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  1. there is no decryption needed for the rom. just replace the bootloader. and, why do you want to re-encrypt it?
  2. There is no single redßeye protocol. it depends on the code the game is using. e.g. Malibu Voleyball or TTris are completely different
  3. too true. there is often frustrating less constructive feedback. consumer mentality
  4. nice idea, but i miss the case where it is really needed. as longs as you cannot trick the custom chips to use it, it does not give you much advantage. managing the video to a differnt "bank" would already give you 16km more.
  5. how boring. why not recheck against the PCB layouts which are available? and what does means "doesnt working" imply? why do you connect WE, you plan to write the eeprom from the lynx? the code in the rom need to know the layout. if your code doesnt fit, it wont work e.g. 128kb on 512kb card wont work, even so it may fit.
  6. Check e.g. Alpine Games.
  7. search the forum. this has been discussed before and plenty of info should be there.
  8. there is a patched version which support saving in the emulator ... which is quite useless, as the emulator anyway have a prompt save state feature
  9. Nope. it wont run out of RAM. People were clever enough to prove this years ago.
  10. sage

    Hyperdrome Artwork

    haha this is a pic of the "easter egg" battlezone 2000 .... thats great!
  11. there is keyboards which works over cartridge slot, what else do you want?
  12. Ah, that is easily fixable in the rom.
  13. i was able to run 8 emulator cores with comlynx. but you have to play dirty tricks to get around the timeouts within each instance to keep them in sync. f.e. stop emulation after to avoid timeout; handshake with a comlynx-lock instance to avoid collisions due to different running speed of emulation threds etc.
  14. I think we did. handy core (e.g. the one in retroarch) supports it.
  15. hehe, god that i already have it implemented
  16. no, i didnt want to invest the time for another demo. and clearly i wont put the final binary fro download.
  17. Again, this one didnt make it for physical release this year even so the rom is complete (but not the cases/packaging)
  18. good idea with the mcwill mod, I noticed a glitch for games which have a very fast boot process, that the buttons are not read correctly. i guess this is also an effect of different power consumption and behaviour
  19. only the versions I patched, like thd code used in mednafen or retroarch
  20. free download but requires a printed manual. well. here you are. you need to find pairs which can be connected by a straight line with max two 90degree turns. currently only identical matches, no groups (actually L Y N X should form a group, but i forgot to reactivate this feature).
  21. Sry I didnt had time for the game jam. But too many other open projects. So I just disqualify again. But here some work-in-progress shot. Unluckily, the theme doesnt fit 😛 I had to removed the music as it is a plain copy and the graphics is still a place-holder and looks bad on original displays. Dont complain, you have been warned. Two player is a pure co-op. oxymo.lnx
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