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  1. Since no one wants to answer your question... I've heard the new Retrobit ones for NES and SNES are quite good, and there is a dogbone option. At least that's the word from Digital Press. I haven't actually gotten one yet, but I plan on getting a set of dogbones to try them out.
  2. THIS. The first 4 games TrekMD listed are THE must-haves on the Jag, though I would also add Cybermorph personally. Doom & AVP (also Wolfenstein 3D) are all decent on the Jag, but you can't circle strafe, and AVP hasn't aged well at all. Hover Strike is completely playable (and enjoyable) on CD, but the frame rate on the cart version just kills it. The games you got are a very rough introduction aside from Iron Soldier. That one is a great game; it's just hard as nails. The only fighter on system that is worth playing is Ultra Vortek. Primal Rage is CD only and prohibitively expensive. The Jag version of NBA Jam, aside from the music, is absolutely ACE. Atari Karts, Missile Command 3D & Power Drive Rally, all of which can be on the expensive side, are also all good stuff. Val d'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding is a semi-sequel to the SNES Mode 7 Tommy Moe skiing game, and it is also a lot of fun (and cheap). Cannon Fodder is a great Amiga port, as is Zool 2. The Jag also has a great version of Zoop. I am far from a fanatic about the system (though I LOVE the VLM & BattleMorph on the CD), but it isn't anywhere near as bad as your first impression of it. Also, on a side note, do yourself a favor and track down either a composite or S-Video cable. The Jag RF is frickin' awful. Final note: The rotary is fantastic for T2K, but it also plays great with the pad. I'd honestly buy more of the recommended games, or the most excellent Pro Controller, first unless you are absolutely smitten with T2K. It's worth it in the long run, but not as an out of the gate purchase.
  3. Definitely disagree on those over Bonk. The first Bonk is a true classic. Actually, the first two are. Rayman is actually best on the Jag (phenomenal), but Zool 2... can't agree. It's one of the better Amiga inherited games, and a decent platformer, but if you want to play something great in the genre, many Genesis games run rings around it. The Jag does indeed get a bad rap, but outside of about 15-20 games in its library, it's pretty dire unless you want to drop some serious cash. BUT, to each his own. Like I said, for $50, a Jag is a decent deal. I am a Jag fan despite my poo-poo-ing it over the Turbo; it's just not for everyone. OP got a pretty good deal on the Turbo with the Turbobooster Plus and Splatterhouse (if its complete) for $50. Absolutely. Enjoy it!
  4. TURBOGRAFX ALL THE WAY. No question. However, I wholeheartedly recommend a Japanese Duo-R over anything else. Best of both worlds, and you can use any controller except the larger port US Turbopads with it (The US TurboDuo, which is a timebomb, also uses the smaller Japanese connectors). There really isn't anything you absolutely NEED to play in English on HuCard (if you need to, a region mod is the way to go), and the Japanese cards tend to be much cheaper. Also, the Japanese HuCard library is MUCH better than the meager US one (see OutRun, AfterBurner II and SFII just for starters). The CD games are all region free, and I consider them necessary. Great library of solid 16-Bit era greatness. It also happens to be the greatest shoot 'em up console in the history of video gaming. The US release was the very definition of a wasted opportunity. I have them both, and the real truth is that the Jaguar kinda sucks. I know, T2K, AVP, etc., but truthfully, that's all it's really good for. And I even admit that I personally love CyberMorph! I also like the controller! (Though the overpriced Pro Controllers are absolutely the better option) Now, the VLM is my favorite music visualizer ever, but it's trapped on the temperamental and expensive Jag CD; for which there is only one truly great game (BattleMorph - IS2 is too hard to be fun). There are some other true gems (Super Burnout[!!!], Power Drive Rally, Rayman, Raiden, and some more that escape me), but overall, the library is frickin' awful. Most of the games, AVP included unfortunately, have aged very poorly. The other half are "Eurotrash." I know it's sacrilege to be wrecking the Jag on Atariage of all places, but it's more a curiosity than anything else at this point (unless you are a T2K freak, which is understandable - the game is transcendent). Get a Duo-R. Do it. (Oh, and $50 is too much for a TG-16 unless it has the CD attachment - then it's a steal. It's fine for a Jag.)
  5. Hyperchase might have been the best home version of Turbo if it weren't so damn twitchy! >:\ I have two controllers that are in pretty nice shape. The one stick feels a little looser than the other, but they both actually control about the same. Like Plink said, as long as it auto centers, you are good. I once played a Vectrex with a pretty severely bent stick that was uncomfortable, but auto-centered fine. I love everything about the Vectrex except the sad fact that no one makes repro overlays. They really do enhance the experience considerably, but it is an expensive machine to collect for, and that doesn't solve the homebrew overlay problem. And well, I guess maintenance can be an issue too. Mine is in beautiful physical shape, but aging electronics do occasionally stop working. I've already had to replace one of the chips to fix an issue. At least I lucked out and found I had one with socketed chips. It could still really use a cap replacement though, and some monitor tweaking, but I just haven't gotten around to it (I need to search out a parts list). I also generally don't like to do elective surgery on hard to replace hardware. I am considering adjusting the monitor pots soon though.
