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  1. it was not meant to be used for background music in games.


    I have two versions (as in chipper), one, using modified BLL sound driver and one using modified zaku sound driver.

    Both have pros and cons.

    As I have removed/modified quiet some stuff, its (at the moment) impossible to run samples in parallel. esp as the midi data is streamed from ROM (if not send in by comlynx).

  2. Just out of curiosity, you send midi commands to the lynx, but what do you use to play them? Your "chipper" player, or something else? In the latter case, do you intend to release it at some point?


    pmidi to play. ttymidi (modified a bit) to send out the midi command on serial/tty.

    yes, no, kind of.

    Well, you have the rom image. What else do you mean by "release"?

  3. Jesus man, the wod song sounds great! What game is it from? I looked through all games on W on lemon64 but couldn't find anything abbreviated WOD there at least.


    The individual sounds sound so good too, especially the bass and the snare!


    Atari ST: Wings of Death and Lethal Excess.


    The snare and Drum is silently stolen from the Zaku sound engine.

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  4. Was a bit lazy before. Now I changed the music driver code to something which allows for decay notes.


    Module starts in "demo" mode. As soon as you connect Midi/comlynx it will go back to synth mode. Sorry for only few instrumentsa nd shitty percussion selection.




    ... music for one of the games which are on my wishlist ;-)


  5. @sage: I tried it but while the palette order was changed it was not the one I expected. Not sure if I was using it correctly (was feeding it a .pal file, seems both asm and lyxass format were accepted). By the way, he palette file is deleted at the end.


    I dont understand, why should it be deleted?

    I am using this feature w/o porblems.

    But I am using the "big canvas" method, too

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