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  1. You know you want to buy my mystery games! Its not even a dollar! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3059339065 Also got a bunch of other stuff I need to get rid of, got some other auctions up, and about 8 extra systems and 150 more commonish games I need to get rid of, if anyone wants some stuff fairly cheap just let me know....it all has to go. I got a stack of 4's on the rarity scale that gotta go too, but those are for trade only, ill list those in the marketplace once i get home.
  2. I think your 3 vectrexs and that modified 2600 are much more wowable I still have never played a vectrex.
  3. The following games are up for trades: Tron Deadly Disks, white label Megamania - rarer blue labe Ghostbusters - rarer blue label Space Cavern Squeeze Box (Two of them) MASH (Three of them) Raquetball (end label is peeling off some) Gopher - square case Bermuda Triangle Kung Fu Master Commando (Two of them) Tac Scan Krull Turmoil Congo Bongo Smurfs Mario Bros Stellar Track - picture label frontline If there is anything you want, let me know what you have to offer.
  4. One guy has made the initial 50 now.....21 or so hours left
  5. Just started collecting and need a bunch of 2600/7800 games? Heres 83, a few dupes. Sold to the highest offer withing the next 24 hours, starting at $50 shipped in the US. paypal only since im moving soon, i just want rid of these. If your in atlanta pick them up here for $10 less. I attatched a pic of them to this post, hope it shows up
  6. Todd helped this Todd out so i went from blowing every time to 5.84 or 5.87, i forget.
  7. wall ball cosmic commuter infiltrate cosmic creeps coconuts ghostbusters blue label river raid blue label smurfs star wars the arcade game sea hawk taz quick step and a bunch more good ones (over 100 total) and a 2600 and a 7800 system with ps and it was all cheap too!
  8. yiearkungfu

    need ideas

    ebay will give you a good idea of what some people will pay for them, just search for completed auctions
  9. I will probably bring a bunch of boxed 2600 games, i doubt i will bring my loose ones, maybe some of the rarer ones. A bunch of empty nes boxes, maybe some loose games, boxed final fantasy maybe. And money
  10. Freeway was an awesome game, i love playing it in 2 player
  11. good investment Too bad you didnt know to buy them all, hehe
  12. I guess marco thinks the box is worth atleast $300 since he said its a $300-400 game
  13. Ive brought a list many times, usually i only pull it out when they have tons of games and i need to find all those variations i need. When i dont bring the list, i can usually guess what i dont have 95% of the time.
  14. I had 2 death traps, but now i just got 1 and a gameline modem
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