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  1. yes. that is the unreliable principle. better use checksumming in addition.
  2. For comlynx game testing i would need 10 lynx or so. because they consitently have issues (power plug) and go off if you just touch the cable 😛.
  3. you can avoid that by freeing the ROM ;-))
  4. indeed, but you have large screen (8k each), thus double + collision buffer reduces that already by 24k.
  5. sage


    looks like core-wars 🙂
  6. hahha, now. o.k. i was impatient. got 30k with continues, but without, no way 😛
  7. >> Settings - beginner - no continues There is one automatic continue, but i do not see how to get the final score without using it, did I overlooked something?
  8. Suggest to play tetris then next time? (well tropsy https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/Tropsy/442160724 )
  9. depends. you dont want to change the colortable, as this would affect the other sprites, too. so it depends if they have different sprite sets for P1,P" or just change the indices within the sprite, in that case you look for some code change. or removing the checksum check.
  10. I use a modified EPXY comlynx code, which is using "mainly" the scheme of sending key presses only. But it was a mess to include sending configuration and level data. ah yes, and i changed the Checksum scheme to use a more stable one.
  11. yes. often enough. my favoured way to move to a new hardware.
  12. let me phrase it like this: adding different input methods, joysticks, pads, keyboard and make them configurable, is extremely boring shitty utility code writing, unpaid and no fame.
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