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  1. My Atari computer is mothballed - in boxes with all the disks. I know it works, but I rarely take it out. All the stuff I do now is on emulators (I prefer Atari800Win).
  2. RIP to both Mr. Kassar and Mr. Woakes!
  3. Wow - RIP, seemed like a good guy, I think I briefly interacted with him on RMT stuff. I remember his RMT work, it was amazing. Sad he's gone
  4. This thread is quite drama filled - what's the Cliffs Notes version? Was it made available to download (seems against author's wishes)?
  5. Hoping you can recover them! I still have all my old disks in a closet in my house...not sure if they would be recoverable. Made some programs as well (primarily basic), one is machine code - never finished. I was never much of a coder anyway, but still had fun trying!!! Good luck!
  6. So I'm a little dense - this emulates SID or is this actually POKEY creating SID-like sounds?
  7. Seems not to be working on Atari800WinPLus - anyone else having an issue or are most on Altirra?
  8. Man, I loved those fuschia colored Verbatim disk sleeves...I have a ton of them still, wonder if they are still readable?? Cool stuff - it's great that these programmers still have (and share) their code...thank you!
  9. How are you guys converting the RMT output to .mp3? I'd love to capture both audio and video from an emulator, but Camstudio tried to put too much nonsensical SW on my work PC, so I won't install it.
  10. You are too kind! If I'm ever on the other side of the pond, in Poland, I'll buy you a beer. Maybe even virtually!
  11. Wow - I am following this thread closely as I loved OP's work on DK and DK Jr. Really great stuff, much appreciation from a long time Atari owner / user!!!
  12. Oh right - I did notice that music speed, and I played with it to no apparent effect. I'll dig into that - thank you! My Polish isn't so good I'm an English speaking American, I used to speak Italian and French, but that won't help me much with Softsynth!!! :)
  13. Pretty cool to see Tom Hudson posting here - back in the day ANALOG was THE magazine for me (I liked Antic, but loved ANALOG). Many nights with my brother typing in the machine code games they would publish like Harvey Wallbanger and Livewire! Even better, he's still involved with the Atari scene. Doesn't get much better than that!!
  14. I'm a tinkerer, but I really struggled with Softsynth. I'm absolutely getting RMT, even to the point where I can experiment (albeit, very simplistic as opposed to what you or others are doing). I like the RMT interface, it makes a lot of sense. For me, I want the experience and the output to be something that would be achievable on a real Atari 8-bit machine. That's why I've avoided using stereo mode on RMT, even though it's cool. If memory serves, Softsynth is executable on an 8-bit machine, so I'd love to get into it more, but it seems a bit complicated and I don't think there's a manual in English (although I could be wrong).
  15. Ah, yes - I understand and that makes sense. Emulating the ADSR envelope in software could be problematic for more dramatic changes, so more cycles would alleviate that issue. Thanks for the explanation - 2 more dumb questions: 1) consuming more cycles then means it's not possible to have music playing during another process (e.g., a game), correct? This would be similar to how Berzerk freezes when the speech is played.... 2) Is there a setting in RMT that allows for the increased cycles / iterations? I'm guessing there is, I'm just not familiar enough yet. Thanks again!
  16. For the dummy that is me, can you clarify what this means? Is it a mode in RMT or something different?
  17. Glad I wasn't the only one - the sound on that version was pretty bad.
  18. Correct - I have just about every A8 title I can think of - I've owned my system since 1980, and have a massive library of titles (including in emulated format). Since I've NEVER owned a C64, I want to experience the best of it. Some games on the A8 and C64 are virtually the same - no real interest in that. I want something that's either exclusive to the C64, or superior to any A8 version - as noted, Panther on the A8 SUCKS. It's WAY better on the C64 IMHO. Those would apply. I could parse the list - that's a good idea and I'll figure it out. Feel like I've been drinking from a fire hose, as I've been in / out of the scene over the past few years, but I'm back "in" now!!! Thanks to everyone for the guidance!!!
  19. Yep, after the first wave, the port opens / closes. By the 3rd wave, it starts shooting out a missile - you should be able to shoot that, I have been unsuccessful in this version. The voice just puts it over the top - no stop in screen action other than the radar but that's minor. Realizing that it was a prototype, I was disappointed the A8 Sinistar didn't use more speech synthesis (I think there's one line, that's it)...it seems like a minor thinig, but for both games, it's a big part.
  20. Reviving dead thread (hey, it IS Halloween!! ) Where can I find SoftSynth - not on Fandal's site (or maybe it is, and I'm just not searching in the right place)...
  21. You have the RMT file for this? Would love to look at how you created the instruments. Question - does RMT patch 8 sounds translate / transfer if you conver to .XEX and play on an emulator? Since emulation may not be "correct", I'm curious how it's handled.
  22. Yes, fully aware - I'm old enough to remember those days, and messed with POKEY from the day I purchased my A8 (1980 or so?). The modern Atari users have made tremendous strides in uncovering some of POKEY's "hidden" abilities, and that's where I was curious...maybe more wishful thinking. Also, no interest in running through something external. I'm more into the idea of stretching the legs of what POKEY can do (recognizing it has limitations, of course).
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