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  1. 32kb is too much space ... 10000 assmbler instruction, just no time to write that much.
  2. how about your lynx sound project? I am am still looking for someone to sort out my instruments 🙂
  3. Ha really? Japanese style would put you on a pure management post for the last years already.
  4. i would wait until someone *confirms* that it works with several units and time critical games.
  5. i fear this will only work if they find a solution to avoid race conditions and transmit BRKs correctly. There is a reason that there is no well working Emulator<->Emulator or Emulator<->comlynx interface.
  6. in a way, yes. only for games where you can have a 75HZ refresh from the game engine and/or have enough memory for buffers.
  7. as mentioned, the PATW sokoban clone and some arkanoid/breakout demo clone ...
  8. indeed. a few games use rasters, if that counts.
  9. yep, the diode is needed. I wonder why it was not needed in the old schematics with the MAX232
  10. and with the usual problems....
  11. feel free to copy what i put together in the spoiler, sorry, that i havent formatted it nicely. If you use it, please add proper credits.
  12. I didnt find it, but I copied together some information. I suggest to add the schematics from the BLL kit with the max chip. I can did out some USB-CL 5V converters, too. And here are some threads with more and deeper info: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/132551-bll-carts https://atariage.com/forums/topic/213073-what-do-i-need-to-load-homebrews https://atariage.com/forums/topic/14967-lynxpc-serial-cable-back-ordered
  13. For LGSS, you may add the documentation which karri postet here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/260379-ls-upcoming-releases-2017/?do=findComment&comment=3736628
  14. some rom sites gave lyx a lnx postfix, just to annoy people.
  15. i had written up something years ago. maybe i find it.
  16. Request: You have a prominent article abotu LGSS (https://atarigamer.com/pages/lynx-gaming-sharing-system--lgss-) I think it would be much more useful to add an article about the loaders which are included in most of the BLL based games. (and beside allow for loading of games over comlynx, even allows for remote debugging, in game screenshots etc.)
  17. chipper export -> handymusic you have to tweak the instruments afterwards, but hey, there is nothing as a free lunch (or software).
  18. Yes Karri please do so . I would love to see how this software works for others 🙂
  19. google. playable rom images are hidden in the lemmings thread
  20. there are somewhere here in the forum. as there are only around 30 new levels for lemmings, i did not bother to puit them all into one rom yet, thus there are 30 different roms for cc i dont actually know. there are hundreds of levels, but not all of them are nice and work on the lynx, as it has some lower limit for enemies etc compared to teh dos version. and some effects are slightly different.
  21. nice. I wonder if you want to add the CC and Lemmings ROMs with new levels, as well as the patched Battlezone and Xenophobe, too.
  22. seems nobody beside Karri tried? anyway. I extended it a bit and was merging the midi-synthesizer (which i posted here 3 years ago) with the effect/instrument editor (or the other way around). now you can trigger effects/instrument from your midi keyboard on the lynx. support for 128 slots instruments and percussion (effects). but only one can be saved to eeprom (128 byte limit :-b ). there is some possibility to upload/download by midi, but that is a bit too complicated for normal users. tl;dr with opt1 you switch between editor and synth player. as long as you are in the editor, any midi channel (beside 10) triggers the what is in the editor to be played as instrument with the correct note. if you play channel 10, all notes will play the editor content as effect/percussion. in the synth mode, any midi channel will play the instrument in the slot which has been assigned by the midi-program command to the channel. channel 10 will play effect/perc where the note gives the index in the percussion table. the editor commands have mostly stayed the same. whats new is that one can switch the play on edit/move from inst to perc/eff or turn it off.
  23. i just pressed the button "add new loader" in the gui. Not sure if this was the one from Harry. i did this tools so long time ago.
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