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  1. without knowledge on how you do the patching and without a cartridge, unlikely. But you can PM me if you have details.
  2. As there is a released ROM version of Battlezone 2000 which directly starts the easter egg, this might not be necessary. you find it somewhere in the forum here
  3. I did aleady 😛 Like on some othes...
  4. not bad, you need the hint for APB?
  5. maybe if you install the linux subsystem. but it might be easier to use just a native program as putty, teraterm or hyperterm
  6. i successfully used minicom, picocom, gtkterm, cutecom. finally i stayed with the last two.
  7. Remark: I used the code in BadApple https://demozoo.org/productions/198602/ for the video playback by doing a double buffering, thus decrunching one buffer while replaying the other one. I have not used it for depacking of binary code, as pucrunch is better integrated into lynxdir (loading adresses, etc). Even so this should not be a problem.
  8. I added the exo decoder code plus the the magic spells you need to get it work here: https://github.com/bspruck/exolynx
  9. hm ... at least under wine it is not running very good 😕 lot of graphic glitches
  10. I lost the original emails long long time ago. so i cannot tell you why it was never continued.
  11. -rw-rw-r-- 1 bjoern bjoern 15400 Jun 3 02:41 demo0006.o -rw-rw-r-- 1 bjoern bjoern 8311 Jun 3 02:42 demo0006.puc similar rate
  12. anyway, not sure if we have the same binary 😛 but thats what i found on my disc without too much searching
  13. 9700 vs 8300 is not "nearly" the same
  14. several half-playable level stages
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