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  1. It's been so long that I don't remember for sure, but that's probably it. I've played a lot of C64 games.
  2. Yes, I missed that. I apologize. I'm a 2600 fan and know very little about the XM. I started reading this thread because I like Qix. Sorry that I missed that money for the game was included in your figures. Hope you have a nice day.
  3. You're right, but maybe Jaynz got $200 from the average of Trebor's numbers: $2 x 12 x 7 = 168 $2 x 16 x 7 = 224 Average = (168 + 224) / 2 = $196 Knowing very little about the XM, I thought it was more than $149.99 based on Trebor's post. His other figure of $1 a day for 6 to 7 months is over $180. I like Qix. The last version I played was for DOS, but I can't remember what I first played it on.
  4. Will an AtariAge board fit in an Activision shell? I have no idea, but wanted to bring it up in case it might be an issue.
  5. Here's a thread about the same picture.
  6. There is one in user42's manual scan collection. If you don't want to download the whole set, the manual you want is in this file: Man-2600.part08.rar
  7. I can't understand how Air Raid could have so much of the same code as Space Jockey and not be based on it. And yet the code for moving your ship left and right (Air Raid) or up and down (Space Jockey) looks very similar to me: Other parts of the program have chunks of code that are identical. Just because the finished product is different doesn't mean they didn't originate from the same code.
  8. It looks like this is the option you should experiment with: -f# Speed of load (0 - 4, Default=1)Here's some info I found from the instructions for Makewav 4.1: -f -> (default = 2) This flag allows you to change the speed of the tranfer. The valid range is 0-4 and the higher the number the faster the load. Don't be surprised if the faster transfers are not reliable, they are really pushing the limits of the audio circuitry. Suggested values for various media are: Audio Cassette = 0, CD = 1 or 2, Computer = 2, 3, or 4. I noticed the default changed from 2 to 1 for Makewav 4.2.
  9. Here's the cheatcode I've been using to always have four lives: Here's that info: It sometimes acts strange after changing the level. If you die, things seem to reset to normal on the new level.
  10. Supporting Hozer is taboo. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/212554-princess-rescue-now-available/?view=findpost&p=2829960
  11. The screen looks like CommaVid's MagiCard to me.
  12. Here are some other threads about these: What is this? Is there any value? bermuda triangle white label Data Age Loaners
  13. On , your Harmony cart has a file called "Choplift.bin". Is that Choplifter? Probably not, but it made me curious. Back on topic, I'd never heard of Desert Bus before. It's interesting as a novelty item, but I'll pass on getting a cartridge.
  14. This might be what you're looking for: http://www.atarimania.com/pgelstsoft.awp?system=2&type=G&format=1&original=1&step=25 You're welcome.
  15. Now and then I've tried making comments to the disassembly of this game. I wanted it to be more complete before uploading it, but for now I've lost interest in the project and decided to go ahead and upload it as is. I hope someone finds it useful. To me the mountain in the background of this game looks wrong. If you set MOUNTAIN_FIX to 1, it looks better in my opinion. I've always thought it strange that this game has a timer, but nothing happens when the timer reaches zero. You can change the value of TIMEOUT to change what the timer does. In order to get some free ROM to make these changes, I removed a couple NOPs that are near STA WSYNC. I hope this doesn't cause any problems. Despite me having a Harmony cart, I don't remember testing these changes on real hardware. I did have options for a couple things that I removed from this copy. Since they came from someone else's code, I didn't want to use them without permission. With other things going on in my life, I may not be on here much/any in the near future and wanted to go ahead and post this. This download is just a zipped ASM file. Dangerous_Mouse_Hunt_(Gefaehrliche_Maeusejagd_hack)_2013y08m15d_05h09m.zip
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