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  1. I'm not sure if I caught a STELLA bug, a rom bug, or if it's just my computer. When running MacOSX 10.7.5 with Stella 6.0.1, an issue happened whenever I pressed the left arrow key (move ship left) and option (fire) at the same time. It would swipe away Stella! and then I would have to click stella in the taskbar to get it back. The game seemed to still be running in realtime, and it seemed I got lucky and wasn't destroyed yet. This was the demo earlier in the thread. I'm not sure if the demos on page 7 that you can't download are updated versions or the same as the one I downloaded. I would definitely buy this game as a cartridge from the Atariage store, especially if a free final rom is posted here on the thread. In fact, I think this is the second most exciting thing going on in 2600-land at the moment, first being Dan Kitchen's Keystone kapers 2 in progress. Galaga has never been on the 2600, and CHAMP are just the guys to do it. This looks REALLY cool. Wow. Exciting.
  2. Has anyone ever found carrying cases the right size for the flashback portable? Or any good Atari decals that will fit on the back of the unit? Especially in the battery area where there is a flat square surface.
  3. Please add me to the list. James
  4. Stella 4.1.1. Previously I tried clicking the file while in the OS, from a folder, not in Stella. I tried it by right clicking and 'opening with' (stella) and it actually showed parts of the desktop and parts of the game, and the half colored squares. I put it in the roms folder where Stella expects it be, opened Stella, selected qbert arcade, and it played fine. Lots of stuff either won't run or runs crazy on the 'flashback' portable. some games work right, though and I've had success with projectors so far. I met the guy who created Q-bert. Nice guy. I wonder what he thinks of the 2600 version, and what would he think of this? My opinion is it's cool! %*&^
  5. Does anyone have a version that will work on the Atari Flashback Portable? In Stella, it acted strangeley as well. Haven't tried it on Harmony Cart yet, but in Flashback Portable, you can't advance to the next level. In Stella, it displayed parts of the screen and had half squares colored, half uncolored. I like the level one animation and it seems better to play than the original port.
  6. @ Flojomojo, (The folder I posted is 52 pages, many fewer ROMs, and way smaller in size.) Although I got 103 pages, when I ran Dot_clean in the 'Terminal' app in macosx, It reduced down to 52 pages like yours. There were all these 'extra' files showing up, only on the flashdrive, after being copied without them visible on the hard drive. Like ._space.bin, ._space.bin, and space.bin. THe menu list looked ugly and was quadrupled or whatever in size. So I learned a few Unix command line commands.The menu looks way nicer now.
  7. So if the thing is limited to 103 pages of menu, does anybody know how much memory the system allocates or is usable out of an 8 gigabyte card? Willie's Folder is about 3.3 megabytes and goes to 103 pages. My folder was 21.6 megabytes with 1,900 ROMS and the FIRECORE system went to the letter 'E' and ended at 103 pages. Maybe somebody should post what SD cards not to buy. The older cheap $5 ones seem to work so afr, and I think when I tried newer ones on the SEGA they did not work.
  8. I noticed in TURMOIL you can't grab the eggs on the left side of the screen, but you can get them on the right side of the screen. Can't say the game works right in the portable, although it appears to at first. In "Bobby Goes Home", or "Bobby Gehts Heim", there are jacked up artifacts, including an aurora borealis of junk when he reaches the home at the end of a level. There are 60 games, and 8 paddle games and 4 trackball games included in the Flashback Menu. If they took these out of the menu, they would appear more to know what they are doing. That leaves you with 48 games. The trackball games are typically played with a joystick on a real Atari, but it is pretty bad, at least debatable. but no room for paddle games, they are terrible and unplayable with the d-pad!! Tempest is a proto that is pretty bad as it was unfinished, and used a joystick, but should have used paddles, of course. Paddle games on Atari Flashback Portable (and 7?) 1.Astroblast 2. Pong Sports 3. circus atari 4. demons to diamonds 5.Breakout 6.super breakout 7. blackjack 8.night driver Trackball games (Joystick games that worked when I plugged in the Atari trackball) 1. Centipede 2.Millipede 3.Crystal Castles 4. Missile Command It supports 103 pages of SD card menu, I think the same as the brother system SEGA ARCADE ULTIMATE. (They should have made the top and bottom plastic brown instead of gray) (The manual I scanned it for you all myself, I sure get tired of uploading everything in .bmp, and having to delete it all, change it to .jpg, and re-upload it. support for .BMP images on here would be convenient.) The Flashback Portable comes with the box, 16 page manual, USB charging cable, and the unit. It does not have a charger plug for the wall, so you have to buy a chager head for the usb cable or charge from a computer. It does not come with an A/V cable, and I assume that it does not work like on the SEGA portable. (meaning you can only connect to old CRT tvs with RCA jacks, but not new TVs with RCA jacks or old or new projectors with RCA jacks.
  9. Yes, it was the folder Willie uploaded with 516 games. It doesn't show those "extra" files on my mac, but they appear when I load up the SD card. I tried dot clean, and nothing happened. Do you have to specify the directory path if you are already in the 'GAME' folder directory? I loaded up TERMINAL in OSX 10.7.5 and found the GAME directory, and just typed dot_clean.After erasing the SD, and copying from computer, the files were still the same. I know nothing, and these UNIX commands were very helpful: pwd- tells what directory you are in ls- lists your files
  10. Is there any way to get rid of the extraneous files on the list? Your original folder I downloaded doesn't show them on my computer, but it does show up on the menu. (The ones that begin with a dot.)
  11. Who's filming STELLA AT 40 ?????? (Al Alcorn didn't seem too enthusiastic about it, Perhaps Nolan Bushnells' attempts to get the logo back and his Atari 2.0 would be a good subject to talk about, the 2600 retrogaming and homebrew scene of today would also be good, maybe some other programmers like the guy that did H.E.R.O. and Cosmic Commuter)
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