I don't know, '07 was a hell of a year for us 8-bitters!
  4. Elektraglide is one... If memory serves, the 'dashboard' was done with a GTIA mode.
  5. I'm lucky enough to have a well-stocked (but expensive) electronics store near me... Radio Shack has slowly become a complete joke - nothing but batteries and LEDs. When I do mail order, it's usually through www.jameco.com. They have competitive pricing, fast shipping, and are willing to deal with small quantities. BTW, I have installed the Clearpic mod on one of my 1200XLs and it makes a huge difference!
  6. I thought "accessible Defender" was pretty good!
  7. Just finished watching all of the first episode... wow! Haven't seen this show since I was 10, brings back a LOT of memories... There's a 1200xl (with an 810 drive and a 410) in that episode.. part 4, at 9:37. Thanks for posting!
  8. It's about time! I'd just about kill (or maybe trade a large chunk of my vintage computer collection) for that show to be released on DVD..
  9. let's not forget Capture the Flag... from 1983! Midi Maze... have a nice day!
  10. Cool... we had an 800 in my elementary school and these educational titles really take me back. Like you said, "not exactly exciting", but there's more to nostalgia than games!
  11. Cool snapshot! But I can't think of any graphics mode on the Atari that can deliver both the pixel and the color resolution in this sample picture. As the first step, can anyone use a graphics editor / paint program to recreate this picture on the Atari? If we can't even paint it as a proof of concept, I'm not sure that we can proceed from here. I'm fairly certain that is a screenshot from the Atari. I could swear there was a binary of it somewhere - static shot IIRC. It's also 160 pixels wide. Stephen Anderson Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that screenshot was in the 'A8 vs C64' thread... showing off the GPRIOR abilities of the chipset. Wish I was a good enough programmer to develop that into a functional game.
  12. Outrun was one of the titles (along with Test Drive, for another) I was always jealous of my C64-owning friends for having in their library... I would gladly pay for a version! (Hopefully available on cartridge eventually) Progress is very encouraging... I'd love to see this one seen through.
  13. Two cats.. 2-year old brothers. They're fantastic! Can't remember what my home was like without them. (That's Julius in my avatar... His brother's a black-and grey named McLaren.)
  14. Slow? Somewhere I have passages from Planetfall I actually printed on my 1020!
  15. Yes... type SCRIPT to start a transcript on your printer, UNSCRIPT to stop. I don't know if this works on all Infocom games, but I used it on Hitchhiker's and Planetfall back in the day.
  16. Yes, DirectPadPro works very well... I've made adapters for old Atari sticks as well as NES and PlayStation controllers... simple to install the driver and easy to build the adapter if you're the least bit proficient with a soldering iron.
  17. Alright! Another orange Tabby... mine's name is Julius and loves his Atari, as you can see from the avatar

  18. That was my favorite Infocom game, too, and Floyd's death really bummed me out at age 13. I was truly relieved when I finally earned the 'best' ending and he was repaired!
  19. Hmm... how about: Star Raiders Bounty Bob Strikes Back (I'm beginning to see a pattern!) Great American Cross Country Road Race River Raid and either Lode Runner or Boulderdash (tie)
  20. 4 carts: Shamus, Protector II, Star Trek and Atlantis, BIN for $20. I've been wanting a Shamus for a while and this seemed like a good deal, only Atlantis is a duplicate for me. auction link
  21. Are we counting just CX-40s? I have about 6 of those... a couple Competition Pros (easily my favorite), a Suncom TAC-2, a few various Wico sticks... many, many more...
  22. There's something just slightly pornographic about this... like a strip tease! I'll never look at my CX-77 the same again..
  23. Just DVD for me... I packed my VHS deck away to make room for my AT&T U-verse DVR and never looked back.
  24. Interesting... are their rarity ratings for the US or Europe?
  25. oh, and if we're listing other Atari systems besides the 5200, I've got: 2600: Strategy X (R5) 7800: Food Fight (only 7800 game I own - R2) 8-bit: Star Maze by Roklan (R9), Bounty Bob Strikes Back (R8), Final Orbit (R6) and several R5s...
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