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  1. Try using this from basic with the EA cart inserted (Disk/32K req.). You can omit the line numbers to load from command mode. 100 CALL INIT 110 CALL LOAD("DSK1.TOMB")
  2. Is the button on the Navarone "GromBuster" a reset or load interrupt switch?? As I had a CorComp "GromBuster" once, but gave it away to someone in need with a beige 4A. Also just checked my Navarone flyer from Oct-1983 and it doesn't mention the switch and its function. Need to dig out my TexComp, Triton, and Tenex catalogs to see what they say.
  3. The various TI catalogs from 1985/86 listed the Navarone GromBuster for $24.95.
  4. It allows you to run Rom cartridges (Atarisoft/Navarone/Romox/etc) on the beige V2.2 QI consoles. This looks like the cartridge port version with a reset switch. CorComp made one that plugged into the side port and had a load interrupt switch.
  5. majestyx, Here's my post from 2018 on my Infocom re-conversions and relavant info on Z3 usage on the TI. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/277516-infocom-interpreter-for-f18a/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-4005287
  6. Just before heading off for Christmas I recovered some music and a graphic demo from cassette. They were written in XB back in 85/86. TVT.zip
  7. Try re-seating your cartridge. I've had similar screwyness when my XB cart wasn't seated properly with my CF7+. Also try cleaning the cartridge port if the problem persists, and make sure the old felt pad inside is removed. Hope this helps.
  8. Five of the six 360K drives in my TI systems are not working from disuse. I've been using emulation and the CF7/NanoPEB over the last 9 years. Tried to fire up my Geneve, P-Box, and CCMESS three days ago and only found one working drive. Is there an article or decent web page on how to disassemble a floppy drive and refurbish it. My offending drives are 4 Panasonic JU-455-5 and an Olivetti. The working one is a Fujitsu. I would like to get started on this in the beginning of the new year.
  9. Okay, I'm wrong there. Fred's version is called "5 Pin Bowling" and the in-game screen shot looked similar from memory. Just dug his version out and tried it out. 5PINBOWL.zip
  10. "Tranquilty Based" was done by several members of the Calgary 99er's User Group. The Red Deer Users Group was just 1hr/30mins north of Calgary and met up with them often in the late 80's (Joined 88'). Near the end with membership dwindling both groups got together each month alternating between both locations up till 93/94. The Red Deer user group aquired this game through our disk library program exchange. Never met the authors of the game as they left the Calgary group several months before my first meeting with them. This was programmed back in 84/85. Hope every one enjoys this version of Lunar Lander. It's quite a hard but fun version and will take a while to get the landing speed just right. My best attempt was just over 3/4 bases complete (late 90's). Good luck!! Also the XB Bowling game on the TI Gameshelf with unknown author, was done by Fred Kessler of the Red Deer users group.
  11. The keys for my previous post are: S & D - Rotation P - Thrusters
  12. Here is a pretty good port in the following zip. I can't remember the instructions for the keys used though. LunarLander_XB_OPT5.zip
  13. Mine was Super Extended Basic with the Multi-Mod eprom. Worked great with my CCMES9900 (2 DSDD drives).
  14. Are you using an Atari adapter with those joysticks?? If not check out ArcadeShopper's web store.
  15. Here's a PDF and DSK image that I have. Beneath Apple DOS.zip
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