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  1. 26 minutes ago, Clint Thompson said:

    So a quick search and I found that Duranik has a mod player for the Lynx that you can convert 4ch mods into lynx music, though I'm unsure how you implement the player or where you would find that. Has anyone used their tracker before?

    yes sure, you find the source code for asm and cc if you look for it. but it is very limited in terms of cpu, memory and supports no effects. But this was discussed already 17 years ago...

  2. what a strange coincidence, indeed.

    well it does not write out this complicated SASS files, but directly the assembler code (with macros for better readability).

    As it is creating directly a lnx file (and there is a reason the lnx file looks very similar to the handymusic example :-)), you can easily see how to include the files into your own project.

  3. 17 minutes ago, enthusi said:

    You can do it at 60Hz as well. I think HBL is not best suited since you lose the time you would otherwise have in Vblank. But it should work as well in HBL 🙂

    The tree is nice :) In general you'd want motives with vertical gradients to show off the colors.

    ONe question: how much is the music distorted if you use this?

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