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  1. Are you using an Atari adapter with those joysticks?? If not check out ArcadeShopper's web store.
  2. Here's a PDF and DSK image that I have. Beneath Apple DOS.zip
  3. There isn't any reference in his FinalGrom docs on how to enable 8K RAM in the 6000-7FFF area. Looks like we need to ask him to add SuperCart support. Maybe use a upper case "R" for SuperCart (8K RAM) and a lower case "r" for MiniMemory (4K/4K ROM/RAM split).
  4. I got the i9-7960 mostly for video work and 4K gaming. It also helps to have a family member that works at a major computer outlet for employee pricing.
  5. Clearing out some unneeded processes and DLL's from Windows. Also bumping up the priority level for Classic99. The last few Windows 7 cummlative monthly updates keep adding unneeded stuff. Both systems seem a bit snappier and faster now.
  6. Update: It seems to be working fine again on the laptop. It has only happened three times on the laptop and twice on the desktop since the update release. Weird -- it could be a timing related issue to my Realtek HD sound drivers (same version in both systems).
  7. Anyone noticing any slight static or noise added to the sound output of this latest release?? Both my laptop and desktop systems (Win7) are exhibiting this behavior. I haven't tried it out on my i9-7960 (Win10) Mini-WS rig yet. Will check it out this weekend.
  8. I wish it was the A/C connection problem with that powerboard. And thanks for the info.
  9. Where can one get a replacement power supply board for a v1.0 X-Box?? As my old one blew up back in 2015 when playing a game. It made a loud sound like a gunshot and on inspection the center of the board was blackend, cracked and blown out. I removed it and threw it out as it was beyond repair. Everything else inside seemed to be undamaged -- DVD & HD tested to work -- no visual damage on the motherboard and daughter cards. Are there any newer high quality ones available?
  10. P-box side connectors and cats don't mix well. Count on your latest EA compile to be lost... They also love streching out over the TI coffee warmer and keyboard in the winter when you go for a bathroom break.
  11. Here's a console grom modification with CSAVE embedded into it (8K groms with the upper 2K areas used). You can use it also with a EA grom thats been relocated to g>E000-g>F7FF and a GPL assembler to roll your own modules. Remember to disable GRAM access from Classic99 when using CSAVE to avoid corruption when saving your work. Classic 99 user cart entry: [usercart99] ; *** CSAVE/BAS/XB name="CSAVE/BAS/XB" rom0=G|0000|6000|MODS\BASCSAVG.bin rom1=C|6000|2000|MODS\XB110C.bin rom2=X|6000|2000|MODS\XB110D.bin rom3=G|6000|A000|MODS\XB110G.bin Hope this helps. MODS.zip
  12. How about this: Enable GRAM access. Make your changes to XB. Disable GRAM access. And use an XB Opt5 loader to run CSAVE. You can then use a Hex editor to remove any headers and concentate the grom files to XB_G.BIN. And just remove the headers of the rom files to XB_C.BIN and XB_D.bin.
  13. My top two games are Q*bert and Moon Patrol. Honorable mention to TI-Toad.
  14. Another non-game one is TI-Forth's music demo.
  15. Have you tried using "Process Explorer" before running Classic 99? This may help to pindown any background tasks that may be kicking in and interfering. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer
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