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  1. I use a modified EPXY comlynx code, which is using "mainly" the scheme of sending key presses only. But it was a mess to include sending configuration and level data. ah yes, and i changed the Checksum scheme to use a more stable one.
  2. yes. often enough. my favoured way to move to a new hardware.
  3. let me phrase it like this: adding different input methods, joysticks, pads, keyboard and make them configurable, is extremely boring shitty utility code writing, unpaid and no fame.
  4. Before you ask: the emulator mod is not yet for public yet. It needs careful tuning of the timing between instances, even depending on the game (better, the comlynx code). While Bikini Volleyball was easy even with 4 players (due to completely different comlynx code), most other games were much harder to get working. Most games based on original redeye code run reliable when tuned, even with 6 (Checkered Flag) or more players. California games (which uses some preliminary redeye code) did not want to work with more than 2 instances 😞
  5. Thanks to the pandemic, i was not able to proper test it with large number of "real" players 😞 . But finally, I now turned back to the lynx emulator development. Now it supports proper comlynx for 8 players (maybe more). (including some nice debugging features). Due to this I was now able to squash the last know bug which i was hunting for half a year (as it only happens with comlynx games).
  6. Cmon, youre lazy, just rotate the screen.
  7. I see. then my eeprom example codes wont help you out of the box. they overwrite and read back the content. let me see if i find the code which i used for backup save-states for wyvern tales 🙂
  8. Haha, yes but the most easiest solution is to use one of the emulators based on my patched version, which store the eeprom content to a file
  9. "This is definitely playable. It allegedly has game save functions AND there is the appropriate save RAM on the cartridge we made, but it does not seem to save." Seems they are really really good in reproductions ... whaahahahaha
  10. No problem, beside that you have to create and flash each single rom manually. Putting a serial number is a bit more easy, I tried this for Lynx Reloaded special edition where each title picture is a unique pattern.
  11. Well done, feeding the ebay trolls. And buying a "copy" is really the WORST thing you can do. Cheating even the author. Even downloading a rom image and using it in a flashcard is better than "buying an ebay COPY".
  12. lemmings2 the extra levels 🙂
  13. 1) for anyone who wants to compile his own emulator for debugging this. 2) this is just a copyright free version for the emulator, which work with all commercial and most homebrew roms.
  14. UBYTE CCart::Peek0(void) { ULONG address=(mShifter<<mShiftCount0)+(mCounter&mCountMask0); UBYTE data=mCartBank0[address&mMaskBank0]; if(mCounter==0 || mCounter==0x1FF || mCounter==0x3FF || mCounter==0x7FF) printf("== Read bank $%02X $%03X==\n",mShifter,mCounter); if(!mStrobe) { mCounter++; mCounter&=0x07ff; } return data; } adding a simple print will tell you what (block and position) the loader is accessing on startup. (unless you use my lynxboot.rom replacement, which skips the loader process ;))
  15. @BS If you check the table I posted a few h ago, you would see that zarlor used a different (newer) loader type, which check full block size. You could easily check that in the emulator by tracing the ROM reads. @OAA It seems very very unlikely to have a hardware failure which trigegrs in only one specific game.
  16. Maybe that is the reason I immediately replace the loader when touching a rom
  17. sure, i list it separate, because there are non trivial changes on the code. (trivial changes are title picture address and the copied in values for entry0,1,hash (depending on stage1,stage2)
  18. Name Typ Größe stage1 stage1 size stage2 Blue Lightning 512 type1 5 type1 California Games (128k) 512 type1 5 type1 Chip's Challenge (128k) 512 type1 5 type1 Electrocop (128k) 512 type1 5 type1 Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (128k) 512 type1 5 type1 Gates of Zendocon (128k) 512 type2 5 type2 Todd's Adventure in Slime World (128k) 512 type3b 3 type3_512 Asteroids and Missile Command 512 type3 3 type3_512 Basketbrawl 512 type3 3 type3_512 Battle Wheels (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Block Out (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Crystal Mines II (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 European Soccer Challenge (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Hard Drivin' (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Ishido - The Way of the Stones (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Joust (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Ms. Pac-Man (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Pac-Land (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Paperboy (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Qix (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Robo-Squash (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Robotron 2084 512 type3 3 type3_512 Shanghai (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Turbo Sub (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Ultimate Chess Challenge (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Warbirds (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Xenophobe 512 type3 3 type3_512 Zarlor Mercenary (128k) 512 type3 3 type3_512 Atomic BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Battling Chimera Taquin BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 bll BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Championship Rally 256x1k BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 clicks BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Conquest of Zow BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 DM_Dungeon_master BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Dynalynx BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 FS-3_256k_AudioLo BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Hyperdrome 128x1k BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Kistenschieben BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Lexis (Shadowsoft 1999) unclear 1024 type1 5 type1 LynxReloaded_128x1k BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Marble Madness BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Nonameyet BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Puzzler 2000 BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Rapide Racer BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Remnant Special CGE2K Edition 64x1k BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 simis BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Slideshow 256x1k BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 SokoMania 128x1k BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Teenage BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 The return to the space coyote BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 v7SE BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Wolf BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 yastuna2 BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Zaku Public Demo (2005-11-13) BLL 1024 type1 5 type1 Othello 256x1k protected 1024 type2 5 type2 MegaPak Megapak 1024 type4 3 type4_1024 Zaku final Zaku 2048 type4 3 type4_2048 APB - All Points Bulletin 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Awesome Golf 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Baseball Heroes 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Batman Returns 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Battlezone 2000 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Bill and Ted's 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Bubble Trouble 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Checkered Flag 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 CM2-Buried Treasure 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Cybervirus 256x1k 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Desert Strike 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 dgate 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Dinolympics 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Dirty Larry - Renegade Cop 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Double Dragon 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Dracula the Undead 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Fat Bobby 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Gordo 106 - The Mutated Lab Monkey 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Hockey 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Hydra 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Klax 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Krazy Ace Minature Golf 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Kung Food 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Lemmings 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Lynx Casino 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Malibu Bikini Volleyball 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 NFL Football 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Ninja Gaiden 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Pinball Jam 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Power Factor 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Rampage 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Rampart 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 RoadBlasters 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Rygar 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 S.T.U.N. Runner 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Scrapyard Dog 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Shadow of the Beast 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Steel Talons 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Super Off-Road 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Super Skweek 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Switchblade II 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Toki 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Tournament Cyberball 2072 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Viking Child 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 World Class Soccer 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 Xybots 1024 type3 3 type3_1024 eotb_neu 2048 type3 3 type3_2048 Ninja Gaiden III - The Ancient Ship of Doom 2048 type3 3 type3_2048 Pit Fighter - The Ultimate Competition 2048 type3 3 type3_2048
  19. There are only a few "different" loaders used. And the difference is small. I am still sure that not the whole cart is checksummed (this would take a significant time)
  20. ~Until now I have not seen any game which checks the complete rom.~ Seems I was wrong 😲
  21. AG will not run in emulators. But there are other (tech demo) ROMs which make use of it (e.g. dragnet). They work if the emulator has a new core which supports it.
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