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  1. Here's a XB360 HDD upgrade YouTube video. Around the 11min mark is the Backwards-Compatabiliy partition restoration. You do need a copy of this which can be found on the net, or from an original MS drive. Note: you need an older XP/Win7 system for HDDHACKR to work. Also you can use Xplorer 360 to see if partition 2 and its contents are on your unofficial drive (use the appropriate version for the size of your drive).
  2. Your unofficial HDD might also be missing a hidden partition that is needed to install this file. Lots of unofficial drives offered on E-Bay are often missing the proper partion layout required for this to work. -------- XB360 Slim / 750 WD Black (WD75000BPKT) / 500GB useable
  3. Do you have the default.xex file installed on the root of a FAT32 formatted USB drive.
  4. You need to have the "Backwards Compatability Update - November 2007" installed. Which Microsoft no longer offer/have on their site. Here are the files, and use the same method of a USB system update to install: Xbox Original Compatability.txt Xbox 360 Backwards Compatability Update - November 2007.zip
  5. Yeah definitely a fuser replacement. Happens after a certain number of print jobs on the consumer level HP's. Usually about 2-3 years on the newer HP models from my experience. It will eventually worsen over each print run.
  6. Both seem to work from Classic99. It looks like BVC sets up a moddified GPL interpreter in the lower 8K to run its magic. This could be causing problems for the FinalGROM. The DSK version should work fine as it just patches the GPL code for file access. You need to enter CS1 or DSK1.FileName with no errors as there is no syntax or error checking in the patched code. Have you tried renaming the files? Here are the files again along with the original. VideoChess_G.BIN VideoChess_C.BIN VideoChessDSK_G.BIN VideoChessDSK_C.BIN VideoChessBVC_G.BIN VideoChessBVC_C.BIN VideoChess_OrigDskBVC.zip
  7. Hopefully they are "attached" now. Oops... VideoChess_Variants.zip
  8. Omega can you try these two variants out on your FinalGROM. The first has the BVC grom attached and the second is a GROM modification that was in an issue of Micropendium (can't remember which one).
  9. The missing titles from the Atarisoft list that were never produced for the TI.
  10. You can try moving it from "C:\Program Files\Classic99" to something more like "C:\Emuls\Classic99". And see if that works.
  11. There's a version call Leisure Suit Toby being worked on for the Colecovision MegaCart. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/247876-leisure-suit-toby-for-colecovision/
  12. Here's a link to Menards with the AFB9-AV box. https://www.menards.com/main/atari-flashback-reg-9-classic-game-console/ar3220/p-1492064302826.htm
  13. Walmart Canada print and on-line ads do not match for the Atari Flashback 9 and Atari Legends consoles. The boxes look almost identical but the versions picked up at my local Walmart were only composite video. Check the round circles on the front of the box for a HDMI circle. If missing they are the composite versions. I just returned two of them as my HDTV has only HDMI inputs.
  14. Here's my Funware ROM dumps from various sources over the years. The only dump with a GROM was ST. NICK. This was from a friend from Innisfail, Alberta (old Red Deer 99'ers U.G.). Funware_Modules.zip
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