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  1. I'm not sure if I caught a STELLA bug, a rom bug, or if it's just my computer. When running MacOSX 10.7.5 with Stella 6.0.1, an issue happened whenever I pressed the left arrow key (move ship left) and option (fire) at the same time. It would swipe away Stella! and then I would have to click stella in the taskbar to get it back. The game seemed to still be running in realtime, and it seemed I got lucky and wasn't destroyed yet. This was the demo earlier in the thread. I'm not sure if the demos on page 7 that you can't download are updated versions or the same as the one I downloaded. I would definitely buy this game as a cartridge from the Atariage store, especially if a free final rom is posted here on the thread. In fact, I think this is the second most exciting thing going on in 2600-land at the moment, first being Dan Kitchen's Keystone kapers 2 in progress. Galaga has never been on the 2600, and CHAMP are just the guys to do it. This looks REALLY cool. Wow. Exciting.
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