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  1. sage

    Broken Suzy?

    strange. how about a short at data or address pin of suzy? but then chained sprites would work, and it does not look tooo bad
  2. chipper writes outr HandyMusic tracks, too ... but the instruments are not 100% compaible and must be modofied by hand.
  3. sry was wrong. it up to 8 players 🙂
  4. yeah, wish i just coudl put your graphics in and release it 😛
  5. like this?dynalynx.zip up to 6 players, but never found enough lynxes to actually test it ... (for test play, the players wont get killed)
  6. check the loader which block size it is expecting. or check if the data is repeating after 512 or 1024 bytes.
  7. you can always use 2048 and check what you get. then choose the correct one.
  8. I never was able to use it handybug was already available when i started doing seriouz stuff
  9. Wasnt there some debug interface in the BLL kit which allowed to modify memory by comlynx ;-)))
  10. you can still modify the rom. (see my AVP or Xenophobe cheat for example). Unless its well packed and encrypted (like the tetris above)
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