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  1. How are you with SMT MACH CPLD? (ex, Afterburner040).
  2. Sometimes the file will need to be byte swapped before burning. When you load it into programming environment, TOS 4.04 first word should be 602e. If it reads 2e60 or else, you need to do a swap. I have CGYWIN on a PC, and use dd. I can send a 55ns Amtel with 4.04 when I send the COMBEL.
  3. Pretty sure all C-Lab did was to reutilize stock. They fiddled with hand picked DAC's, noticed those replaced on 4 different C-Labs I've owned/own. Interesting with the MKX, if indeed they stripped Falcons out of the Atari branded cases, or just sourced a quantity of motherboards. If the first, they should of been an excess of standard Atari cases you'd think. Here's a odd one for you😁
  4. Apologies, even though a small community, big internal foot print The CT60 (68060 accelerator card for the Falcon) comes with a small set of soft tools. One is a patch tool to update xcontrol.acc for 68060 compatibility. Over time, Atari had updated the file. Roger Burroughs (ExtenDOS) mentions an issue in EmuTOS where his solution is to use a later version of it. That's just an example for using a later version. Short answer I guess, find an online archive containing the disk that came with each machine. XCONTROL contained on the Falcon disk is the last version from Atari. Don't know the specifics of what is patched using the patch program included with the CT60, may not be necessary in your instance. Just pointing out there are a few versions of it, it's known to cause issues in some cases. I know, I talk too much
  5. For xcontrol.acc, use the version included with the CT60 package. Its been patched. Mikro's GitHub page has the file and description. Don't think it relates to NetUSB.
  6. Been many years since using the HDDriver demo. Think one of the limits use to be only SCSI ID 0 was supported to boot from. That drive may pre date me Generally SCSI devices don't (and shouldn't) need to be formatted, only partitioned. On an Atari, even a 10mb drive would take ages using AHDI.
  7. Have the SwiftCalc package, no indication of the version. Currently can't install to verify.
  8. Hehe, these are cropped phone shots of the menus on an old LCD. The quality is pretty good on a proper display. Messed with most any and all converters, for the price it's pretty good. If you want to spend more, guess the OSSC is a good option. Have a Sony BVM-D24E1WU outfitted with a few input cards. Has maybe 120 hours on it, just haven't gotten around to setting it up. It too is a monster. RGB there, without a converter is as good as it gets.
  9. Have 2 of these units. They must have a small modification done internally, but work quite well (subjective) with the Falcon and Jaguar, including audio. Recently purchased an OSSC, yet to setup. Here's a link to the post here. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/249091-falcon-scartrgb-to-hdmi/?tab=comments#comment-3439455
  10. Yes, added that up for you Since the start of this post, as everyone else that has been around for years, have taken in a lot of knowledge for all different types of Atari hardware. During the "Great ST Purge" of 2015, and since, have downsized significantly. 3 Falcons and the Milan remain. The worse part is, since 2008, have learned to write at most 2 or 3 lines of code So many here are fluent in language. I can type up a storm, that's about it. Happy with the 2 CT60 setups. Aquirred 2 years ago an Amiga 040-060 adapter, same design as Michaels. Without diving into the IC replacement beneath the CPU of the Milan, haven't been keen on going back to troubleshooting it. I'd found a good thread of all that's involved to have the Milan running well at 20mhz buss on the German Atari forum. Currently reworking hacks done to my original 1994 Falcon over the years. Had a scare, after socketing the NVRAM, failed to boot the diagnostic cart. Turned out I'd only tacked the socket in place After resolving that, she lights up just fine. All the pins from the past that were cut for the Nemesis install have been socketed, like the ACIA'S. This allows an independent and much cleaner solution to providing the 500khz via oscillator to each, as well as a smaller smt 48 DSP clock on the underside. Currently working 2 68040 PLL clock drivers into the system, one setting at the SDMA clock input, and other for expansion and COMBEL distribution across the board. In the past have toyed with overclocking the FPU. It becomes unstable around 40mhz. Being not of sound mind, and not sure what caused the direction, discovered the FPU (and 20/22mhz bus) settles down using a 64mhz FPU clock. Think Exxos mentions this, at a much later date than I'd discovered. Not sure if we were of the same mind, or he actually read through one of my book post I did it again! Too much brainstorming. Last notes I have from Doug Little, he pointed out the clock driver on the AB is only rated at 70mhz (35mhz BCLK) and felt that could be leading to stability issues running the AB over 44mhz. Have a supply of 100mhz IC's, will be using those to test soon. Where I'm kind of at is all this will still require fly wires across the board. An eBay seller that had some interesting 90 degree ISA card mounts said he'd be willing to make a custom board of my layout to resolve this, as did Frank Lucas. Just need to sit down and lay it all out once the AB is back up. I'm visualizing an expansion pin supported narrow PCB, with onboard oscillators, Vcc, and pick off points next to critical clock line placement for the VIDEL, SDMA. Wondering, without a scope yet, if an inverted PLL clock from the drivers can replace the traditional Falcon clock patch. Currently in a holding pattern. I'd offered to setup my spare CT60e and SV for another member on Atari forum and aid troubleshooting. He's not yet replied. User has been having no luck with Insanes CT TOS and his e for a year now. That offer will expire shortly And where is Jen's? Haven't seen him post in some time, and always become concerned when an Atari user that is legacy to the platform just drops off.
  11. Some years ago sold most everything other than a couple Falcons and associated hardware. I was a subscription freak, but those too all were sold of. Thanks so much for saving all this Aside from a bunch of cover disk i never go around to parting with, have one issue of Atari Computing August 1997 from a subscription I'd ordered for my mom. After she passed in 2013, I'd found it packed away, unopened Now living in Oregon, wonder if any of those early folks are still around. Steve's Computers and the magazines produced in the area.
  12. $20+$15 USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium box. 10 lbs. US shipping only. Update: I'll throw in another EZ135 to go with your other Atari, Mac or PC with SCSI to transfer between machines for another $10 + shipping, allow another $10 shipping, the other box is packed full. Just let me know if you want it when replying. PayPal works best. Realize this is fairly dated hardware, then who here doesn't own something dated. During the quad annual Atari room clean out, selected 16 EZ 135 removable disk as items to go to the thrift store, leaving me with 8 disk and 3 EZ drives. Thought about the "hardcore" stock 520 and 1040 ST users, decided first to make up a small "package" for offer. If you are working with half MEG of RAM, TOS less than 1.04, this will make life easier in some ways. Using ICD Pro (and a SCSI host adapter of some flavor) you can use each disk as a 135 MB bootable drive, with 16 different installation on each. Takes all but a reboot (if used as a bootable drive) and 40 seconds later working in a different customized environment Would be my use anyway if that was an only setup. So many ways now to use "modern' storage, this is the way it "use' to be done. Included CD Recorder Pro, which uses floppy in drive protection. Think this is not the latest version, but it's manual is at least in English, purchased from System Solutions via Toad Computers. Not familiar with Sound Lab, reading the docs noticed something about compatible with a few different ST sampler carts, Replay 16 was one. It's serialized software, don't know if it's copy protected. SCSI Tool and HUSHI are both in German, ordered from ASH via their old BBS system. They may or may not be revelint today. To use the EZ135 drive, an ASCI to SCSI adapter is required (or TT/Falcon), cables. The disk are currently partition as 135mb BGM. Maybe 2 have not been setup. Thought I'd check in, save someone a trip to the thrift store Don't think I missed anything
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