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  1. You can 🙂 Just have to stream the midi commands from the card -> see my synth examples
  2. I think this is teh reason that not the register, but a shadow variable is set
  3. some old code i found. maybe this explains how i do it file_test.inc
  4. The boot loader needs to be in both AUDIN switchable banks, as the power up state is undefined or better, differs between different lynx versions. Thus the first thing the bootloader code has to do is to bring the bit to a defined state. Where you put your directory is then up to you. I decided to have it in bank0 only, and switch AUDIN back and forth each time I access it. the bank is encoded in the upper bits of the offset as the block number is already using 8 bits.
  5. i am not sure if this was already called "fork" 20 years ago...
  6. hmmm... i have to check the license for the one i am using ... not sure if i am allowed to pulish my changes...
  7. I repeat. good work 🙇‍♀️
  8. maybe a bad idea :-(((( luckily i was able to find the problem within minutes.
  9. ugly bug: lyxass accepts stx (tmp) and sty (tmp) but translates it to STA ($00) ; STX $00 ; STY $00 ;
  10. really? i never got simis runnign in the emulator even with eeprom. good work
  11. Feel free to upload the Roms 🙂 For preservation purpose only ... eeproms dont last forever ... 🙂
  12. yes sure, you find the source code for asm and cc if you look for it. but it is very limited in terms of cpu, memory and supports no effects. But this was discussed already 17 years ago...
  13. including eeprom support effect.o
  14. a pirate copy?
  15. but it looks like Carl is using the old compiler 😕
  16. somewhere i still have the source files to access 8 and 16 bit for different kind of eeproms for cc65. if you need it i might dig them out.
  17. there is no offical numbering. everybody numbers his compiled release different. would be nice if you meantion the source of your download.
  18. Just a remark: the instrument export is really bad. I agev up on making it better. Thus you better optimize them afterwards or take from sass.
  19. what a strange coincidence, indeed. well it does not write out this complicated SASS files, but directly the assembler code (with macros for better readability). As it is creating directly a lnx file (and there is a reason the lnx file looks very similar to the handymusic example :-)), you can easily see how to include the files into your own project.
  20. so you want your keyboard sound like a lynx, not connect the keyboard by midi to a real lynx?
  21. ONe question: how much is the music distorted if you use this?
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