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  1. https://github.com/bspruck/


    you need:


    lyxass "libraries" -> includes/macros/vardefs

    (and optional a rom builder, as most emulators and flash card tools can handle single-file-memory-living-programs directly)

    optional: sprpck (for building sprites from pictures)


    if you want to have a more complicated project, which contains several files dynamically loaded from card, title pic etc it gets complicated..



  2. 4 minutes ago, OldAtAtari said:

    Was lynxer the assembler before lyxass came about?

    no, it is the old ROM builder.

    but it is a bit annoying as it can only create this "troyan horse" style card layouts.

    you find a replacement on http://lynxdev.atari.org/ or newer on my github site

    same for some bugfixed/patched version of lyxass.

    if you use C wit the current cc65, it doesnt matter, as it embeds its own card layout and builder.

  3. On 7/29/2020 at 4:34 AM, karri said:

    The Lynx adapter is available separately. It is not included. I also wonder a bit on the fact that there is no ROM code in the Analogue Pocket. This also means that it cannot boot everything a real Lynx can. Some people may rely on an existing ROM in the unit.

    if they copied my code from the emulation core, it will work for 99.x% of the roms. beside some homebrew demos maybe

  4. On 7/10/2020 at 6:30 AM, miker said:

    I'm interested in arpeggios like 0 3 7, 0 4 7, 0 5 7 etc. (where the numbers are successive tranpositions in note table).

    Is there possibility to make such a ones in Chipper? If so, can anybody help me?

    no. unluckily, there is not note table. the frequency steps arenot very accurate, too.

  5. you cannot use negative coordinates.

    -> The screen offset need to be larger than the sprite position (action point),  (the sprite might still be go out of the full world map depending in wher you set the action point).

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  6. 18 hours ago, davidcalgary29 said:

    Please consider the code for the hidden game of Galaxian in Lexis and the one for the hidden game in Lynx Reloaded.


    It'd be great to also see the Battlezone 2000 mode be given a menu option.

    As there is a released ROM version of Battlezone 2000 which directly  starts the easter egg, this might not be necessary.

    you find it somewhere in the forum here


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