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  1. On 5/29/2019 at 4:58 PM, bhall408 said:



    The sage patched version is de-facto becoming the master. Perhaps sage should just rename it?


    We're currently working on making it 64-bit safe (it wasn't) and adding support for Big Endian/Little Endian 32BPP.


    Sorry, I did not have time in the last month to follow this up, neither to merge the pull request to libretro.

    Might come back to this in September, but surely not before.

    Yes I would be happy to have *one* repo. My dream was somehow to get the architecture dependence out of the core, thus that you can use the core without too much changes in different emulator frontends. You just do not want to patch xxx frontends a time. plus, i would like to have the debug features available in a linux gui. because under wine the debugging is terribly slow (and i have no idea why).


    well anyway. currently i dont have the time.



    We ended up doing the same...


    (We are seeing a drawing bug with California Games and we wanted to see if it was core related, or JNI related, so used that as a comparison test... It wasn't the core...)


    And at the same time, updated the windows/non-SDL version (https://github.com/b...rc-0.95-patched) to use Visual Studio Community Edition 2019.


    @sage -- should we send you the changes?

    Make a pull request ;-)

  3. i dont think the comlynx is buggy. I just said I havent tested it. it might be that at some point the whole chains gets too slow and it gets unplayable.


    And yes, what a strange bug that the main game goal, bombing you opponents, isnt working. Well, i guess someone will try to sell it on ebay anyways.

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  4. Yep some info is not accurate, but there is a comlynx version somewhere right?

    yes. but for some reason it is a bit buggy, seems the explosions are not killing. good for debugging, stupid for playing



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  5. An influential member within the Lynx community gave it to me. Enjoy :)

    Are you kidding? This is a 20year old release which you download from by web site. And yes, its still available there... that I call news. At least you didnt find the version with working comlynx yet.

  6. Basically, you have to verify the file type is accurate with flashcard setup (LNX/LYX or O), the size is correct


    Only problem. Some people decide to release .lnx files without header on the web. so, if you flash them with .lnx setting, it will fail. so, if you lnx file is exactly 128k or 256k or 512k and not 128k+64 bytes etc, you have to select lyx and not lnx.


    you can try this FREE downloads, without copyright infringement:







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  7. Libretro with Handy core is another good one (probably the best from the point of view of a gamer, maybe not for a developer, don't know much about the handy version used) but has a bug with eeprom handling. Opened an issue on github proposing a solution, but no one tryed to fix the problem so far.


    I though this was merged already w/o my intervention... let me check

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