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  1. Looks like the Youtube video converters are no longer functional - it's like freaking hell freezing over.

  2. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese Who Am I To Dis A Brie...

  3. Q: What state is Washington DC in? A: Disarray.

  4. Q: What state is Washington DC in? A: Disarray.

  5. Need a heavy dose of Gloria? Get your fix while the St. Louis Blues celebrate https://player.radio.com/listen/station/y98-st-louis

  6. Red Baron pizza is actually good for a frozen pizza.

  7. Although your mind's okay, try thinking more, if just for your own sake

  8. RIP Grumpy Cat. don't think I'll tell my 10yo, though, he loves Grumpy.

  9. I hear that Justin Beeber wears his underwear only one time, then throws it away or sells it for like up to $500.

  10. I've GOT to stay off eBay late at night... do I really need a sixth 800??

  11. Can't believe I'm going to be 50 this year. Wife's 50 next week. The past 20 years have been a blur.

  12. Vacation is almost over...

  13. Slowly working on a favorite songs playlist:

  14. Check it out! 2600 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO!

  15. Celebrating 20 years on owning my Yugo today. Gave it a tuneup, oil change, new registration sticker, and had its yearly state inspection all today. Now off to get a hand car wash/vacuum.

  16. "Are you the police? No mam, we're musicians."

  17. On this date in 1985, Atari released Paperboy to the arcades.

  18. Limelight is my favourite Charlie Chaplin's talking movie.

  19. You wanna impress someone with your Sega Master System -- what game do you choose?

  20. Gmail turned 15.

  21. On this date in 1971 I watched the last episode of Dark Shadows.

  22. I see the last video rental store is closing in our town: Family Video. Can't be the only location they're doing away with.

  23. Bravo TV needs to die. Now.

  24. Just spotted an Atari 400 setup on SCTV.

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