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  1. PS. I was wondering if it would be ok to output the code as cc65 assembly source with some switch. This would be quite useful when making compilation carts. You could then build BLL games into separate segments and use cc65 linker to create the cart.


    I am not sure if this is so easy. Because you would have to handle only some of the macros, but keep the labels.


    Will do as soon as I get to my own computer! I'm surreptitiously misusing workplace resources to post this message. That said, I don't actually have anything immediately to assemble, so appropriate feedback may be delayed. I was a heavy Lyxass user a decade or more ago but all my work is lost to time, at least in its original form.


    Thanks again! But does this mean we're the last people left alive using this assembler?


    No. But most people use some already compiled binary.


    Meanwhile Bastian completely rewriting his assmbler from scratch.

  3. I was abit too fast for answering:


    At least Blue Lightning does not seem to use the format which the EPYX kit uses for music. Or the data has additional data in front of it.


    Will not help you too much as you would have to build a parser to get out some "notes" and "instruments". The data format can be foudn in the EPYX docs.

  4. There are no lynx music files. It might be possible to extract the music data from the ROMs, but I guess its not worth the effort, as the EPYX kit music is more a scripting than a real file format. Some games might use their very own music driver anyway.

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