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  1. That's not a robot!   It clearly has bipedal movement so the correct term is "Computerized Automatron".

  2. Two stray kittens in our neighborhood seem to have adopted us. Trying to figure out the next steps to safely introduce them to our 12-year-old cats.

  3. How do YOU spell 256 "colors"?



  4. Big thunderstorm in progress. Started an hour ago and still going.

  5. If you ride, you get it!

  6. Boxy Brown: "He PEED on me, bitch!"


  7. Got an Atari 2600 heavy sixer. Been wanting one of these for years.



  8. People who hate elevators should take the steps to avoid them.

  9. What if life gives lemons, but they are dry lemons? Then what?

  10. I want something with reclining leather seats, that goes really fast, and gets really shitty gas mileage

  11. Ex GF surprised me with tickets to

    RUSH: Cinema Strangiato 2019 in ARQ
  12. Ever notice that every song that references a guitar as a 'six-string' probably sucks? Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Foreigner.. I'm looking at you...

  13. BIRTHDAY! 2600 and NES game night with my girlfriend. Awesome street tacos and drinks!

  14. BIRTHDAY! 2600 and NES game night with my girlfriend. Awesome street tacos and drinks!

  15. Whoa! Saw a Chevy Chevette driving by when I was going to the convenience store. When was the last time anybody seen one of those?  maxresdefault.jpg

  16. Wow, new site format looks stunning. Great job, folks. Glad I paid a visit!

  17. Idea for today:  Go into your pantry or kitchen cupboard (whatever ya got), and pull out all of the canned food items (Playing the Tetris Theme Music #3 off your computer while you do this might be cool too, your call :0)  Then grab a flashlight and your reading glasses and check the expiration dates.  When you find the Earliest one.   Eat that!

  18. I want a mulligan on the last 30 years of my life...

  19. Tomorrow Sir Mix-A-Lot will be playing outside in the Plaza downtown...Admission FREE! 

  20. "...millions of peaches, peaches for free, millions of peaches, peaches for me,  peaches in a can, put there by a man in a factory downtown..."

  21. Good; Cheap; Fast.  Your modder of choice can be two of these; but not all 3. 

  22. When O'Reilly Auto sells you a "three year" battery, they mean it! I just replaced one that died today. It was purchased on 6/19/16.

  23. On my way to the Doctor's office (Incredibly sore throat, cold or Strep symptoms-Hopefully no big deal), Anyway .......Time for some Atari Flashback Portable!

  24. Front Row Amy

  25. I really need to buy an old Triumph Spitfire.

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