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  1. but it looks like Carl is using the old compiler 😕
  2. somewhere i still have the source files to access 8 and 16 bit for different kind of eeproms for cc65. if you need it i might dig them out.
  3. there is no offical numbering. everybody numbers his compiled release different. would be nice if you meantion the source of your download.
  4. Just a remark: the instrument export is really bad. I agev up on making it better. Thus you better optimize them afterwards or take from sass.
  5. what a strange coincidence, indeed. well it does not write out this complicated SASS files, but directly the assembler code (with macros for better readability). As it is creating directly a lnx file (and there is a reason the lnx file looks very similar to the handymusic example :-)), you can easily see how to include the files into your own project.
  6. so you want your keyboard sound like a lynx, not connect the keyboard by midi to a real lynx?
  7. ONe question: how much is the music distorted if you use this?
  8. I think i left some code in the public version here. But I was not satisfied because i left too many relicts in the picture. http://lynxdev.atari.org/BmpConvert.exe
  9. will not work. if you use HBL interrupt you dont have the time to set the full palette. you either have to poll the register or set up another timer which interrupts before the end of line and then poll the register.
  10. maybe this helps for designing. OPT1 switch left (header) and right (program) OPT2 switched sound off and on (and stops all sound effects) there is some check for a "kill" sequence, thus it is impossible to use DO/LOOP with 0 or negative value. effect.o
  11. because the comlink doesnt work reliable?
  12. sage

    aprils fool?

    bump this one. still looking for some voluneetrs for new levels to fill up the rom.
  13. you mainly avoid reading the rest of the sprite SCB and data. weird corordinates is not the problem for the hardware.
  14. depending on what you want to set teh srpites, it might be easier to just set the hi byte of the sprite data address to zero 🙂
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