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  1. AUDIN (or AUDIO) = AUxialary Data Input/Output :laugh:
  2. yes, they do. at least the one i own
  3. can you give details about your chain?
  4. hehe with this competitors maybe i should have thrown in some 50% done game engine, too 😛
  5. same ancient code base. maybe different patches in the last years.
  6. a pity that it only supports to cores and is not working with the epyx comlynx code 😞 i really would need some better way to test and make promo video lynxblast.mp4 Unbenannt.mp4
  7. It was somewhere hidden on my web site, which i did not update for loooong time. I guess i should move everything to github ... but i am too lazy to check the copyright things 😛 https://github.com/bspruck/lyxass_lib I normally softlllink al files into a single folder... thus some of my code might need pathname changes, like in https://github.com/bspruck/badapple
  8. i am always to lazy to put some examples somewhere , but here you can see how i structure my makefiles badapple.mak Makefile Makefile.base
  9. you can use the "copy an already working environment" ansatz. if you look into the chipper folder for example, you see that it compiles the music to a full rom as all tools and sources are included. (for windows, and quite outdated)
  10. https://github.com/bspruck/ you need: lyxass lyxass "libraries" -> includes/macros/vardefs (and optional a rom builder, as most emulators and flash card tools can handle single-file-memory-living-programs directly) optional: sprpck (for building sprites from pictures) if you want to have a more complicated project, which contains several files dynamically loaded from card, title pic etc it gets complicated..
  11. the template is for cc65, not necessary for assember projects
  12. no, it is the old ROM builder. but it is a bit annoying as it can only create this "troyan horse" style card layouts. you find a replacement on http://lynxdev.atari.org/ or newer on my github site same for some bugfixed/patched version of lyxass. if you use C wit the current cc65, it doesnt matter, as it embeds its own card layout and builder.
  13. gosh, there is still someone using lynxer ... this only makes troubles
  14. sage

    Analogue Pocket

    if they copied my code from the emulation core, it will work for 99.x% of the roms. beside some homebrew demos maybe
  15. sage

    Analogue Pocket

    i says i *will* get an card adaper, not that it plays lynx games ps unil now i have no seen a working lynx core yet
  16. no. unluckily, there is not note table. the frequency steps arenot very accurate, too.
  17. you cannot use negative coordinates. -> The screen offset need to be larger than the sprite position (action point), (the sprite might still be go out of the full world map depending in wher you set the action point).
  18. Start???? opt 1 and 2 normally map to "1" and "2", A and B to YX or ZX, depending on your keyboard
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