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  1. Sorry, I did not have time in the last month to follow this up, neither to merge the pull request to libretro. Might come back to this in September, but surely not before. Yes I would be happy to have *one* repo. My dream was somehow to get the architecture dependence out of the core, thus that you can use the core without too much changes in different emulator frontends. You just do not want to patch xxx frontends a time. plus, i would like to have the debug features available in a linux gui. because under wine the debugging is terribly slow (and i have no idea why). well anyway. currently i dont have the time.
  2. maybe i can check it in some boring hour. should not be too hard.
  3. The lets meet there?
  4. sure. could. and any code running could check the content of the rom or use a function i do not intercept. but until now, no problem found.
  5. sage


    i dont think the comlynx is buggy. I just said I havent tested it. it might be that at some point the whole chains gets too slow and it gets unplayable. And yes, what a strange bug that the main game goal, bombing you opponents, isnt working. Well, i guess someone will try to sell it on ebay anyways.
  6. sage


    maybe you can add that i would be happy to learn about any issues with >3 machines, which i cannot test myself.
  7. always the same shitty weekend where i dont have time...
  8. sage


    yes. but for some reason it is a bit buggy, seems the explosions are not killing. good for debugging, stupid for playing dynalynx.zip.
  9. sage


    Hahahaha It say Hahaha, it says 4 players comlynx in the article. There is not even comlynx code inside _that_ version.
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