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  1. 11 hours ago, Igor said:

    Thanks! Hey @sage do you have details you can put in about the latest version of Handy emulation? I see you updated the page to say the linked version is obsolete, it would be useful to have information on where to find the version with all the bug fixes, etc...

    hard to keep track. i do not even tried after i paused active bug fixing.


    I'm also doing some collaboration with @Songbird to get the original scanned dev documentation uploaded and transcribed. This will form the basis of all the new dev documents on the wiki with the idea that other relevant topics i.e. ABCMusic, TGI, etc will be linked off of it.

    Why not use the transcript from BLL kit (from the 90ties)? I think it is mostly complete. Not sure about copyright

  2. 13 hours ago, UHATEIT said:

    I have been searching for this rom and all I can find is one on ROmhacking that comes up a .ips not a .lnx format. DO you know how to do the conversion to .lnx or know where that version of the rom can be found that has the cheat enabled?

    I have no idea what ips is nor do i want to use it.

    Maybe I decided that its a bad idea to post the rom and deleted it. i dont remember. it was years ago.


  3. 1 hour ago, karri said:

    Sorry to hear that @Fadest. My wife and me have to get some new work contracts in 2021 as well. I signed a Japanese style work contract that ends next May due to "high age".😎


    Weird... I still feel young. Here at the end of the table on a break for dance judges two weeks ago.


    Ha really? Japanese style would put you on a pure management post for the last years already.


  4. i fear this will only work if they find a solution to avoid race conditions and transmit BRKs correctly. There is a reason that there is no well working Emulator<->Emulator or Emulator<->comlynx interface.

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  5. On 10/14/2020 at 9:52 AM, LordKraken said:

    ultiple times during each screen refresh. Still it will have an impact on your game performance. People with advanced "demomaker skills" like Sage or Enthusi might develop on that, but I don't see how this technique could be used in a real time game. Maybe for a more static one like chess?

    as mentioned, the PATW sokoban clone and some arkanoid/breakout demo clone ...

  6. 1 hour ago, Fadest said:

    Apart Duranik with Alpine Games and Bonus cartridge, I wonder if someone used more than 16 colors while ingame ?



    For me, Alpine Games is a masterpiece, the best game in Lynx library (commercial era and homebrews)

    (but maybe I'm biased, Winter Games was my first game on my first computer :D )



    a few games use rasters, if that counts.

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