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  1. Thierry Nouspikel's "The TI-99/4A Tech Pages" has lots of great info there. There are also disassembled GPL listings of the E/A, Mini-Memory, and TI-Writer carts.
  2. Hopefully my CorComp 9900MES will be resurrected at the end of the month. Just waiting on some chips, 2xTMS9901 and 2xWD1773 to arrive. It's a nice small semi-portable TI system (RS232/PIO/32K/DD-FDC/2x5.25" half-height drives). Will swap out one of the floppy drives for a GoTek when fixed.
  3. DEFER!! Wee hours of the morning spelling mistake. 🥱 🤪 No disrespect meant there Tursi.
  4. I differ to Tursi here. Hope you get things figured out Home Automation.
  5. You are using a DOS 8.3 filename with the TI file system. Need to remove the period in the filename and rename it to something the TI will recognize. Also make sure the FIAD header matches the new filename and is 10 chars or less. Suggested change is "MM_LBLA.OBJ" to "MM_LBLA_O".
  6. You can find NOS 1/2GB SanDisk branded cards on EBay. I suggest getting a newer one over a used one due to the age and wear level. It would be a bummer to lose your saves if the used one craters. I recommend one of the following brands in NOS packaging: SanDisk (licensed) Lexar (licensed) Sony (official)
  7. Been using the SanDisk memory stick pro duo sd card adapter(s) with 16GB and 32GB on my PSP's for quite sometime now. I was lucky to snag 6 (inc. 1GB SanDisk SD-Card) of them from my local computer shop on a clearance sale quite a few years ago. Don't use cheap no-name SD cards as they just cause problems. Mine are using genuine SanDisk ones. Tried a cheap one and ended up throwing it into the trash. PSP3000 (OrigFW) PSP1000 (CFW) It's the PS-Vita that needs to be jailbroken to use the SD2Vita Adpaters.
  8. FlashRom99 "SA_ADV8.BIN" file note: Fixed the menu item to display ADV-LOADER so it doesn't get confusing when seeing ADVENTURE twice when the GPL simulator resets the system. You can rename it to ADV32K8.BIN to indicate ram is needed.
  9. Well ... with 32K and an Extended Basic; Editor Assembler; or TI-Writer module you can use these two disks. These are the games that came on my tape of Scott Adams Adventures from Tex-Comp in the 80's. XB will auto load; E/A choose option 5 and press enter; with TI-Writer choose option 3 and press enter. All will reset the system and run a GPL simulator from the 32K ram expansion. TI-Writer will have it as menu item '9'. The Adventure filenames are: SA_ADV1.dsk - 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13AE, 15AE, QP1AE, and QP2AE. SA_ADV2.dsk - JUNE, LOOSE, and IRON. For example when it says enter device type DSK1.13AE Just added the FlashRom99 file that requires 32K also. SA_ADV1.dskSA_ADV2.dsk SA_ADV8.BIN
  10. I just ask my Google Nest Mini to set my timers.
  11. I have used SD Formatter to fix a few problematic SD Cards/USB sticks. Just use the defaults and make sure you select the right drive letter for your SD card. Some of the smaller cards might be reset to FAT16 after using this. You can then do a quick FAT32 format from windows to fix this. https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter/
  12. A fair chunk of the FR99 Starters Pack !!DO!! require 32K. As most of the programs there are the 32K disk conversions. In where the contents of the FR99 menu selection is copied from the cart to the ram expansion and then run. You'll have more luck with the Atarisoft, Romox, Navarone, Funware, and Databiotics games on the FlashROM99. Any cart that used ROM banking should work. All GROM and MBX based cartridges will not work. Also with a FinalGROM99 there is no MBX or 8K SuperCart support. There are 5 Databiotics carts that used CRU banking and you'll need modified versions to run them. They are Red Baron; Star Gazer I-II-II; Beyond Wordwriter; Desktop Publisher; and TI Workshop. The last one needs the 32K mem-expansion. Your best bet is to get a FinalGROM99 and you'll be able to run most of TI's catridge library. Also adding a 32K mem-expansion is highly recommended. You can then run the MBX cart conversions; have expanded Extended Basic support; and other options.
  13. Before switching over to a Pentium I system my last upgrade to my 486 motherboard was an AMD Am5x86-P100 X5-160 ADZ (Am486 DX5 160MHz). It was the sweetest 486 compatible processor I had ever used back then along with 32MB of ram. Just need to dig around to see if I still have it stashed somewhere.
  14. Have you tried Steve Snake's original KGen or KGen98 releases for Genesis/MD emulation? Not sure if they will work on a 486 as they might need the MMX extensions found in the later Pentiums.
  15. Went through all the XB's (sans RXB) yesterday in Classic99 and not one would accept the line without the errror message. I wonder if he used one of the old XB utils that allowed importing of a XB program from a TI-Writer DV80 file...
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