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  1. Would it be possible for an emulator to be programmed to work with the Intellivision Flashback controllers ON THE SOFTWARE SIDE, to eliminate the need for the adaptors? Like a switch between normal controllers that would be hooked to a USB adaptor, and a Flashback controller that would be hooked to a USB adaptor to PC or Mac?
  2. Ok, cool. Usually you answer my email within 3 days and I think its been a couple weeks and I sent you a second email no response so I was checking on ya.
  3. Nurmix, Can you add me to your Flashback adaptors list? I got a spare Intv II controller and hooked it up to a laptop with the Visiondapter. I totally want to try a flashback controller on the laptop and on the Intellivision II. Shark..Shark..
  4. I cant remember if one of the 2 Flashbacks was missing a power adaptor or what...looked everywhere, only found the one. I used the one I found with Colecovision Flashback last night, will try it with Intellivision Flashback. In comparison, Ive used the Intellivision Flashback much more than the Colecovision Flashback. Kind of trying out the Colecovision Flashback again last night after a long time, it seems pretty bad. Hard to control. Is Jumpman Junior normally that hard to align to and climb ladders? It was frustrating.
  5. Are the Colecovision and Intellivision Flashback power adaptors the same? I have both Flashbacks but can only find one power supply. Don't want to fry one of them, plugging in the wrong adaptor.
  6. Do the Intellivision Flashback and Colecovision Flashback have the same power adaptor?
  7. 1724 is what I got with the 16k ram in the expander.
  8. Typed these in from the simplified instruction booklet. The keyboard rather sucks, in my opinion. Cant get used to the space button on the left and keep wanting to mess up by hitting the other key next to it. I wonder if its just from age, but the main drawback is typing and having a lot of missing letters, like you can't type lightly. I couldn't tell if you can fire and move simultaneously in TRON. Intellivision you can't run and fire at the same time.
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