  6. Monday Bump. Sold items removed.
  7. Adulthood is finally catching up with yours truly, so I have to cut back. These are not my "doubles;" they just need to find a new home. Now for the fine print: All games are cartridge only, and have been thoroughly cleaned and tested. All are in very nice shape, with any condition issues noted (and price adjusted accordingly). From a non-smoking home. Prices are based on the DP online guide, so they are relatively firm (see relatively - offers will be entertained). Lowball offers will be politely declined (nothing personal). Shipping will be the actual shipping cost via USPS First Class or Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation. PM me with what you are interested in, and I will send you a shipping quote. *Please include your ZIP CODE to speed up the process.* Games will ship ASAP upon receiving payment. Paypal & USPS Money Orders accepted. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay with the same username, and also have a decent thread going in the Feedback Forum over at Digital Press. Happy shopping! 1943 $5.00 3D WorldRunner $3.00 Abadox $4.00 Adventure Island $9.00 Adventure Island 2 (slight peeling on label spine) $8.00 Adventures of Lolo $6.00 AfterBurner $5.00 Air Fortress $3.00 Alien Syndrome $4.00 Alpha Mission $3.00 Astyanax $3.00 Athena $3.00 Barker Bill's Trick Shooting $6.00 Baseball $1.00 Batman $5.00 Batman Returns $6.00 Battletoads $9.00 Bible Adventures v1.3 $10.00 Bible Buffet v6.0 (does not include book) $25.00 Bionic Commando $6.00 Blades of Steel $3.00 Bubble Bobble $15.00 Bucky O'Hare $10.00 Burai Fighter $4.00 Cabal $3.00 Captain Skyhawk $2.00 Castlevania $9.00 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest $6.00 Clash at Demonhead $4.00 Cobra Triangle $3.00 Code Name: Viper $5.00 Contra $15.00 Crystalis $10.00 Darkwing Duck $7.00 Demon Sword $4.00 Donkey Kong (5 screw) $10.00 Donkey Kong Jr. (5 screw) $10.00 Donkey Kong 3 $8.00 Dragon Spirit: The New Legend $5.00 Dr. Mario $8.00 Duck Hunt $1.00 DuckTales $5.00 Excitebike $5.00 Exodus: Journey to the Promised Land v4.0 $9.00 Fantasy Zone $7.00 Final Fantasy $20.00 Fist of the North Star $8.00 Galaga $7.00 Gargoyle's Quest 2 $10.00 Ghosts 'N Goblins $5.00 GI Joe The Atlantis Factor $10.00 Golgo 13 $5.00 Gradius $6.00 The Guardian Legend $5.00 Guerrilla War $6.00 Gyromite $2.00 Heavy Barrel $7.00 High Speed $6.00 Hogan's Alley $2.00 Image Fight $5.00 Isolated Warrior $8.00 Jackal $5.00 Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu $7.00 Joe & Mac $10.00 Journey to Silius $5.00 Kabuki Quantum Fighter $5.00 Kickle Cubicle $6.00 Kid Icarus $10.00 King of Kings: The Early Years v1.3 $10.00 King's Knight $6.00 Kirby's Adventure $10.00 Kiwi Kraze $8.00 Knight Rider $6.00 Kung Fu $2.00 Legacy of the Wizard $4.00 Legendary Wings $3.00 The Legend of Kage $3.00 Life Force $5.00 The Little Mermaid $7.00 Little Nemo the Dream Master $7.00 The Mafat Conspiracy $5.00 Mario Bros. $6.00 Mega Man $18.00 Mega Man 2 $12.00 Mega Man 3 $12.00 Mega Man 6 (some peeling on spine of label) $18.00 Metal Gear $10.00 Metal Storm $10.00 Metroid $10.00 Mike Tyson's Punch Out! $15.00 Ninja Gaiden $10.00 Ninja Gaiden II $9.00 Ninja Gaiden III $16.00 Pinball $2.00 Pinbot $4.00 Popeye (5 screw) $7.00 Qix $10.00 Rad Racer $3.00 Rad Racer II $6.00 R.C. Pro-Am $5.00 Rescue Rangers $6.00 River City Ransom $15.00 RoadBlasters $4.00 Rolling Thunder $4.00 Rush 'N Attack $4.00 Rygar $3.00 Section Z $3.00 Shadow of the Ninja $5.00 Shatterhand $6.00 Shinobi $5.00 Sky Shark $3.00 Slalom (5 screw) $5.00 Snake, Rattle & Roll $4.00 Snake's Revenge $5.00 Star Force $1.00 Stinger $3.00 Strider $3.00 Super C $15.00 Super Dodge Ball $20.00 Super Mario Brothers (5 screw) $2.00 Super Mario Brothers 2 (small scuff on spine of label) $10.00 Super Mario Brothers 3 $12.00 Super Pitfall $5.00 Tecmo Bowl $5.00 Tecmo Super Bowl $8.00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $2.00 TMNT II: The Arcade Game $6.00 TMNT III: The Manhattan Project $10.00 Terra Cresta $5.00 Tetris $5.00 Tetris (Tengen) $30.00 Thundercade $3.00 Tiger Heli $3.00 Track & Field $7.00 Track & Field II $3.00 Trog $7.00 Trojan $3.00 VICE: Project Doom $5.00 Whomp Em $6.00 Wild Gunman $6.00 Willow $5.00 Wrath of the Black Manta $3.00 Wrecking Crew (5 screw) $6.00 Zanac $3.00 Zen: Intergalactic Ninja $6.00 Thanks for looking! klausien
