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  1. - Text for instructions from old man for Hunt 30 seem cut off.

    - Hunt 30 inaccessible (or is this intentional?).


    It is not the hunt number, but the location I think.


    Havent stumbled on any of the others.

  2. I pushed read/write eeprom (to a file) support to repository. This means now the eeprom is preserved between restarts of the emulator.

    sdl-handy iw roking nice with that, retroarch/libretro too.

    I have not compiled handy on windows with up to date Visual Studio, thus no binary distribution at the moment.

    dl -> github.com/bspruck/handy-fork


    PS: official libretro is already updated, the fix should be in the next release and/or core update

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  3. Just a remarks to handy sound:

    Not all sound issues are finally fixed. This would requiere to rewrite some interrupt code.

    It alse depends a bit on the output system of the emulators host, thus mednafen and retroarch sound better than handy even so they use exactly the same code.


    The main changes in hand 0.97xxx and/to 0.98 are proper stereo and attenuation as well as experimental eeprom support. as well as getting rid of the boot rom and loading plain roms (wo lnx header).


    Remark to chipper:

    Event so chipper originally was written for the BLL sound driver, it export now to a modified BLL and TailChao music driver.


    Remark BLL kit:

    What you find on my site, are updates to the bll code and tools. E.g. lyxass does not compile for 64 bit systems and makes problems with newest compilers.

    But its correct that example ocde is only for old cc65 and bll.

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  4. Haha, that was not from the server. This I did in 5 min after reading again and agin these questions about un-release ROMs.

    Funny enough, there are unreleased ROMs where nobody is talking about it, maybe because they were never announced.


    PS: Its a shape-shifter ROM. One can just rename it and it works perfectly for any other game.

  5. Staying alive was not a big deal at the beginning.

    I sold most potions to get buy some reasonable weapon and attack spells.

    Grinding is easy, as you always can go back to town for full heal, mana, revive.

    I notcied that there is a gold limit at 20k.


    I only got once got badly bashed up. Return from teh Queens tower after killing the Dragon, I lost two of three menbers and had 1 out of 170 HP left when entering the town ;-) Should have made a screenshot.

  6. I think today is a good day to ask if someone would be interested in this any further?


    I could think about the following:


    • real MIDI cable to comlynx, e.g. microcontroller with usb in, midi-in, comlynx-out
    • synth on cartridge with some eeprom for instruments.
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