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  1. hahha, now. o.k. i was impatient. got 30k with continues, but without, no way 😛
  2. >> Settings - beginner - no continues There is one automatic continue, but i do not see how to get the final score without using it, did I overlooked something?
  3. Suggest to play tetris then next time? (well tropsy https://atarigamer.com/lynx/game/Tropsy/442160724 )
  4. depends. you dont want to change the colortable, as this would affect the other sprites, too. so it depends if they have different sprite sets for P1,P" or just change the indices within the sprite, in that case you look for some code change. or removing the checksum check.
  5. I use a modified EPXY comlynx code, which is using "mainly" the scheme of sending key presses only. But it was a mess to include sending configuration and level data. ah yes, and i changed the Checksum scheme to use a more stable one.
  6. yes. often enough. my favoured way to move to a new hardware.
  7. let me phrase it like this: adding different input methods, joysticks, pads, keyboard and make them configurable, is extremely boring shitty utility code writing, unpaid and no fame.
  8. Before you ask: the emulator mod is not yet for public yet. It needs careful tuning of the timing between instances, even depending on the game (better, the comlynx code). While Bikini Volleyball was easy even with 4 players (due to completely different comlynx code), most other games were much harder to get working. Most games based on original redeye code run reliable when tuned, even with 6 (Checkered Flag) or more players. California games (which uses some preliminary redeye code) did not want to work with more than 2 instances 😞
  9. Thanks to the pandemic, i was not able to proper test it with large number of "real" players 😞 . But finally, I now turned back to the lynx emulator development. Now it supports proper comlynx for 8 players (maybe more). (including some nice debugging features). Due to this I was now able to squash the last know bug which i was hunting for half a year (as it only happens with comlynx games).
  10. Cmon, youre lazy, just rotate the screen.
  11. I see. then my eeprom example codes wont help you out of the box. they overwrite and read back the content. let me see if i find the code which i used for backup save-states for wyvern tales 🙂
  12. Haha, yes but the most easiest solution is to use one of the emulators based on my patched version, which store the eeprom content to a file
  13. "This is definitely playable. It allegedly has game save functions AND there is the appropriate save RAM on the cartridge we made, but it does not seem to save." Seems they are really really good in reproductions ... whaahahahaha
  14. No problem, beside that you have to create and flash each single rom manually. Putting a serial number is a bit more easy, I tried this for Lynx Reloaded special edition where each title picture is a unique pattern.
  15. Well done, feeding the ebay trolls. And buying a "copy" is really the WORST thing you can do. Cheating even the author. Even downloading a rom image and using it in a flashcard is better than "buying an ebay COPY".
  16. lemmings2 the extra levels 🙂
  17. 1) for anyone who wants to compile his own emulator for debugging this. 2) this is just a copyright free version for the emulator, which work with all commercial and most homebrew roms.
  18. UBYTE CCart::Peek0(void) { ULONG address=(mShifter<<mShiftCount0)+(mCounter&mCountMask0); UBYTE data=mCartBank0[address&mMaskBank0]; if(mCounter==0 || mCounter==0x1FF || mCounter==0x3FF || mCounter==0x7FF) printf("== Read bank $%02X $%03X==\n",mShifter,mCounter); if(!mStrobe) { mCounter++; mCounter&=0x07ff; } return data; } adding a simple print will tell you what (block and position) the loader is accessing on startup. (unless you use my lynxboot.rom replacement, which skips the loader process ;))
  19. @BS If you check the table I posted a few h ago, you would see that zarlor used a different (newer) loader type, which check full block size. You could easily check that in the emulator by tracing the ROM reads. @OAA It seems very very unlikely to have a hardware failure which trigegrs in only one specific game.
  20. Maybe that is the reason I immediately replace the loader when touching a rom
  21. sure, i list it separate, because there are non trivial changes on the code. (trivial changes are title picture address and the copied in values for entry0,1,hash (depending on stage1,stage2)
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