  8. I can't believe I forgot Baldies! Another of the better games for the Jag CD actually. An interesting RTS.
  9. The general idea is that the Jag CD has a poor drive in terms of durability. Someone I know bought one at a store, which was tested in front of him, and it wouldnt work when he got home. Replacement drives are out there, and run around $20 shipped, so I wouldnt worry too much. It is a relatively easy repair if you can solder. The Jag CD is a delicate item, but it's worth every penny for the VLM alone. It is simply the best music visualizer ever released to the general public. In terms of games, here's my take on all the ones that matter (IMHO): Battlemorph - Must have. It's everything you wanted Cybermorph to be and more. Probably my favorite Jag CD game. Blue Lightning - Must have, if only for the fact that it is part of a complete system. Relatively poor update of the excellent Lynx game. AfterBurner clone that pretty much fails across the board, though it is definitely playable. Braindead 13 - I paid too much for this, but was aware of what I was getting and wanted to complete my collection. FMV game like Dragon's Lair, only with some branching pathways and even more humor. Nice Halloween game. Easier to find cheaper (and with slightly better video) on a multitude of systems. Dragon's Lair - The classic laserdisc game. Very playable in comparison to the original. Decent enough video quality. Worth the pittance it goes for. Highlander - I have seen as many positive reviews of this game as I have negative. If you a Highlander nut, it's ok I guess. I find it a bit too tough to stomach visually (after removing the rose-colored glasses), but I suppose it was decent at the time. Imagine the graphics of StarFox on the SNES used in an adventure game like a King's Quest. Yeah, it isn't quite as cool as what you just imagined. Hover Strike - The frame rate is leagues better than the cart version, but its still only Hover Strike. Battlemorph (or any of the Shockwave games on 3DO) is a better choice. Iron Soldier 2 - The first Iron Soldier is a hidden gem, and the sequel does it one better. Some of the best 3D on the system. Like the first, this one is a little clunky in a gameplay sense, but it is appropriate for a mech game. A bit too expensive for its own good. Myst - An excellent version of Myst. If you haven't played Myst, you should. It isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I can dig it. Primal Rage - Good conversion of the arcade game. Another that is too expensive for its own good. The 3DO, PSX & Saturn versions have larger characters, but the Jag CD game holds it own. Load times are rough. Gameplay is about as good as Primal Rage gets, if you have a Pro Controller. Space Ace - Easily the least playable of the laserdisc arcade games on the system. Take that as you will. Vid Grid - A nice surprise, and definitely goes over well with more casual types. The choice of music videos you manipulate are quite good. Worth having, especially if you want to have both pack-in games. World Tour Racing - Contrary to most of what I've read, the game is not much of an improvement over Checkered Flag. It's a little bit easier to control I guess, but the frame rate still makes it very difficult to enjoy consistenly. Play the incredible Super Burnout, Power Drive Rally, or even Atari Karts instead. I didn't count homebrews per se, but they are all worth checking out; if only as a curiosity. Gorf is truly excellent though, and is the most professional of all the homebrews I've played. Too bad it's so unavailable. DiamJag is also quite nice.
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    Zero 5

    Seriously, I love the Jag. Respect.
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    Zero 5... Melts faces... Not a prank post (I'm just drunk)... I love it. Worth every penny. Get it. Long live the Jag. Wow. First post. I am a newb to the atariage, but I'm a DP regular (ish). Much love.
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